Severne Windsurfing Rig Packages

Sale on Severne Windsurfing Rig Packages at Our warehouse will have your new Severne Windsurfing Rig Packages shipped out within 24 hours of purchase Monday-Friday! Our awesome staff of experts knows that sacrificing quality and performance is for price never an option. That's why we have all the best gear at all the best prices, and if we don't we'll price match our competition and send it out to you fast!

Severne Windsurfing Rig Packages

Size: 2.6m
Reg: $500.00 On Sale: $395.95
Size: 4.3m
Reg: $640.00 On Sale: $569.95
A Word from Severne Sails:
Our job at SEVERNE is a simple one: to build the best windsurfing sails possible to give you maximum enjoyment of your time on the water. This means making sails that empower racers to win, sails that allow wave sailors to carve their own individuality into every wave, and everything in between. This year we are particularly proud of our contest achievements. Scott McKercher's PWA Wave Title and Dave White's Production Speed Record are some of particular note. But to us these victories are only cream - we take real pride in building the sails that help someone make their first carve gybe or feel the first thrill of blasting across open water.

We well know how to make sails for windsurfers . . . because we windsurf. Ours is not a corporate brand run by businessmen or those guys in suits; we wear board shorts to work, and they're often still dripping saltwater. Pretty much daily, Jesper Orth, Mark Pattison, and I grab every moment we can to get out on the water to test sails and to, well, just windsurf . . . because we love it.

The concept behind all SEVERNE sails is condensing our passion for windsurfing into each and every sail that we design. So if you, like us, are passionate about your water-time, make the most of your every sailing second by getting your hands on one of these sails.
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