Longboards & Cruisers. If you are looking to just cruise around the lake or bomb hills The House has a longboard for you. With larger wheels you are less likely to get caught up on a rock or crack avoiding the much dreaded superman slide. We carry the slickness from Sector 9, Gold Coast, Globe and others. Bomb hills not countries! 30 years of great prices, selection, and outstanding service.
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  • Category: "Cruiser Skateboards"
  • Color: Red
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Alien Workshop Pong Pusher Cruiser Longboard Skateboard Complete 34% Off
  • 31.75 x 8.25in
Reg: $144.95 On Sale:
Alien Workshop Pong Pusher Longboard 27% Off
  • 31.75 x 8.25in
Reg: $129.95 On Sale:
Dusters Bogue Longboard Complete Red/Black 35% Off
  • 28 x 10.25in
Reg: $109.95 On Sale:
Dusters Flashback Cruiser Deck Natural/Red 28 x 7.9in 31% Off
  • 28 x 7.9in
Reg: $58.00 On Sale:
Dusters Go Cruiser Complete Black/White 34 x 8.25in 15% Off
  • 34 x 8.25in
Reg: $130.00 On Sale:
Gold Coast Conflict Cruiser Complete Red 30% Off
  • 24 x 6.5in
Reg: $125.00 On Sale:
Gold Coast Whizz Longboard Complete Red 34% Off
  • 24 x 6.5in
Reg: $90.00 On Sale:
Lost Bottom Feeder Cruiser Complete 29 x 9.5in 33% Off
  • 29 x 9.5in
Reg: $150.00 On Sale:
Lost Hang Ten Cruiser Complete 24 x 7in 27% Off
  • 24 x 7in
Reg: $110.00 On Sale:
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