This is the Burton TWC Pro Model Snowboard. Its a pro-model snowboard from Shaun White. You can love him or you hate him. It doesn’t matter. He still is going to go bigger than you ever will. He has hot girlfriends and nice cars. He’s got a pretty cool snowboard too. It’s part of the Gondola Burton carry series. It’s got a flex rating of a 6. It’s a little stiffer than your average board. It’s going to be for the rider who needs a lot of response, who likes going huge and needs a board to hold up to the rider’s integrity.

Of course, it has the channel system. You can use all Burton bindings in the channel system and it does has the classic camber shape. It’s a directional board which means that the nose is a little longer than the tail and it has a directional flex as well, being the nose is a little bit softer than the tail. Shaun chose to use the super fly two core with dualzone EGD and a negative profile in its core.The super fly two core is hard and soft woods combined together to run from tip to tail except for the dual zone EGD which runs perpendicular to the laminate wood which is right on the rails wall. Which is also put in a little bit harder woods underneath the bindings for a quicker transfer of energy towards the tip to tail and from edge to edge as well.

There is Triax fiberglass. The fiberglass runs in 3 different directions at 45 degrees, negative 45 degrees and zero degrees. There are lightning bolts inside of here. They radiate from underneath the bindings upwards to the tip and to the tail. There are transfer beams. There are also carbon I-beams that run from tip to tail on this as well which causes it to be a pretty stiff board.

The Burton TWC Pro Model Snowboard has a sintered base,  called the sintered WFOY open base. It is going to be porous, it is going to be durable and its going to be hella fast. You are going to want to maintain that thing a little bit more than your average board, but it is going to be worth it because you are going to be a whole lot faster body, you are going to be making the lanes and two times as hot as the guys in the pipe.

The edges has frostbite. If you are a rider that likes to ride the hard path then the frostbite edges is going to be for you. They stick out just a little more and they do have the grip and a rip tuned on them. It is a classic tune with an amazing edge. The slantwalls are at 28 degrees and kind of shiny. The board is already broken in for you. It is part of the infinite ride crew. So you don’t have to be out on the hill flexing this board trying to break this baby in because Shaun has already done for you. It also has the pro tip. The nose and the tip of the board are slightly tapered causing a better swing rate because when you want to do double back mic twelves, you are going to need the pro tip.



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