This is the Burton Easy Livin Flying V Edition. It has a field rating of a 4 and its part of the Gondola snowboard tier series in the Burton lines. It’s a Flying V. The Flying V is a continuous rocker series that has a reverse camber middle, reverse camber nose, reverse camber tail.

Between the bindings it actually has something called Frostbite edges. So these edges are going to hold onto the snow where a normal reverse camber board wouldn’t be able to. It is a twin shape with a directional flex. The flex on the tail is going to little be a bit more responsive than the flex on the nose. The core is a Super Fly II core, laminate woods that run tip to tail, little bit harder woods under the bindings, and it does have  Dualzone EGD. The wood on the edges is actually perpendicular to the wood panels in the laminate wood core causing full or more response, a better edge hold, and bigger smiles. It does also have negative profile in its core so the core’s gonna be a little bit thicker in the middle and gradually taper off leading to Pro-Tip which is a great extra feature that Easy Living board has. As you see, the tip and the tail gradually taper off reducing the amount of weight and swing rate when you are spinning. The fiberglass is a Dual Density Triax fiberglass. The fiberglass strands run in three different directions at 45 degrees, negative 45 degrees and at 0 degrees. The base is a centered WFO base.

It’s durable, its fast, its light weight, it absorbs Wax. You should wax it more than you probably do, but it’s gonna stay fast if you don’t. The edges of course are the Frostbite edges and the Grip and Rip edges, so you are going to stay happy with this Burton board no matter if you’re hitting jumps or rails or back country booters. The sidewalls are the classic 1040 dual angel sidewalls. These are bombproof, they are absolutely indestructible. I would hit this with a bat if I had one, but I don’t, so maybe on the next video.  Like  Burton Snowboards this is part of Infinite Ride program, there’s a machine at Burton that does so you don’t have to break in your board. It does have classic Stink Ink in elliptical kicks, which mean that this thing has a nice flat nose and a nice flat tail to ollie off of. It also has Lighting Rods; Lighting Rods are energy transferring string that work underneath your bindings to transfer energy to your nose and your tail for an additional ollie-pop. That’s right. This is the Burton Easy Livin Flying V Edition.


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