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  • Snow

    Super Fast

    ” My package was shipped super fast.”

    Jared K.   Kent, WA   May 2014

  • Snow

    I love The House

    ” I love The House!!”

    Irina K   Kennewick, WA   May 2014

  • Snow

    Very Well Done!

    “Very well done website. Very quick shipping. Only took four days to receive my order. The product is wonderful. The whole experience was great and I love the product!”

    Lori D.   Bellevve, WA   April 2014

  • Snow

    Fast Delivery!

    “I ordered around Christmas so I expected slower delivery!”

    Mindi S.   Enumclaw, WA   February 2014

  • Snow

    Love You Guys!

    “Thank  you for the stickers! I love you guys!”

    Samm T.   Newport, WA   January 2014

  • Snow

    Stickers Made My Day!

    “I got a lot of free stickers. This was very classy and made a big difference! A simple, little thing like free stickers made my day!”

    Chad K.   Poulsbo, WA   January 2014

  • Ski

    Quick Shipping!

    “Shipping was quicker than expected! Thanks for the stickers!”

    Guest   Seabeck, WA   January 2014

  • Snow

    Different Colors!

    “The color of the product on internet was a different color than the actual product. The green color doesn’t seem to show in the photos.”

    J.F.   Clarkston, WA   December 2013

  • Skate

    Easy Ordering!

    “Very easy to order online.”

    Madison M.   Port Angeles, WA   December 2013

  • Ski

    Large Flannel

    “One of my flannels is too big compared to my other “large” flannel ordered.”

    Sorin T.   Spokane, WA   December 2013