2011 Burton Hero Snowboard Review

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This is the Burton Hero it is going to be the board for that jibberer, that guy who likes to jump a lot, and who already knows what he or she is doing. It has a flex rating of a 3, so it’s going to be a little bit softer, and it does have the V-Rocker continuous shape. There’s V-Rocker on the nose, V-Rocker on the tail – excuse me, V-Rocker in the middle, rocker on the nose, rocker on the tail, and Frostbite Edges underneath the bindings, which is great.

It has a twin-like shape, not completely twin, but a twin-like shape. It does have a twin flex and it has a Super Fly Core with Dualzone EGD. There’s hard and soft wood laminates that run tip to tail, except for the Dualzone, which is right on the rail of your board. Burton has taken the wood and actually made it perpendicular to the laminate wood, making it a little bit more responsive, a little bit stiffer on its edge, actually good for rail riding as well. And it does have a negative profile. The negative profile is a little bit thicker underneath the bindings, thinner in the core, thinner on the tip and the tail giving a nice, smooth, even flex. Great for jib boards.

The Burton Hero has Triax fiberglass. The fiberglass runs in three different directions: 45 degrees, -45 degrees and at 0 degrees. It also has a sintered base. This base you’re going to want to maintain and stay moist.

The edges, like I said, have Frostbite underneath the bindings. Other than that it has the Grip and Rip edges. So they just 360 wrap around, which is phenomenal, and it has the 10:45 sidewalls. They’re going to be indestructible, so if you like boosting big on jumps, if you like thrashing hard on rails or boxes or ledges or stumps or whatever they have now, these are going to hold up.

It does have quite a bit of extras as well. It has the Scoop. All the contact points on the nose and the tail have been lifted up for a nice scoop. So when you’re buttering around, if you’re doing, you know, set up tricks and you don’t want to catch before you even do the trick, the Scoop’s going to help you not fall.


The Burton Hero also has Hi-Voltage jumper cables. So, instead of just having regular carbon stringers, it has carbonated rods that run from underneath the bindings towards the tip and to the tail. It has the Infinite Ride, which means that this board has already been broken in by Burton . You won’t have to break this thing in when you get on the hill. And it does have Pro-Tip as well. Pro-Tip is a process in which Burton minimizes the amount of material on the nose and the tail, causing for a thinner nose and a thinner tail, reducing the amount of weight and swing weight.

If you are a park slayer and you want to continue to slay the park, this is a fantastic option.”


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