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Burton Snowboards, Snowboard Bindings, Boots, Jackets, Pants, Hoodies, Fleece, Mitts, Gloves, Shirts, Polos, BackpacksThe Burton Blunt, and you can spark it up in the park with this thing.

The technology and the materials that go into this are the top of the line compared to other boards’ baseline snowboards. It’s part of the Green Mountain Project, which means the base, the core, the top sheet, and the sidewalls come from recycled material. So if you’re looking to buy a snowboard and you want to advance your skills in the park, or in the parking lot, this could be the board for you.

It does have a feel rating of a 3, so it’s going to be a little bit softer, and it does have the V-rocker technology. It has continuous rocker throughout the board; it has V-rocker in the middle. It has a rocker tip, it has a rocker tail, and underneath the bindings it has Frostbite edges, edges that actually stick out and extend just a little bit from the board.

It is a twin shaped board with a twin shape flex, which is phenomenal. The core is the traditional Burton Fly core; it’s laminate wood from tip to tail that is a hard and soft wood blend with a negative profile.

The negative profile core is thicker in the middle, and gradually tapers off towards the nose and the tail. It saves material and it is very, very fun – it’s playful. You can load up and basically flex out that tail with a lot of energy if you like to. So when you, when you want a nice, high ollie, or if you want a nice, solid smooth press, the negative profile core is going to help you do that.

It has Biax fiberglass; the fiberglass runs in two different directions at 90 degrees and at zero degrees. And there is a low-maintenance extruded base that is extremely fast. And look at this extruded base! Look at all those colors pop, look at those die-cuts. Burton –  and it says it loud with extruded base.

Like I said before, it has the Frostbite edges, only under the bindings, on the toe edge and on the heel edge. Other than that, it does have the rail-ready edge system. The rail-ready edges are already beveled. You won’t have to grind down these things so they’re round, or pull them out because you’re so bad-ass. You can still ride this board on rails with sharp edges that are beveled because they’ve already become beveled out of the factory.

It does have the indestructible 10:40 slant wall. See that? Slant walls that are 10:40 are pretty much bomb-proof, and that’s why Burton put them in this jib specific and park specific snowboard.

Now the board also has a lot of other cool little features. It has the pro tip that works well with the negative profile core. The pro tip gradually tapers all the material inside the board on the tip and the tail to reduce the swing weight and to give it a nice, clean shape.

It also has jumper cables, which are carbon strings that are ultra-light that add a lot of pop from underneath the bindings to the tips and the tails of the board. It also has Cruise Control. Cruise Control gives the board a natural, mellow flex and gradually mellows off the edges on the contact points, because the nose and the tail are going to be a little bit more convex.

The art, the rad art was done by an artist named Meggs. You can go to HouseofMeggs.com to check out more work. Check out is the Burton Blunt – more slash for less cash with the Burton Blunt.”


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