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Giro Score PK Goggles

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Frame: Polyurethane
Lens: Polycarbonate
Helmet Compatible:
  • Helmet Compatible
Helmet Compatible:
  • Helmet Compatible
Eyeglass Compatible:
  • Non Eyeglass Compatible
Ventilation: all around the frame
Face Size:
  • Medium Frame
  • Standard
Recommended Use:
  • Snowboarding
  • Skiing
Manufacturer Warranty: Lifetime

Description: Giro Score PK Goggles

Show off on the slopes wearing the Giro Score PK snowboard goggles. These goggles feature a strap without sliders or buckles, allowing them to be worn comfortably over or under your helmet. The Giro Score PK snowboard goggles feature 100% UV protection to keep your eyes safe and a full size frame so you can see everything around you.

Score PK

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  • "good for its money"

    Pros: Never fog, looks cool, well priced Cons: Strap!!!, to straight, limited view

    Greate goggle, it fit my Scott like a native. It never foged during a week of use. But the strap is realy strange, so it's only 3.

  • "awesome with helmet"

    , Moorooka, QLD
    Pros: Fit great with my helmet.., quality lens, no fog Cons: narrow vision,

    These were my goto goggles this season just gone as my others lost their foam. They held up great. No fog. Super comfy on my head n I have a big head. But slighty narrow vision.

  • "Decent Goggle"

    Pros: Cheap, Good visibility , Cons: VELCRO strap won't stay secure,

    I agree pretty much with what everyone said. It's a great goggle but is soo narrow that it takes away some of your peripheral vision. Also their velcro straps aren't secure an I found myself constantly adjusting it. Other than that, worth the price.

  • "Great Goggles for the price "

    Pros: Great field of vision, Affordable , Very Adjustable Cons:

    I got these goggles for my husband and we both love them. We have a hard time with goggles, both me and him hate when we feel pressure around the nose bridge. These googles passed our test! They do not create pressure anywhere. They are also very easy to adjust. They also stay in place mach better then the goggles I have. I think they are a very good product for the price.

  • "Good Value Goggles"

    , Mulgrave, Vic
    Pros: Cheap, Good Clarity from Lense, Nice Fit Cons: Strap is very basic, Foam can get itchy,

    These are my first set of goggles which I bought pretty much because they were white and had a cool lense (Gold Boost). They fit my face very well however I found that the foam became itchy after some use. It was not terribly itchy but I have tried goggles that are a better. The strap is basic which uses velcro to tighten it up however you cannot get it as tight of a fit as a set of Oakley goggles. I am pretty happy with how they actually fit and the vision that you get from them. It is clear and the gold boost lense really cuts off the glare from the snow. Try it when your on a lift! I have tried Oakley Crowbars which were fantastic but so much more expensive. For the price these are really good value but could be even better if there were a couple of improvements

  • "Good and Cheep"

    Pros: look really good, no bad glare , Cons:

    i just wish that they lens would have been a little more reflective on the out side so you couldn't seen in as easy

  • "Giro Score Pk"

    Pros: Good lenses, Look cool, Cons: Alittle small,

    These goggles look really cool. They are small and narrow which restricts range of vision. They still are comfortable and are nice to have when I want to wear goggles.

  • "they work well with helmets"

    Pros: price, fit with helmet, Cons: narrow,

    These work best with giro helmet.

  • "Good fit for smaller heads"

    , Miranda, NSW
    Pros: Feels strong but is light, Really good vision on glarey days , White with grey lense looks tops Cons: None,

    Love the white with grey lense look. Really comfortable and fits a smaller head. Very happy with purchase. White has stayed white.

  • "una cara fina!!"

    Pros: ajuste y precio, Cons: belcro devil y color blanco muy guarrete,

    Compre estas gafas para mi mujer ya que tiene la cara fina y a si tener un mejor acople. El unico problema es el belcro de la correa que no tiene mucho agarre y tiene peligro de perderla

  • "Ok gogs"

    Pros: Good lens, Look good, Cons: Strap is strange, Narrow fit,

    These are a decent set of gogs for the guy on a budget, or if you need a spare pair for friends. Nothing amazing. They're quite narrow, but the frame does flex a fair bit, so can be worn on a wider face in a pinch. The strap is a bit strange, I'm not sure why they didn't use the standard tightening/securing system. Their velcro system works ok if you wear these with a beany because the straps stay pressed to your face, so the velcro on the underside stays secure. But if you wear them with a helmet, they have to stretch further, and the bits with the velcro may be in the gap between face and helmet. They start to come loose in the this case.

  • "Sexy/"

    , AL
    Pros: Mirror., Cons: None.,

    They look very nice. I'm most likely going to buy these for this season.

  • "Crazy Cool"

    , melbourne, Vic
    Pros: White and Blue looks sweet, No glare, No fog Cons: Not much peripheral view,

    They cut down your line of sight a little bit but they look amazing on the snow, i have found if you look after them the white doesn't get too dirty, and the blue lenses do the job on the glare and look crazy with my blue beanie, love these, i must have got lucky because my strap stays tight all day and the velcro doesnt budge, very happy with my purchase and would highly recommend!

  • "Pretty Good for Price"

    , Salisbury, QLD
    Pros: Nice fit, Cheap, Cons: Velcro Strap,

    Got these goggles for myself and a friend when they were on sale. Pretty good fit despite the slightly awkward strap. Never had any issues with them fogging up either.

  • "Pretty great pickup"

    Pros: range of sight, clarity, lack of fog Cons: none,

    I really liked getting these goggles. I ordered 2 pairs actually. They have held up well, never fogged up. I feel that I can see a larger range in these than any Smith or Oakley pair I've ever worn. I feel really good about these. The price came down to $15 in Staff picks a couple months back. A price under $40 is still a value, but if they come down again, don't pass them up.

  • "A Dirty White"

    , whitelaw, WI
    Pros: Anti-Fog, Wide View, Good Quality Cons: Velcro Strap, Gets Dirty, Hard to Clean

    Good goggle for the money. Fits my Bern hardhat very nice. It has a clean, wide veiw. Never fogged up on me. Protects against the wind and snow. The velcro strap in the back is very inconvient and falls off sometimes. The white gets pretty dirty too and is hard to clean.

  • "just OK Giro Score Pk Goggles"

    , aston, PA
    Pros: Looks good, great value, Cons: small & narrow, who invented this goggle strap?? it sucks,

    I bought because it was on sale & cheap.. it is a good for goggle for $15-$20, if you have small face this might fit you better..from my exp. i would not buy another pair...

  • "Wait and see"

    , DIXON, CA
    Pros: Looks good, Cons: Vision,

    I didn't need goggles but these went on sale. I only worn them once and even though they were cheap I almost regret buying them. They look fine but it definitely cuts your vision. I think I'd rather put that money towards a different pair. If you don't have goggles or you want a spare, buy them.

  • "They run small"

    Pros: Visibility, Cons: Small,

    I am a girl with a fairly small head and these goggles were still a little tight on me, they're like youth size. You have to flex them, stretch them out and wear them in before they're ready for the park. The visibility is decent, narrow vision is no worse than my Smith's. The lens colors are great, I have gold-boost and rose-silver. These were a steal, I bought them when they were on sale for $15 each.

  • "Nice Value"

    Pros: Price, Anti-Fog, Lens Cons: Weird Strap, SMALL Frame,

    I picked up a couple of pairs when they dropped them down to $15/pr. The frame is small, and I have an average head. This cuts into your peripheral vision, but its not devestating. The anti-fog is top notch, and the lenses have solid tint. The white with the gold boost look sick in person. Because of the size, I'd mostly recommend these for women and early teens, especially because the strap is velcro which might not take well to being stretched for a bigger head.

  • "For $15 you'd be mad not to get one!"

    , Sydney, NSW
    Pros: Cheaaaaaaaap, Comfy, not scare to lend or lose! Cons: Straps are not the best, Nose bridge thingy,

    I loved this for their price. They're not a bad piece of gear but I had the Oakley A-frame before, and these do rate as high. The lenses are good and they're comfortable but despite not having nowhere near a large nose (I'm told) they feel a little odd there. I ride road bikes and your vision is pretty much the same as you'd get on any good motorcycle helmet. So to me that's plenty!

  • "fits good w/a helmet"

    , Los Angeles, CA
    Pros: price, fits well with helmet, Cons: nose gap when wearing without helmet,

    Picked up an extra pair of goggles cuz of the price. It's your basic no nonsense goggle. Leaves quite a bit of gap in the nose area for me if I don't wear a helmet, but with the helmet on it's great.

  • "Great goggle"

    Pros: great price, look good, comfortable to wear Cons: narrow lens,

    I just got my goggle a little while ago; just tried them out this weekend and they are really great. I could not be happier with them. They are extremely comfortable to wear. They are flexible and bend to the face. The only problem I hard were the lens was a little narrow but not that big of a deal. Also I didn't have any problem with fogging during my runs.

  • "What a score..."

    , Cecil Hills, NSW
    Pros: Lightweight, Slim Design, Cons: Cheap strap design,

    Ordered the Score Pk Gold Boost when it was selling at $15, for the price I can't complain... much I like the slim design. The white frame and blue/gold tinge on the lens looks stylish. Fits well with my helmet, although at first it felt as though the goggles didn't contour to my face all it took was a little dialing in. It is a smaller goggle so expect less of a panoramic view but that isn't enough of a deal breaker. The strap feels like a cheap design that will only last one season, I understand that Giro had good intentions with this strap design but durability is severely questioned. After a few adjustments it already feels like the velcro has weakened. At US$15 a pair I have no major regrets with this purchase, if they manage to last me at least one season I'll be satisfied. This is 2009 stock, so I can only assume that Giro have addressed these issues with their latest products. Hope this has been helpful.

  • "Goggles are a steal!!"

    , NEWARK, CA
    Pros: Real comfortable, Barely obstructs field of vision, Super easy adjustable strap Cons: portrudes from face too much,

    for 15 dollars, these goggles were a steal! The foam lining make these goggles super comfortable. My face is average size and it fits it perfectly. The straps have an easy pull and stick adjusting velcro system so you can find the perfect fit in seconds. The only part of the goggles i can see when its on my face is the nose part, but its barely noticeable. My only problem with the goggles is that it sticks out from my face a whole lot. More of a looks problem than anything. Other than that these goggles are greeat!!!

  • "Great Deal!"

    Pros: Looks sick, Cheap for what they're worth, Cons: Velcro strap,

    I got these goggles during staff picks for only $15, which is a steal for goggles of this quality. They look great, and work well on the mountain. However, the one thing that brings these goggles down, in my opinion, are the velcro straps they used. The straps bother me sometimes, and they also seem like they come off easily. After a few trips up to my resort, I'm almost certain the velcro will be worn out. Even so, they are high quality (at least the lens are) and at a great price, so it's still a good pair of goggles.

  • "Great for the price"

    Pros: fits nice, nice lense, Cons: cheap plastic,

    I love the color and the fit of these lense, but how the goggles are constructed and the plastic that its made of is not the greatest.

  • "Great price, good looks"

    , Perth, WA
    Pros: Looks nice, Fit very snug around the face, Cons: Straps come a little lose after long wear,

    I liked the look of these initially but it was more the price that I bought them for. I have a very petite face and small nose so was worried they wouldn't stay on my face properly but the foam fixed that problem. The velcro straps kinda come loose a little but its not to the point where it slips off your face. I'm happy with this purchase, I recommend them.

  • "Works great!"

    Pros: Fits great, No fog, I like the all black look Cons: n/a,

    No complaints. They don't fog up, and they fit my (somewhat large-ish) face perfectly.

  • "Giro Score Pk Goggles 2009 - Great goggle"

    , Auckland, AUK
    Pros: Price is right, well handled moisture, Good fit, clear vision, Cons: NONE,

    I bought these for a friend but ended up keeping them and buying him another pair. My face is rather medium size men's.

  • "Nice goggles"

    , Muskego, WI
    Pros: Good fit, look cool, good price Cons: narrow view,

    I bought these goggles when they were really cheap and then about a week later my girlfriend got me a pair of oakley goggles for my birthday. I must say, the oakley goggles deliver a little more than these, but I definitely keep these as a solid back up plan (if my oakley's fog, etc.). Don't get me wrong, these are great goggles, especially for the price.

  • "Sweet Gogs"

    Pros: Sleek look, Snug fit, Do not fog Cons: Nothing I have found,

    These are great and they look good with anything...Some people have said how they are meant for people with a smaller head. I agree with that to some extent. I wouldnt get this style if you have a large head, but they will work great for most people.

  • "Bang for the buck"

    Pros: Price, Sweet Looks, Cons: Loose Strap,

    These look great. I got these for a steal, but my only issue would be the strap does tend to loosen as the day goes on. Outside of that I love these goggles.

  • "Made for narrower-than-average faces"

    Pros: Nice styling, lens seems to be of good quality, Cons: Strap size adjustment is chintzy, no clip on strap,

    These goggles are little! I believe someone else wrote that they seem child-sized; I would agree. They do look nice, though. However, the strap set-up seems cheap: no rear clip, and you adjust the length at the sides of the goggle, leaving hanging tails of strapage. For reference, I currently use and like Smith Phenoms which Smith markets as a medium fit.

  • "Great Goggles"

    , CANTON, MI
    Pros: comfortable, great price, do not fog up Cons: none yet,

    Really comfortable goggles at a great price ($25.50 during the 70% off sale). No issues with them fogging up. I bought the Rose/Silver lens (good for sunny/partly sunny days).

  • "Good Goggles "

    Pros: Comfortable, Good size, Nice lenses Cons: May loosen up while riding ,

    Good size(if you don't like the oversize fit). Love the lense its great for most conditions specially night riding. So far the only real flaw I saw its that the strap may loosen up while riding and that's the only reason I didn't give it 5 stars, but if you don't share your goggles you can easily 'fix' it with some sewing.

  • "Good Looking Googles!"

    Pros: Very Confortable Cusiony Foam, Good quality, Fits well Cons: Looks smaller than most goggles,

    I bought two of these, white gold and black rose silver, when I first got these I noticed they were a bit smaller than most googles, but once I put em on they feel great. There's foam that makes it ultra comfortable, and the lense look very nice. I do wish the gold had more tint in them, but it's still a great pair of goggles to own

  • "Good for what got them for"

    Pros: light tinting, style, Cons: small,

    Just bought these on sale for a back up pair/night goggles. The lens are a lot less blue than they are on the site but they do a good job of reducing glare without limiting vision and are great for a night ride. I was surprised by how small and narrow the goggles are. They feel too curved to ft my face properly, and ive never had that sort of problem before. On the bright side i do feel them opening up already as the have been broken in a bit. With the goggles on i can see the all sides of the frame which i dont mind too much since these are my back up pair, but i wouldnt like these as my main goggles.

  • "Great Googles"

    , IRVINE, CA
    Pros: Good quality, Comfortable, Nice styling Cons:

    These goggles do the job and it does it right. Good quality lens and they are very comfortable to wear. The styling is very modern and it is very durable. Good buy.

  • "What A Deal"

    Pros: Super Fit, Bling Bling, Cons: Non So Far,

    I got these for my wife for a recent trip, when they arrived I tried them on and almost kept them for myself. They are cool looking and fit smaller faces great. Get them while they are on sale.

  • "awesome"

    , Eldersburg, MD
    Pros: looks kool , lens color is awesome, doesnt fog Cons:

    hope to buy this

  • "Nice goggles"

    Pros: Design, Fit, Price Cons:

    Just got these and only took it out for one run, doesn't seem to fog up and at $25, it's a great deal.

  • "Nice looking goggle..."

    , Rosemead, CA
    Pros: Design/color , Lens, Cons: Velcro elastic band,

    Overall good goggles, but when used with helmets velcro elastic band can loosen fairly quickly, I would not recommend this goggle to be used with helmets. But it is easy to adjust the size with the velcro system.

  • "Great goggles"

    , SHARON, MA
    Pros: Fit's very well, Comfortable, Keeps the wind out Cons: None so far,

    Bought these goggles and love 'em

  • "Nice Goggles"

    Pros: Great Vision, Good for Night Boarding, Cons: None,

    I went night boarding with these goggles and i was able to see the trails clear. I had Oakley's before this but these goggles are superior in every way.

  • "Nice goggle"

    , Duluth, MN
    Pros: Comfortable, Good fit with helmet, Cons: none,

    Nice fitting goggle and very comfortable! Good fit on helmet

  • "line of sight"

    , kirkland, WA
    Pros: look nice, fit well, very well priced Cons: limited view,

    These fit well and look good too. The only problem is that they slightly restrict your field of vision. And that is never a good thing. I want my goggles to not be there, just the trees the snow. I dont want to see the frame or foam of my goggles while I am wearing them....

  • "good quality for a small money"

    Pros: nice lock, fits well, $ Cons:

    nice googles fits well wit Giro Encore 2, no fog, Gold Yellow Lenses perfect for night riding, foggy and storm days, great value for a $

  • "Exactly What I Was Looking For!"

    , Vancouver, WA
    Pros: Comfort, Design/Weight, Function Cons: Nothing Yet,

    Just got my goggles today. (Shipping was incredibly quick) Opened up the box and everything was inside. Goggles were very appealing. Great black. White easily get dirty, so please order the MAT BLK GG/ROSE SLVR 23. For this low price, nothing can appear.

  • "knock my socks off"

    Pros: nice vision, snug fit, cheap Cons: lenses scratch easily,

    own couple pairs of the score, and root. rock the score more because of the fit. really nice goggles, barely fog even when i sweat in spring. can't beat the price if you want to stand out the B, S crowds on the slope.

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