Not only does the K2 Ryker snowboard boot come in three clean colorways, it comes with two of the finest speed lacing systems around. For the liner, you get K2’s new Conda Single Pull System. The name says it all, one tug and you’re snug. The shell has BOA’s H2 coiler system, and nothing beats tight boots every lap and adjustments on the fly.


The big deal about the Ryker is K2’s HarshMellow sole. This means that, underfoot, the boot is soft exactly where you want it to be and firm where you need it to be, so hard landings are easier on your feet — keeping you on the slopes and out of the lodge.


The Ryker is a little on the stiffer side, which is an often-overlooked feature in boots. Try pairing that soft stick of yours with a firm boot and see how easy it is to hold those presses up there. Or, if you just want to cruise around, then the Ryker is a great all-mountain boot thanks to the support it provides.



This is the K2 Ryker Snowboard Boot. This is an amazing boot. The lacing system, is the BOA lacing system. You guys all know how that works- pop it, lock it, tighten it, good to go.
It is Quick, easy and efficient It has the CONDA interior lining system. Inside your boot, there’s a lining system that tightens from the outside of your boot. So every once in a while, if you’re going inside the chalet, you’ve got a long lift line, or you just want to walk around without loosening all of your boots, literally, all you have to do is release this lever and the inside of your liners are going to be nice and loose. And you don’t even have to undo the quick and easy BOA system on the outside.

It has K2‘s low-pro Harshmellow out-sole is nice and thin and it saves a lot of weight.Just like the K2 bindings and boards, they have the new Harshmellow technology. So in the fore-foot, you’ll see right here, is a soft little padding that’s actually all throughout the fore-foot, and in the heel as well.

The K2 foot-bed on the inside is 3D formed EVA foot-bed with, again, Harshmellow. If I were to take that liner out on the inside, it would be 3D formed, which is definitely nice for comfort. Because, if you have uncomfortable boots, you’re not going to want to ride for a long time.

If you get a comfortable boot like this with EVA foot pads, Harshmellow throughout the out-sole and the foot-bed, this thing’s going to provide comfort all day long.

The liner fit is definitely rad, it has moldable J-bars. Moldable J-bars are the small little inserts that you can put around your ankles so you get a nice tight heel fit in your heel-cup.

It also has the power straps. Inside, you’ll see that you can ratchet this thing down a little bit tighter than you could most traditional cuffs in the liners. It does have a 3D moldable tongue so the things can be wrapped around your leg, it’s not going to feel like a big piece of plastic in front of you. It’s going to be definitely comfortable.

It has an asymmetrical cuff, so even though the inside of your leg and the outside of your leg are shaped a little bit different around the calf area, these things are shaped for maximum comfort from the bottom of your foot, basically, to the top of the boot.

The boot flex is about a 6, so it’s a little bit stiffer than the average boot. But once you break these babies in, they’re pretty much going to be bomb proof.

That’s the K2 Ryker with BOA, CONDA system and Harshmellow. Come get some.


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