2010 Liquid Force Grind Witness Wakeboard Review

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The Liquid Force Witnesses are shapes developed with Ben Greenwood. Now one of the key characteristics that Ben wanted in his board, was a board that was going to give him a higher arch; a more of a straight up pop off the wake. But he also wanted to be able to have the board carry its speed through the landings.

And in order to give him that, this board has a progressive three stage rocker. And what I mean by that is, although it’s a straighter curve through the center of the board and a little more exaggerated lift in the tip, the transition between those zones is made smooth. So it makes this board, makes the Witness, ride less twitchy, a little bit more predictable, but still giving you the arch off the wake while maintaining the speed through the landings, by a strained rocker lying through the middle.
Now the Witness hull starts off with a double inside single concave run through the center. Again, this displaces the water and helps the board maintain its speed. What’s unique to the Witness is how this flows out through the tip. You notice a really exaggerated V so this concave rolls into deep-V at the tip, and what this does , combined with the molded inside fins, is it gives you a lot of surface area on the inside face of these fins, for unbelievable hold. But if you look at the fin in profile, it’s a fairly low profile. So you have less hang-ups. Less hang-ups if you’re on a rail, and a faster line, makes the board really fast off the tail. The V also, really makes this board really want to rock rail to rail.

Now on the Witnesses, you have the option of putting on a removable center fin, but the unique feature about the board with its deep V which exaggerates the inside surface area of the outside fin face, it gives this board unbelievable hold. This is a board that you really surf off the back edge, you don’t really edge it through the whole middle of the board, you edge it off the corners. And what it does is it gives you unbelievable hook-up and unbelievable tracking hold, even without that center fin. And without that center fin, the Witness also becomes an unbelievable machine for destroying the cable parks. And that’s why we offer this board in a grind series.

This has become, the board of choice for the King of Cable, Tom Fooshee, and so the grind version of the Witness is Tom Fooshee’s pro-model. It’s the same shape developed with Ben Greenwood, offered in the same four sizes. But it features durable bulletproof grind base and a unique graphic. Now the Witnesses in both series come in four sizes:  132, 136, 140, and a 144.


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