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Imagine quietly paddling to fish filled pockets of water without having to worry about a dragging rudder or stirring the water too much. Stand up paddle fishing is truly a pristine and magical form of fishing. Also know as extreme fishing or “man on fish,” stand up paddle board fishing has been around since surfing first started (over 3,000 years ago!). Well, it was slightly different since carbon fiber and aluminum paddles hadn’t hit the market, yet. In the prone position (laying on paddle board) the first stand up paddle board fisherman used very long (and unstable) boards. That was all they knew, so determined fisherman certainly made do. With the advent of fiberglass, epoxy, carbon fiber and modern stand up paddle board construction, the game has certainly changed. Wider, more stable and boards specifically designed for standing or kneeling on, stand up paddle board fishing’s popularity isn’t expected to stall anytime soon.

What’s awesome about stand up paddle board fishing is that you can access areas that aren’t possible with a boat. Shallow fishing spots are a prime example. You can also launch a stand up paddle board almost anywhere you can get to on foot. You can get around a lot faster on a stand up paddle board than by surfboard fishing. The paddle makes the sport that much more accessible!

Extreme Paddle Board Fishing

While fishing for smaller fish on a stand up paddle board is most common, the extreme fisherman go for larger fish…and sometimes sharks! Sounds like a job for Steve-O to us. A determined and brave stand up paddle fisherman went for in this clip from La Jolla, California…

Paddle Board Fishing Accessories

I’ll bet your wondering what to do with your catch on a stand up paddle board? Have no fear. Some stand up paddle boards are designed to accommodate fishing equipment. You can mount paddle board specific “fishing boxes” onto tie down points (4 extra leash plugs in a square formation) on the top of an SUP. Stash your gear, hold your paddle and store your catch in these boxes. There are even pole holders on the sides of the box. It’s a pretty cool and raw sport that’s sure to blossom as stand up paddle boards catch on around the world. You really have to earn your catch. It’s sort of like hiking to get powder in the back country!

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