This is the K2 Raider Boot. Do you know that K2 has had the boa system for 11 years? They have used it for 11 years and this boot, the Raider, literally sets a standard for all other boots using the boa system. The lacing system of course is the coiler system. It is easy — you don’t need laces, you just need one hand to tighten that baby up. The internal lace liner system is a great one. It is called the K2 fast in. I think I give that fast fasten fast in. All you have to do is pull that lace liner up, push the lace liner down, and all of a sudden you are tight inside your boots with the boa system.

Now the liner itself is intuition control form 3D so your boots are going to remember what it is like for you to be in them. Every once and awhile you will get in a boot that you have been wearing all season and it just doesn’t feel right. This is a boot that is going to feel right after you break them in. It is not going to take a very long time because the intuition control foam 3D.

The out soles are nice and low profile. You are not going to have this big chunk of material separating your boot from your board. You are going to feel your board in these with a low pro system. It also has EVA insoles which is going to be nice and comfortable. It has custom moldable J bars by your ankle for a nice, tight fit in the heel cup of your boot. You are not going to get very much lift in there because of the fast in system and the boa system but because of the custom mold of the J bars you are going to be stuck in these boots.

The 3D tongue is great. You are not going to have the tongue moving around a lot on you which is a very, very important thing. This boot, besides it being the standard in the boa system, is the flex fit right in the middle. It is a number five. Whether you like it a little stiff or a little bit soft, if you want to look for something right in the middle, the K2 Raider right here is going to be the boot for you.

K2 Snowboard Boots

Hey, I’m Brian from K2. We’re taking a look at the K2 Raider Boa Boot. The K2 Raider Boa Boot is kind of a fun boot. It offers our intuition comfort foam heat-moldable liner. It’s very lightweight, very warm. It gives you a very good fit to the boot. The other key feature on the Raider Boa is that it offers the Boa system on the front. Boa’s offering a lifetime warranty as far as cable breakages or anything. It’s a very tough system. And then this one is also the coiler system, so when you open this boot instead of having to reel in all this slack, it just reels that slack in automatically. It makes it just a very quick convenient boot. It’s quick, convenient, and lightweight, the Raider Boa.


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