2011 K2 Darkstar Snowboard Review

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The K2 Darkstar has been in the K2 line for quite some time. Transworld snowboarding has rated it good wood for 2011, and good wood it is. It has flatline baseline technology, which means it is 100% flat; set it on the ground, it’s going to be laying flat.

This is for the jibber out there, who likes to get down, likes to get dirty. It has the hybrid taper technology. You’ll see that the nose and tail will actually taper off. K2 took a little bit of wood out of the core, brought down the swing weight, and made the nose and tail taper. It saves a little bit of weight and rides perfect. It has a centered stance for every single big-hearted jibber out there. It has the W2 core which means there’s three different species of renewable wood inside this baby. It’s gonna be strong but it doesn’t add any extra weight. It has Biax fiberglass and a 4000 Sintered base. This things gonna be fast all the time, doesn’t matter if you’re in the middle of a parking lot riding cement, it’s still gonna be fast, doesn’t matter. This is going to be an amazing board for you.

Hey, I’m Brian with K2, and we’re taking a look at the K2 Darkstar Snowboard. The Darkstar Snowboard is in the K2 progression line. It is totally a true twin. It has our carbon torsion forks in the tip and the tail, just to give the tip and tail just a little bit more pop. But it’s still a little bit squishier in the middle, just to make that snowboard a little bit more forgiving, a little bit more freestyle friendly.┬áIt has our faster Center 4000 base and a little bit more progressive, hyper-progressive side cut, just to make that puppy cut. Just a fun, poppy, forgiving board for the terrain park. It’s also totally flat underneath foot. It’s our Flatline technology, giving that freestyle rider a lot of stability to the snow and instant response on ollies, and just a generally while you’re out there snowboard. Just a great, affordable, true twin tip snowboard from K2.

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