This is the Burton Grail Boot. It has a support rating of a six, so it’s going to be a little bit stiffer, and this boot will save your sole! It’s for the all mountain rider who wants a lot of response. It does have the Shrinkable Footprint Reduction technology. If you have a size ten boot, if you were to stamp your foot in the snow, it’s only going to leave a size nine footprint! It reduces the amount of heel drag and toe drag in the boot.

It does have the traditional lacing system, and the internal liner lace locking system. All you have to do to tighten the internal lace liner is push down and lock it in. The liner is an imprint four liner with, my favorite feature, the Rad Pad. The Rad Pad is a cushioning system that helps reduce the amount of pressure on your foot where your ankle strap is, and it also has the Dry Ride moisture wicking fabric technology, it pretty much takes all the moisture out of your feet when you’re riding in the summer and if you have sweaty feet, it takes all the moisture away from your foot and takes it out of the boot. It also has the Infini-Fit liner sole technology. You see that? That’s the Infini-Fit. Super cushioned, super super lightweight. You could probably walk outside and get the mail in the middle of a snowstorm, and you wouldn’t have a problem. Looks like it has a little bit of traction, that’s good. It does have the focused cuff as well, which is a little bit higher than any normal cuff that Burton would put out, it goes about to the middle of your calf section with a lot of support, very very comfortable, and it also has Velcro closures, so your tongue is not going to swing around a lot when you’re riding. Inside the Burton Grail‘s liner it has Sock Locks. Sock lock is the technology that allows your foot to slide in, but not slide out very well, so you won’t get very much heel room inside the liner.

The Burton Grail Boot also has the lightweight Power Panels. These great panels are Power Panels. It remembers its original form. If you do medial flex, it bounces right back. That’s a good thing. And These impact form liners are completely heat moldable. Be sure to go to your local snowboard shop, and get these things heat molded. Now the cushioning is pretty interesting as well. It has the holy Shit Outsole Technology with cardinal cushioning. This is cardinal cushioning around the whole footbed. It has a dual density outsole as well. It has a canted footbed system, which allows you to roll inside a little bit easier than you normally would be able to. It also has the canted footbed system, it allows your hips, your knees, and your ankles to move for added support, and added comfort. The flexing response is pretty cool as well, because when a lot of riders press with their nose or press with their tail, they get a lot of unwanted impact or unwanted binding or boot crunch, and they have air upper articulated cuffs. So not only will the upper part of the boot move independently of the lower section of the boot, but also it has air technology to give it a little bit more cushioning as well. It does have a mid flex 3D tongue. Burton boots have three different stiffness’s in their tongue; soft, medium, flex, that’s what this Grail boot has, and also, a stiff tongue. It also has super toe grip. See those little rubber toe spikes? Well that’s going to help you hike those icy stairs. Watch this. I can’t even pull it back, that’s how good they are. The footbed is a level three EVA footbed, with an ESS support shank system, that’s that green right there, and it also has dual density cushioning. See that blue thing right there? That’s like Jell-O. You push that, it’s soft. You can’t eat it, but it’s very very soft, nice to walk around in. And it has anti microbial coating. You could wear these things all summer long. You could probably skate in them, maybe, but if you’re in New Zealand, Chile, Argentina, and riding in the summer, these things aren’t going to smell. This is the Burton Grail Boots, again, this is a support rating of six. Come get some!


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