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Oakley Splice Goggles 2015

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Frame: O Matter® Chassis
Lens: Plutonite® lens
Helmet Compatible:
  • Helmet Compatible
Helmet Compatible:
  • Helmet Compatible
Eyeglass Compatible:
  • Non Eyeglass Compatible
Ventilation: Dual-vented lenses with F3 anti-fog coating
Face Size:
  • Standard Frame
  • Standard
Recommended Use:
  • Skiing
  • Snowboarding
Manufacturer Warranty: 1 Year

Description: Oakley Splice Goggles

Innovative frame construction for enhanced comfort and breathability

Key Features of the Oakley Splice Goggles:
  • Oakley's patented O-Flow Arch allows for easy breathing and unrestricted airflow
  • Semi-flush lens geometry for improved downward visibility
  • Balanced fit, with or without helmet, via O Matter strap outriggers
  • Flexible O Matter chassis conforms to your face
  • Dual-vented lenses with F3 anti-fog coating
  • Medium to Large fit


Customer Reviews | Add Your Review!

  • "sexy time goggles"

    , bronx, NY
    Pros: very comfortable , good circulation through and out, very sexy Cons: not cheap, wish they came with reflective lenses,

    I have oakley splice 2010 and they look quite sexy. The goggles are very breathable and more than comfortable resting on your face as you shred down the mountain looking like a complete bad-ass. I just wish they weren't as expensive.

  • "awesome goggles!"

    Pros: excellent anti-fog/very comfortable, easy to breathe goggle frame structure, great color combinations Cons: slightly less field of view than other large ones,

    I replaced my smith prodigy goggles with these goggles and I haven't looked back. I'll just say the only bad thing about these is the field of view is slightly less than the prodigy. The good stuff: I've yet to have these fog up, they fit very nice with the triple foam padding, the way the goggles fit on the face without riding on the nose makes it much easier to breathe, and they come in more frame/lens color combinations which makes it easier to find a match that you like.

  • "Spliced"

    , springfield, AL
    Pros: Wide view, No Fog, sits well on face Cons:

    Most comfortable pair of goggles i own. Wide nose area takes any pressure off the nose and you can barley feel the goggles ride your face. Never experienced them fogging, provides wide clear view always.Fire iridium lens looks bad ass but only if your ride can back it up.

  • "Oakley Splice Review"

    , Owasso, OK
    Pros: Fantastic fit, Stylish and revolutionary lens design, Durable Cons: Difficult to replace lenses, Heavy,

    I purchased this goggle at the start of last season and they lasted the whole season and didn't receive a scratch until one of my last sessions (I hit a tree branch on a tight trail ride). I had the black iridium lens for sunny day riding and HI yellow for overcast/night riding. Its very difficult to interchange lenses on the Splice and it is recommended to have two pair of goggles as you can spend a considerable amount of time swapping them out until you get the hang of it (even after you do, it is still annoying/time consuming.) If you aren't worried about swapping lenses while at the slopes, then maybe Splice is for you. I always suffer a few hard falls at the start of a season and last year was no exception, but despite that I didn't ever bend or break my Splice goggles. They fit great and look sick but some people I've talked to think they are a bit bulky and heavy, though I didn't think were. Overall great goggle, and highly recommended.

  • "Great All Around Goggle"

    Pros: Quality of materials, Comfort, Helmet Integration Cons: narrow sighted lens,

    I love the Oakley splice goggles, I had the A-frames before these and skipped the Corwbar's for the Splice. The work well with a Helmet (mine's Smith) and they rarely fog. The one thing i have noticed is comparedt to the A-Frame The splice lens does not provide as peripheral view as the A-Frame. OTherwise these goggles are great and I will use them for a while.

  • "Favorite Goggles"

    Pros: Looks sickkk, oakly quality, padding is comfy Cons: lens a taddd to small,

    Hi Everyone, These are my most favorite goggles and they fit my face perfect. I am also asian so we have a problem fitting goggles correctly. I didnt even need the asian fit goggles and these fit great. The bridge padding is perfect for my nose. The vision is great on these things and i oakley make great products. I would definitely choose these over the smith prodigies i have had, they are a little bulky but they look pretty cool

  • "Oakley Splice Ghost w/ Black Iridium lens"

    , Abbotsford, Vic
    Pros: Comfortable fit even for those with smaller face, Looks awesome, Interchangeable lenses Cons: Purchase price in Australia $250.00, Expensive lenses,

    Purchased these goggles in store at Oakley in Australia. Expensive as hell, but well worth the money. They look awesome and the black iridium lenses are great for keeping the sun out of my eyes. Not so good for really low light conditions, but the Splice goggles lenses are interchangeable. Swap out of a basic persimmon lens and you're good to go.

  • "Great goggles"

    , AL
    Pros: Great looks, No fogging, Good visibility when it's sunny Cons: Ok visibility when it's dark, Sometimes gets a little uncomfortable,

    These goggles are very very good when it's bright outside, but when it gets darker it can be a little hard to see with the pink iridium lenses. Another thing is to get the good styles you have to pay a little more. If you ride more in the dark I would suggest a more transparent lens.

  • "sickest googles in the league!!!"

    , victoria, BC
    Pros: comfy, dont fog up, fit perfect Cons:

    I love these goggles!! I was originally going to get the EG2.5s but decided on these. They fit perfectly on my helmet and don't slip around, supper comfy, never fog and they have great peripheral vision. I highly recommend these goggles to anyone.

  • "Oakley Splice"

    Pros: Comfortable fit, Large Peripherals, Cons:

    These goggles are awsome, the fit comfortably, look awsome, and the optics are on point. The whole point of the nose piece is to relieve much of the nose pinch that people were getting with the crowbars and a frames. Also, there is more downward view than with the crowbars since they don't stick off of your face as much.

  • "Oakley Splice"

    , Maplewood, NJ
    Pros: Comfortable Strap/Foam, Great Lens(es), Awesome Colors Cons: NONE,

    I have these sick goggles! Not only do they look great, they perform as well. I have mine customized from, and they're crazy good. They match my board, and i have the Fire Iridium lens on it. Not going to lie, Fire Iridium lenses are the best lens during the day, but at night, you need a more translucent lens, like a yellow or pink lens. Overall THE best goggles I have ever owned. Never going to get a different pair of goggles unless Oakley has something better!

  • "Sickk"

    , IL
    Pros: Comfortable, Don't Fog, Steez. Cons:

    I bought these because I needed new lenses which were good. I got these in the peyote with emerald iridium. The emeralds pretty good overall lens, but I'll probably need to buy a lens for night riding, which I will do this winter.. They are really comfortable and look amazing. They WONT fog because of all the vents in the goggle. These are the crowbars with added tech in the nose area so they don't pinch your nose, therefore you will breathe better. Overall amazing goggle.


    Pros: great all around veiw , breathable, perfect for helmets Cons: none,

    when i first got these i didn't know what to expect because i've never had a pair of oakleys and i had always just got cheap goggles but when i put these on i almost had an eyegasm deffinat buy if your looking for top of the line goggles

  • "Oakley Splice"

    , VIENNA, VA
    Pros: Great peripheral vision, No nose pressure, Exceptional lens quality Cons: None,

    Ive used quite a few goggles from several different companies over the years, the Oakley Splice stand atop my list for quality goggles at a reasonable price. They are very similar to the Oakley Crowbars but have a different nose bridge to accomodate those of us with a big beak. Ive never experienced any unwanted pressure on my nose from the Splice. They also allow for a larger-than-average field of vision. The quality of Oakley lenses is better than any other goggle brand ive used. Great optics and it is very hard to scratch them. I use the Persimmon lens for daytime riding and the High Intensity Yellow at night, but Oakley offers a large selection of replacement lenses if you are looking for something different. I highly recommend these goggles.

  • "great gogs"

    , KY
    Pros: will not fog, vision, no nose pinch Cons: none,

    i got these goggles for my birthday. i used to have some crappy Scott goggles and they dont even compare to these. these goggles will not fog. they give you a great field of vision. they also work great with my helmet. would definately recommend these to anyone.

  • "Oakley Splice"

    , Oak Park, IL
    Pros: Great Vision, Comfy, Doesn't fog Cons:

    I used to ride with the Anon Figment goggles and thought they were top notch until I purchased the Oakley Splice. They have great venting and good visibility. There extremely comfortable and feels fine even with a helmet. The clarity is amazing, even if its dumping fresh pow. Plus it's Oakley brand so you know it's a good product!!!

  • "youve been spliced"

    Pros: venting, clarity, colors Cons: right strap side,

    these are oakleys so you know they will be great but these look awesome and have great venting so its almost impossible for them to fog up. the lense is really nice and the vision is really good. definately a great buy

  • "Love these goggles!"

    , Boston, MA
    Pros: field of vision, comfort, Cons:

    I've been riding all season with these goggles and love them. It fits a med to large face. It allows for better peripheral vision. It is very comfortable. The awesome thing about the lens is it is tinted where it is needed most and toward the bottom edges its clear. I find it awesome for spotting things in front of you when needed. Definitely check these out.

  • "splices"

    , Bloomingtion, IN
    Pros: comfort, Cons:

    the goggles are amazing, i've falling quite a few times on my face and every time so far i'm shocked to find that there aren't any scratches.great feature about the headphones also is that they fold very nicely and fit easily in your jacket. gets a little hot sometimes wearing them over your ears so i just wear them off the mountain, once you put them on, you can't really hear anyone yelling watch out, so be careful.

  • "Nice Goggs!"

    , Princeton, IL
    Pros: Great clarity, Look sweet, large strap Cons: nose hurts sometimes,

    These are the best goggle I've owned. They have killer looks and you just straight up look BA when you rock them. I use a helmet (Burton Hi-Fi) and the Splice pairs great with it. No gapes! These goggles don't fog, even if you try to test them on purpose. I own the Black frame with a fire iridium lens and I couldn't be happier, great comfort and looks!

  • "Great Goggle"

    , Herndon, VA
    Pros: Great Fit, Looks Good, Helmet Compatable Cons: Sometimes fogs up just a little and then freezes, Replacement Lenses are expensive,

    Well, i got my Splices not so long ago, and had already taken them on the slopes. Amazing quality, good peripheral vision. If you also own a helmet, it won't be a problem, they fit nicely with my Smith Krink helmet. Overall, i would recommend this goggle. Its oakley, a very respected brand in the snowboarding community, has very high rating, and the product can easily back them up. I recommend this goggle.

  • "A SPLICE of Heaven"

    Pros: Great Fit/Extremely Comfortable, Lense Options, Looks Cons: No Asian Fit,

    In the past year I have bought two pairs of really cheap goggles hoping one of them may be sufficient for my limited use considering I don't particularly care to wear goggles while riding. Big mistake since both really suck. Invest in good quality goggles and you'll be set for a long time with a little care. I have a medium sized face so these fit well but they do not fit smaller faces at all and there is no asian fit option on this model.

  • "Damn Son"

    , Wales, ME
    Pros: Comfortable, Look Sweet, Don't Fog Up Cons: Expensive

    These are the best goggles I've ever worn. They're extremely comfortable and the lack of nose piece means no more painful nose lines from your goggles. The foam allows the goggles to breath but also keeps in warmth. They don't fog up, unless you're wearing a face mask and breathing really hard, which is great. They come in tons of colors and lens variations. Superb.

  • "Awesome!"

    , SAN JOSE, CA
    Pros: Comfortable Fit, Minimal Fogging, Cons:

    Coming from the A-Frame Goggle i love these! the peripheral vision is so much better and the ventilation pretty much eliminates all fogging once you get moving.


    , Miami, FL
    Pros: Calidad, Comodidad, Diseño Cons:

    Son un buen upgrade sobre el modelo Crowbar. Han mejorado la visibilidad y son mas comodas sobre la nariz. Tienen tambien una forma un poco mas agresiva en la parte inferior. La correa con silicona interior evita el deslizamiento sobre el casco, y son tambien mas compatibles que las Crowbar ya que la parte superior es mas plana. La calidad de las lentes son insuperables.

  • "Breathe right!!"

    Pros: Outriggers=no pressure points, Good with helmets, Easy to change lenses Cons: Kinda big,

    Love this goggle, super comfortable. Great peripheral vision and with the shape of the nose bridge, makes it like wearing a breathe right strip. Fits great with most helmets and super easy to change lenses, with only 3 tabs.

  • "1st Choice"

    , AB
    Pros: light, comfy, build, lens,, style,pro!, Cons: $,

    These are very comfortable, light, and feel very durable. You can twist them and they flex back. The lens is great, many to choose from, get the least expensive ones, persimmons and you're pretty good. I like the ones with a mirror reflection so you can't catch my wandering eyes. no distortion when you look through. Field of view is acceptable, see down the hill no problems. Go with the cool fire lens,exp. 4star! 5star if they could make these cheaper

  • "Oakley Splice"

    , Chelsea, MI
    Pros: Wide vision, Excellent Optics, Cons:

    Oakley introduced the Splices as correlation to the Crowbars, but with a wider nose bridge to alleviate pressure on the nose when wearing them... they succeeded. I ride both Crowbars and Splices and the Splices definitely offer a slightly more comfortable fit over the bridge of the nose for me. The field of vision is slightly bigger on the Splices over the Crowbars as well. As for the optics Oakley really is the industry standard. From their Persimmon lens to their Iridium and Polarized lens' you can't go wrong as long as you have the right lens for the right conditions if you choose to not go with with an all-around type lens. For me, black iridium and pink iridium are the only lenses needed 90% of the time. I do have Hi-Yellows as well for those super gray days and night riding.

  • "Splicing!"

    , Seattle, WA
    Pros: very comfy, don't pinch nose, great vision Cons:

    these IMO are the best goggles on the market because there is one different thing on these gloves that no other goggle has. the nose isn't getting pinched at all. there is more of a half circle instead of a v. it helps breathability by a lot. these goggles have great peripheral vision as well. i love their plush foam for your face. this is the choice of legend Terje Haakonsen when he shreds AK and Norway daily

  • "Another Great Goggle from Oakley"

    Pros: No fog, looks great, good peri vision, Cons: none,

    This is just another great goggle from oakley. Its very similar to Aframe except it has better peripheral vision. It also fit better for larger face in my opinion. The goggle is more similar to crowbar than Aframe. I never had any fogging issue with this goggle. In term of style, it has mixed opinion from some people. You either like it or you dont. Another great alternative to the aframe and crowbar.

  • "Goggles an Added Value"

    , AL
    Pros: Build, Comfortable, Vision Cons: Price,

    I typically hate wearing eyewear but now I cant go snowboarding without my pair of goggles. These goggles protect your eyes while fitting comfortably on your head. The foam is actually really soft and it keeps heat from escaping my face area. Lots of lens colours to choose from to suit any mountain conditions.

  • "Perfect fit!"

    , jenison, MI
    Pros: Lense clarity, Build quality, Face foam Cons: A little pricy,

    I recently tried these goggles and they are amazing. They have the perfect amount of face foam and mould to your face. The quality of the lense is amazing. Like with any pair of goggles you will want to make sure to keep them in a safe place so they dont get scratched. Lastly I like the apperance of them. For example the colorways, and how the goggle sort of goes over your nose. There is no doubt these will be my next pair of goggles.

  • "ninja splice!"

    , SAN JOSE, CA
    Pros: design, lens, build quality Cons:

    I tried and compared these to the eg2's before I finally chose the splice, and I'm happy with what I got. They have: a wide open field of view, comfy foam, good ribbed strap, nice frame, vents that work right, haven't fogged, and just look awesome. If you use a helmet they fit both around it or on the inside of it comfortably. The nasal opening was done right and does not pinch (better than eg2). The splice field of view/peripheral vision ranks solid (although 2nd to the eg2's), however the eg2's were almost too bug-eyed on my face & look weird if wearing a helmet. As for a con, Oakley advertises the o matter quick-change strap but I haven't found anyone who sells them, I'm unsure if they exist... unless you can use the same straps that fit on the a-frame...?? (although I doubt I'll need to change them) Overall you can't go wrong with a pair of Oakley Splice

  • "I <3 this goggle"

    , CA
    Pros: Look awesome, fit well, very comfortable Cons: none,

    You cant get a better goggle. I got these and love them! The splice technology allows you to breathe easy throught your nose and perform your best, while looking your best. They are so cofortable, sometimes you forget you are wearing them

  • "Great Goggle"

    Pros: Great Vision, Comfortable, Cons: A little big,

    I have had a pair of A frames and Crowbars and these are by far the most comfortable Oakleys that I have owned. They have a great field of vision and they don't put pressure on your nose bridge like some other models when you wear them with a helmet.

  • "Best Oakley goggle"

    , Brooklyn, NY
    Pros: Looks, Lens quality, rarely fog Cons: Not enough peripheral view ,

    These goggles are awesome, they are big but not too big to wear with a helmet. The EG2s being an example of a goggle too big for a helmet. My only problem with the goggles is that for their size they should have better peripheral viewing as the goggles inhibit your view. On the pro side they are some of the coolest looking goggles on the market. I prefer these goggles to the crowbars because of the adjusted nose piece which in my opinion looks cooler in person and provides for a better fit on my nose, covering more, squishing less.

  • "Clean cut, Great goggle."

    , Wharton, NJ
    Pros: huge field of view, no goggle pressure, stylish Cons: lens smudges real easy,

    i got these goggle a few weeks ago, and i gotta say that are the best goggles i have worn so far, they are really comfortable and they have a large field of view. i'm exited to use them this winter. i would recommend them to anyone. im a freestyle skier, and im pumped to use these!

  • "2012 Oakley Splice Snowboard Goggles Men's"

    , streamwood, IL
    Pros: large field of view, comfortable, Cons:

    so i just got this goggles this past week and i gotta tell you that i ma excited. i used to have anon goggles and they were top of the line but for some reason they would always fog on me. well i am telling you there is no fogging with these goggles. they breath just like advertised. padding is extremely comfortable and airtight. large tinted glass only makes this purchase that much better. highly recommended!

  • "great goggles, will get again"

    , North York, ON
    Pros: fits great on me , doesnt clamp nose , doesnt block view Cons: very oversized ,

    l really liked these when l got them. got them for a discount during the off season. l got the 2011 edition btw. so anyways, l have a pretty big nose so the crowbar really clamps it down and gets it stuffy. mine fogged a few times from me sweating and falling over but expected since l was super layered(warm). the onmly thing l dont like about it is that its very big. but l guess the purpose was oversize so the frame doesnt get in the way. these frame actuall has alot of lens tint so it realyl has one for all condition. highly recommended by me

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grandson asked for it
Kay H on Dec 16, 2013
Everything I read about them and I liked the style
MARJORIE T on Dec 8, 2013
it was on my son's xmas list
Nicole O on Dec 13, 2013
They look sick and will satisfy my needs boarding.
nathan k on Dec 8, 2013
Are the lenses interchangable?
A shopper on Dec 5, 2013
Best Answer: Yes the Oakley Splice Goggle lens are interchangeable.
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