Windsurfing Fins

Windsurfing Fins. The fin is 1/3 of your windsurf package. When you can change your sail you should change your fin as well. The House has water-splitting performance via Hydrotech and Maui Fin. has all the best gear, at the best prices under one roof.

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Size: 40cm, 48cm
Our Price: $149.00
Size: 36cm, 40cm, 44cm
Reg: $149.00 On Sale: $138.00+
Size: 32cm
Our Price: $128.00
Size: 25cm / 9.85", 28cm / 11", 32cm / 12.5"
Our Price: $121.00
Size: 28cm, 33cm
Reg: $129.00 On Sale: $114.00+
Size: 24cm / 9.5", 27cm / 10.5"
Our Price: $125.00
Size: 42cm, 44cm, 48cm
Reg: $168.00 On Sale: $162.00+
Size: 36cm / 14.25"
Our Price: $152.00
Size: 42cm, 44cm, 48cm
Reg: $168.00 On Sale: $162.00+
Size: 40cm / 15.75"
Our Price: $152.00
Size: 25cm / 10"
Our Price: $149.00
Size: 29cm / 11.5", 34cm / 13.5", 46cm / 18"
Reg: $233.00 On Sale: $149.00+
Size: 34cm, 40cm
Reg: $186.00 On Sale: $157.00+ has been one of the premier online windsurf shop for over 29 years. We specialize in windsurfing products such as windsurfing boards, windsurfing packages, windsurfing sails and other windsurfing gear. We carry all major windsurfing brands such as Bic Windsurfing Boards, Chinook Windsurf Booms, Exocet Sailboards, F2 Windsurf Boards, Fiberspar Sailboard Masts, Gaastra Windsurfing Sails, Hifly Sails, JP Australia Windsurf Boards, Loft Windsurfing Sails, Mistral Windsurf Boards, Naish Sailboards, North Windsurfing Sails, NeilPryde Sails, Pacific Windsurfing Boards and Starboard Sailboards. You simply will not find more major windsurfing brands than at The House. All orders ship within 24 hours Monday through Friday.

Over the years as a premium windsurf shop we have been supporting the windsurfing community with the best prices, best service and the best selection on windsurfing boards and windsurfing gear. warehouses are filled with windsurfing boards, windsurf sails, and other windsurfing equipment for immediate delivery. To help you on your way, some of our most popular windsurf categories are sailboards, windsurfing packages, windsurf sails, windsurfing booms, windsurf masts, windsurfing harnesses & lines, windsurfing bases & extensions, windsurfing fins, and a lot of other windsurfing accessories.

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