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This is the Burton Joystick, which is part of the Gondola series. It has a field rating of a 4. That’s a little bit less than stiff. It does have the V-Rocker. It has V-Rocker in the middle. Rocker on the nose, rocker on the tail and underneath the bindings where it hasĀ  frostbite edges.



So when you’re on ice, you won’t slip off. It does have a twin-like shape. A little bit different than twin, but like it. It has a directional flex, so the tail’s gonna be a little bit stiffer than a nose. Inside, we have the Super Fly 2 wood core, with dual zone EDG. So, tip to tail we have laminated wood, both hard and soft woods. And on the rails around the edges, you will have wood that goes the opposite direction, or perpendicular to the normal laminate wood. Which gives it a nice responsive quick feel, and it also has the negative profile. The core’s gonna be a little bit thicker underneath the feed forward responsive and in between the bindings, and down the nose of the tail, it’s gradually gonna tape a little bit slimmer. You keep it nice and soft.

It has Triax Fiberglass with carbon I-beams. So, running from tip to tail have carbon I-beams and then you also have 3 directions of fiberglass. One that runs 45 degrees, one that runs -45 degrees, and one that runs at zero degrees. It has a Sintered base and it does have the grip and rip edges along with what I said before. The frostbite edges underneath your binding. It has the 1040 indestructible sidewall, and a lot of cool features. It has the lip kicks nose and tail shape. It does have the scoop, which raises up the contact points on the nose and the tail. For a little bit more buttery feel. It’s a little bit more playful. And it also has the high voltage jumper cables.

The high voltage jumper cables are carbonated rods that run from underneath the binding to the nose and the tail of the board. It also has Pro Tip. Pro Tip is the slimming of the nose and the tail, reducing the amount of weight and swing weight in the board. And it is an infinite ride board as well. You won’t have to break this thing in. Burton already did it with a big machine. It does come in wide options, and the cool graphic was done by Dave Kinsey. You can check out his website at kinseyvisual.com. Again, this is the Burton Joystick. Bad ass board for that bad ass rider.



  1. Bjoystick January 28, 2013 at 7:33 pm - Reply

    How do you know which end is the tail or the nose?

    • danaw February 1, 2013 at 4:22 pm - Reply

      One you have the board in your hands you will be able to tell. Also the text and the graphics are normally a dead giveaway.

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