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Giro Manifest Goggles

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Frame: Polyurethane
Lens: Polycarbonate
Helmet Compatible:
  • Helmet Compatible
Helmet Compatible:
  • Helmet Compatible
Eyeglass Compatible:
  • Non Eyeglass Compatible
Ventilation: Yes
Face Size:
  • Standard Frame
  • Standard
Recommended Use:
  • Snowboarding
  • Skiing
Manufacturer Warranty: 1 Year

Description: Giro Manifest Goggles

Looking good and performing great is what Giro Manifest Snowboard Goggles are all about. With a futuristic design that makes you look great and intense with the Giro Manifest Snowboard Goggles on, and a lens that is designed to make sure you can see your best on the slopes, Giro Manifest Snowboard Goggles are perfect for the performer who loves feeling great and performing great. And thanks to its design, its comfortable and fits nicely over your eyes and face.


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  • "Happy Camper"

    Pros: Easy Lens Change out, Great fit with Giro Helmet, Cons: Additional Lens are Expensive,

    I bought these because my current goggles are not dark enough for full sun days. I have a round face and these goggles fit me well. I have a giro helmet and these goggles nestle perfectly under it.

  • "Awesome Goggles"

    Pros: Easy to swap lenses, Comfortable, Cons: Color,

    It's so easy to swap the lenses. Perfect for those cloudy days that turn into bright sunny days. I only wish I could have gotten a different color.

  • "First pair of goggles"

    Pros: Quick swapping of lenses, Comfortable, Superb vision Cons: A little bigger, cause are made to fit helmets,

    I purchased these goggles for my first set of gear. They are great, fit very good, very comfortable and provide great vision. Also swapping lenses is very convinient!

  • "Manifest"

    Pros: Spherical Lens, Clarity/Contrast, Cons: Fogged up,

    So i borrowed these goggles from a friend to compare them to my Crowbars. It was snowing and about 28 degrees. It has outriggers similiar to my crowbars so the fit was pretty good. but i was still getting some fogging as opposed to my crowbars that have a anti-fog film. The clarity of the lens was still good for the conditions which were medium to flat light. My friend got these on sale so I guess for the price they paid they got a good deal. My gf tried these on and had a bit of gap near her nose. I'd recommend trying these on at a store and seeing if it fits you correctly.

  • "Pretty darn good!"

    Pros: No Fog, Comfortable, Secure, fits my big nose Cons: The sealing around the face got a little wet ,

    These feel comfortable and light, give 3.5/5 vision (5 being superb and humongous goggles. The lining got a little wet from snow n falling and I feel absorbed the water a lil more than it should, but these babies just dont fog! If fog was a drug, then these bad boys JUST SAY NO :)

  • "Great for all conditions"

    , Melbourne, Vic
    Pros: Comfy, Fut well, Cons: none,

    Great goggles, very comfy and great vision. Used both lenses and no complaints. Good in all conditions.

  • "Nice Goggle"

    Pros: Very comfortable, Fit face well, Great vision, , Polarized, Quick lens swap, Cons: None,

    Used the goggles with my smith Varrient Brim helm. they were very comfy and nice. Didn't fog, all around great.

  • "Giro"

    , Tulsa, AL
    Pros: Good fit didnt fog up, Cons: I think a bit pricey but u get what u pay for,

    I borrowed these on from my best friend last year on our ski trip and they were great. Fit perfect they didnt fog up on me had no problems at night or during the bright hours of the day.

  • "pretty nice"

    Pros: easy to change lense, fits great, spherical lens, Cons:

    dont fog up, great vision, fit perfect... cant really ask for any better goggles.

  • "Sweet gogs"

    Pros: Lens change system works well, You get 2 lenses with the goggles, Quality materials and Construction Cons: none,

    These goggles fit great with my old Giro 9 helmet. The lens change system works really well, and is a lot better than most of the other standard lens changing systems out there. Most other goggles rely on lots of flexibility in the frames, but are always quite difficult to use. Even without gloves on, you can struggle for ages with other goggles. But the Manifest lens change system works so well that I take both my lens with me while I ride, and its super easy to switch between lenses, even with cold hands. My only gripe is that they doesn't stock the replacement lenses. If they did I'd by a bunch of different colors. These goggles are my do-it-all pair now. No more carrying around multiple pairs!

  • "Amazing!!"

    Pros: Style, Light, Felt good on my face Cons: Rather expensive for first time- buyer(s),

    I suggest these to anyone looking to buy an expensive pair of goggles. Can't go wrong.

  • "best ever"

    , Auckland, AUK
    Pros: best quality, long strap, Cons:

    i tryed my friend's goggles and they are awesome the strap is adjustable to long lenght so it is possible to wear in with a helmet which is very useful fro those who use a helmet all the time, all eperts should have this one in their arsenal

  • "Sweet looking googles !!!"

    , Sydney, NSW
    Pros: Light weight, Good looking, So devine !!! Cons: Almost too light ,

    Just purchased these googles and they look and feel real nice on my Asian face. They feel very light and have great wide vision. I'll be using the Gold Boost lens on storm or overcast days when light is not bright.

  • "awesome"

    Pros: clear, no fog, Cons: none,

    i bought these goggles last year and they are awesome. they are great for sunny days and they are really lear. didnt limit my vision at all. it was like they werent even there

  • "i liked"

    , High falls, NY
    Pros: good range of vision, Cons:

    my friend let me borrow these goggles usually dont like wearing goggles but these didnt mess with my vision at all

  • "Giro Manifest"

    , Ridgewood, NJ
    Pros: Excellent fit, Great style, Great clarity Cons: price,

    These goggles fit great, look great and offer great clarity/vision. The price is a bit high (I paid over $75 for mine), but at $40, it's a steal!

  • "Great goggles"

    , AL
    Pros: very comfortable, dont fog up, Cons: a little small,

    these goggles work well on sunny days but on dark days its kind of hard to see

  • "Love em"

    Pros: Stylish, Comfortable, Not too big Cons:

    I would say these fit a small to medium size face. They come with an extra lens and have a simple mechanism for interchanging lenses. I really like these goggles and they look cooler than the picture.

  • "Best fit EVER !"

    , Quirindi, NSW
    Pros: lens removal and replacement, face fit, helmet compatibility Cons:

    The search for the perfect fitting goggle would seem to be endless and I am sure next season I will keep searching. However, this goggle has rated extremely highly. So much so I have plenty of mates wanting a pair as well. I have struggled with other goggles when removing the lens - not the case here - just snap and pull and the lens is changed. As few mates with different melons and helmet types also tried them on. They fit all different face types and were compatible with many different helmets. I am wearing them with a Giro Bad Liuetenant (however that is spelt) and the fit is perfect. I also put them with the Giro Remedy S full face I bought. Perfect fit as well, especially for operating the snowmo. Get a pair - great value great quality.

  • " Manifest"

    Pros: Lens, Looks, Cons: Comfort,

    These would be perfect but it doesn't sit well on my face, the foam on the nose could be a bit bigger. But great vision

  • "Turns out they aren't full of shit..."

    , wellington, WTGN
    Pros: Great clarity, Excellent field of vision, Cons: I broke mine,

    I rocked these last season, fitted perfectly, but yes i do have a narrow face. Crystal clear and looked better in the flesh than in photos. Have to say that although I've never broken goggles before, I obliterated these in a massive bail, think my edge basically shredded them. Can't really fault the construction though, probably me being a muppet really

  • "great vision"

    , Melbourne, Vic
    Pros: fantastic clarity, Cons:

    These goggles give you a fantastic wide angle of vision, they are quite wide (same width as Smith Prodigy) which is a good thing for vision but it's a tight fit for my medium sized helmet. The goggles feel like they are made for someone with a large face, they fit great everywhere but are not 100% sealed around my nose. They are good when breathing through your nose but when you breathe out through your mouth, the air manages to get into the goggles and fog them up.

  • "Gyro"

    , AIKEN, SC
    Pros: Very comfortable, Fit face well, Great vision Cons: None,

    I demo'd these at snowshoe and they were awesome. Fit great with or without a helmet and gave me great clarity. Didn't impede my vision at all and it felt like I didn't have goggles on.

  • "manifest"

    , Evatt, ACT
    Pros: comfy, two lenses provided, fit well with helmet Cons:

    These googles are pretty sweet...they fit well with the red hifi helmet and give a great view of ur surroundings...They also look pretty sweet which is always a bonus...

  • "Nice but weird fit"

    Pros: Wide view, Cons: weird fit,

    These goggles have a weird fit on my face and everyone else that tried them on. There was a gap at the apex of the nose but once I put them on my Giro helmet it fit a lot better and the gap was nearly gone but its still a little weird but I'll continue to use them because my vision isn't obstructed by it.

  • "Great goggle"

    , AL
    Pros: price, quality, Cons: hard to fine accessories,

    great goggle with very clear lens. The frame is little too big for my face, I have a small gap in the nose. good quality. But it's hard to find replacement lens in the market, not like Oakley that you can buy anywhere...

  • "Quick Lens Swap"

    , New York, NY
    Pros: Comfortable, Easy to use, Good lenses Cons: Pricey,

    These goggles are a great fit-match with Giro helmets. Quick and easy to swap lenses. Comfortable.

  • "pretty good HD vision"

    , Santa Ana, CA
    Pros: good lens , HD vision, Cons:

    Love these goggles. You get a great view of everything (no blind spots. And its all clear no matter what weather!

  • "Great goggles, great buy."

    , SAN JOSE, CA
    Pros: Go great with the Giro Helmet., Don't fog on Me, Provides good snow contrast Cons: Haven't found one yet,

    These goggles really helped out on the snow. Good visual of snow , even in whiteout. Could also see jumps easily in snow. They didn't fog up on me either!

  • "Best Quality Best Price"

    Pros: Quality, Price, Cons:

    They have a good flex to them and fit well on the head,fit nicely and was very comfortable


    Pros: Good for Daily Riding, Cons: Not as great for snowy conditions,

    These goggles will provide you with a good range and wide enough no blind spots in your peripherals. Excellent!

  • "Decent Goggles"

    , SAN JOSE, CA
    Pros: Silver lenses are top notch, nice and polarized, Quick lens swap, Cons: A little on the big side, Made for a narrower face,

    I got the silver lens, and so far, I love the goggles, its perfect for sunny days. I also like the fact that it's a mirror finish. As someone did mention below, it doesn't fit certain noses, or at least not mine either. It has more of a curvature to it which is perfect for a slender face, whereas a round would have to tightened the strap a bit more for it to hug the face. Haven't tried to swap for a new lens because I didn't have any, but I tried taking the lens out and it was quick simple, under 30 secs. Overall, I'm very happy with it, I would have given it 5 stars if the fit was just a bit better.

  • "Great goggles but w/major flaw"

    Pros: easy to change lenses, Cons: hard to find replacement lenses,

    nice goggles as long as you don't swap lenses. if you do, beware that you grab an extra pair of the lenses eyebow piece or you have to swap out the lenses and put the piece on the other. which beat the out and in concept. beside, it's a solid goggles.

  • "good value goggles"

    Pros: very clean lens, comfortable foam , value Cons:

    these are good goggles for the price. very clear lens that dont fog up, the foam is very comfortable, and for the price, it's pretty hard to beat.

  • "Giro Manifest Goggles"

    Pros: Good peripheral vision, Cons: Doesn't fit Asian noses,

    I recently got these goggles and I'm satisfied with them except for the fact that my nose doesn't fit it. I don't think it's a big deal, but it would be nice if the goggles fit my whole face. These goggles are pretty big on my face, which I like.

  • "Great Goggle "

    , Portland, OR
    Pros: Sooo easy to swap out lens, Pretty comfortable, Cons:

    Great deal for a good quality goggle, plus they come with a pair of lenses to swap out at your leisure. No real fogging problems so far .

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