2011 Forum Youngblood Double Dog Review

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This is the Forum Youngblood Double Dog. It’s a twin shaped board, centered stance. It has something called a Double Dog. Double Dog is where there is camber underneath the bindings and reverse camber in between the bindings and then after the bindings. This Youngblood has what’s called a gnar core. From tip to tail laminate, it has aspen wood and under the bindings it has 45 degree grade aspen wood for a little bit more pop. Forum Snowboards, Snowboard Boots, Bindings, Jackets & PantsIt has biaxial fiber glass. So, the fiber glass runs 90 degrees and 0 degrees on this board. It’s going to be nice and soft. It’s going to be for that rider that likes to jib a lot. It’s for that rider that throws down in the park and is constantly pushing their level of snowboarding. The base is called a free base, low maintenance. You won’t have to wax this thing too much. It’s going to be really, really fast, really, really quick. And another great thing about this Youngblood is that it has what’s called Swinger’s Club.The laminate core is gradually tapered towards the nose and towards the tail, for a little bit less swing weight. Forum Youngblood Double Dog.



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