Ronix Wakesurf Boards

Last year, Ronix came out with the Koal surfer, which was one of our first boards that was actually made with surf foam and made in Ronix’s exclusive factory. They basically came out with a wakesurfer that actually carries the same type of buoyancy of a surf board. So, instead of using compression molded foam, They are actually using surf foam, which gives you a lot more buoyancy, which gives the board a lot more drive and speed. So, you don’t need as big of a wave to surf a smaller board. In addition to the Koal surfer, the Ronix team thought they needed something in the line that would have more of that skate feel, a kind of a board that was not as geared towards carving, but more geared towards doing lip tricks, shove-its, airs and that sort of thing. So, basically what they have is the Ronix One Skimmer, which has a small fin on the nose and bigger single fin in the tail.

This basically has a gun style shape or a round pintail, which basically makes the board really fast. The board is small enough where it fits in the pocket, and you can do all the skate tricks, shove-its, ollies. It’s more of a trick geared board, but it still carries tons of speed. So, you can carve it and ride a really small wave with even this really small skim board. One beauty of having actual surf board foam is that you’re able to make the board profile a lot thinner. So, just like a surf board, a thinner board gets you down closer to the water. It definitely gives you a little bit more feel on the water. Having a thinner profile like a skim board really lets that board glide on top of the water. By using real surf foam, they are able to get rid of a lot of the thickness of this board and make it even easier to trick it around. ┬áThis is the new One skim board for 2011. Check it out! You definitely need to add it to your quiver.


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