Emerica Bryan Herman Pro Model Shoes

Bryan Herman knows what he wants in a shoe and Emerica brought his designs to life with this concrete slayer.  It doesn’t matter if you’re a vert geek or hesh street thrasher, the Emerica Bryan Herman skate shoes will bring a new life to your skating.

The triangle tread pattern thin gum rubber outsole sticks to the laziest of grip in crucial times – pair that up with a solid one piece panel and you’ll flick your way into oblivion.  There is 2 key features that make the new Herman stand out:

  1. Medial Mesh “Cold Air Intake”
  2. Three part midsole

Getting sweaty feet skating sucks, it doesn’t matter if you’re wearing Stance Socks or not, it’s bound to happen…unless your shoes have a breathable panel that allows air to freely circulate in and out of the shoe.  The Medial Mesh “Cold Air Intake” in the Emerica Hermans does just that.  Moving beyond breathability and into comfort the Herman has a huge upgrade; the three part midsole.  On top is the high-rebound G6 foam, underneath that is a stabilizing foam carriage that rests upon a thin gum rubber outsole.  Your feet will love you for skating these shoes.

Being Andrew Reynolds‘ favorite skater is a perk for Bryan Herman, but not everyone can be Bryan Herman.  Luckily for us Emerica offers the shoes he skates in.


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