Starboard SUP Paddles

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Starboard SUP Paddles

Size: L (215.7cm), M (213.2cm)
Our Price: $199.00
About Starboard Windsurfing:
"Starboard, the company that has brought a refreshing outlook back into the windsurfing industry with their innovative, people friendly designs and concepts." Windsurf magazine , UK.

Starboard was founded in 1994 by Svein Rasmussen, a well known racer that started windsurfing in 1976. Svein became the Junior European Champ in the Windsurfer class already in 1979, the Mistral class European champion in 1982 , 83 and won the Mistral Worlds in 1983. He came in second in the 83 Pre Olympics, was a Gold medal candidate for the 84 Olympics and spent 10 years on the PWA pro- circuit. Svein was the first sailor to win all disciplines in the IFCA Production Board Class Worlds in 1991. In 1994/95 Svein went from competing on boards to develop and market competitive board designs. He founded Starboard and introduced the unique Wood Technology in co-operation with Jean Louis Colmas from New Caledonia. Starboards were immediately able to produce significantly lighter and stronger boards than any other brands. One of their early concepts were also to make wider, shorter , more user friendly boards, which instantly recognized Starboard as the innovative trendsetter amongst the board manufacturers . The continued development of products made Starboard the world leader in 2001, a position they have reinforced until date. "The windsurfing world would be a lot less interesting and a lot more difficult without Svein Rasmussen, Starboards founder." American Windsurfer magazine 2/2000.

The company philosophy is simple; To make windsurfing easier, and help more people enjoy the sport, yet still being involved at every level of performance. Starboard is concentrating on the wide /short body Concept which nowadays is not only seen in entry level and Formula boards , but also in Slalom and Freeride and wave designs.

The Starboard Formula boards designed by Jim Drake, Tiesda You and Svein Rasmussen, have over the years been winning more titles than any other and took the 6 first places in the worlds when they were first introduced in 2000 and the 11 first places in the 2006 FW Worlds in Korea.

Jim Drake became the co-creater of windsurfing when he designed, built and sailed the first windsurfer back in 1967. He was also the first man to design an airplane - the X-15 among others - on a computer in 1960. This design set the world speed record for airplanes in 1967 and still after 40 years holds the world speed record for any manned airplane.

Rasmussen-Drake creations such as the revolutionary GO concept, as well as the Formula and Start series have made serious impact on the world market due to their radical shapes and stunning performance. The PLAY introduced in 2000 was the worlds first real fun board for youngsters, now the Starsurfer and Pro Kids projects leads the way to get more youngsters into windsurfing.

The Fluid Dynamics graduate Tiesda You from France joined with Starboard and is now in charge of the development program. Tiesda's first large scale project was the Hypersonic which was voted board of the year by several windsurfing magazines and also became the worlds most sold board in 2003.

Starboards Carve range has been the worlds most sold freeride range over the recent years and was the first wide /short freeride concept to meet the market. Starboard is set to develop a full line of SUP boards and accessories .The target is to explore crossing paths between SUP and windsurfing to further the success of both sports.

Starboard is supporting and sponsoring over 300 riders world wide. The Starboard dream team is a collection of the Worlds best pro windsurfers. The Dream team secured the 2006 PWA Manufacturers championship.

Starboard believes that windsurfing has a huge growth potential and is a main force in promoting the sport world wide .
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