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Electric EG2 Goggles

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Frame: Mold Injected Thermo-Plastic Urethane
Lens: Polycarbonate
Helmet Compatible:
  • Helmet Compatible
Helmet Compatible:
  • Helmet Compatible
Eyeglass Compatible:
  • Non Eyeglass Compatible
Ventilation: Yes
Face Size:
  • Oversized Frame
  • Standard
Recommended Use:
  • Snowboarding
  • Skiing
Manufacturer Warranty: 1 Year

Description: Electric EG2 Goggles

Goggles are the bane of a snowboarder''s existence. But thankfully, not anymore. The Electric EG2 Snowboard Goggles gives you what you are craving - sight. With a ergonomic frame design, it gives you more sight than you know what to do with, allowing you to see everything from the green circle snowboarder that''s about to collide with you, to the brand new black diamond Slope of Terror that you missed before because of your old goggles restrictive design. Not only will you be seeing better, you''ll be feeling better, thanks to its triple layer face foam!

Key Features of the Electric EG2 Snowboard Goggles:
  • Ergonomic Frame Design
  • Mold Injected Thermo-Plastic Urethane Frame
  • 100% UV Protection
  • Oversized Dual Spherical Polycarbonate Lens
  • Super Anti-Fog and Anti-Scratch Hard Coating
  • Super A/R Coating Anti-Reflective Technology
  • Contoured Triple Layer Face Foam
  • 43mm Strap with Adjuster
  • Helmet Compatible Frame
  • Microfiber Goggle Bag Included


Customer Reviews | Add Your Review!

  • "Perfect for big heads"

    , london, ON
    Pros: Big, Cons:

    Theses Goggles are amazing for bigger heads! they are perfectly clear and you often forget your wearing them because you are able to see everything, unlike other goggles.

  • "Great Goggle, Sick Color"

    , Tucson, AZ
    Pros: Colors are pretty sick, Goggles are big and support helmet, Cons: None,

    These goggles are awesome, they are large enough for my dome and helmet and are super comfortable. I have the lips color and the detail is pretty sweet, will definitely get you noticed on the slopes.

  • "Electric EG2"

    Pros: HUGE , Comfortable, Durable, Style Cons: ...HUGE, Price (yet worth it),

    Excellent goggles. Clear vision. Made for bigger heads. Try them on at a local shop before you buy. Great designs.

  • "Awesomely huge goggles"

    , IL
    Pros: stylish, great vision, non fog Cons:

    These are some huge goggles that have a great line of sight. you see everything. they also do not fog up. they are great on any kind of day on the slopes.

  • "Enlarge your field of vision"

    Pros: wide field of vision, looks great, fits well and stays on Cons: occasionally foggy but goes away almost immediatel,

    Sweet goggles that will greatly improve your field of vision. And more field of vision = that little extra confidence that will help you land those hard to spot landings.

  • "wide angle"

    Pros: wide angle, good vision for sunny days, Cons: foggy days is a little dark,

    i use it with chrome lenses.but chrome lenses isn't perfect for foggy days. visualition angle is very sufficient and wide.

  • "HUGE VISION! Expensive but WORTH IT!"

    Pros: NO Fog, Wide vision, Cons: Cannot wear helmet,

    I was skeptical buying this because it's said not to fit a lot of helmets. But my maze helmet fits perfectly! Doesn't fog at all! I sure wish it was cheaper though.

  • "The best of the best of the best"

    , henderson, NV
    Pros: Shield Quality, Premium goggle for reasonable price, Mammoth Shield Cons: Nuthin,

    These goggles have a great fit, (I have a big noggin, XL in RED) and after cruising with these I will never go back to a regular size shield. IMO you gain a ton in peripheral vison and the style is second to none.

  • "AWSM!!"

    , ERIE, PA
    Pros: you look like a pro wearing them, Cons: none,

    pretty sweet pair of goggles i would have to say. Andreas Wiig wears them so you can feel cool when wearing them ;)

  • "Better View"

    , Rancho Cucamonga, CA
    Pros: Great view, won't fog up, stylish, snug fit., Cons:

    These goggles are awesome. They are large enough to get a full view without seeing any edges. They're a snug fit with a helmet but they do fit and they are very comfortable. They never fog up and they're very stylish.

  • "Master Chief?"

    Pros: Field of View, dont build up condensation, Cons: none,

    has a sick look to them

  • "Great Goggles"

    , Salem, AL
    Pros: durable, good fitting, good looking Cons: overpriced, poor visibility,

    My impression of this pair of googles is that they are a very good modern pair with nice style and they are long lasting. However for the weekend warrior, these might be a bit overpriced.

  • "great goggles"

    , SALEM, OR
    Pros: very clear, fit great, Cons:

    super clear goggles and stay on great. great goggles overall.

  • "See Clearly!"

    , AL
    Pros: Good View!, Cons: Cost,

    These goggles were a perfect fit for me!

  • "Sick goggles"

    , Lafayette, CO
    Pros: calrity, easy lens change, Cons:

    These goggles are sick. They cover your face perfectly and give great field of view. The fit with a helmet good too.

  • "Still nice"

    Pros: excellent view range, solid frame, extremely comfortable Cons: very large, might not look nice with helmets, ma not fit comfortable with certain helmets

    EG2's are sick. The only downside is my pair doesnt exactly fit with my pro tech helmet very well, because the frames are so huge.


    , monterey park, CA
    Pros: Stylish, Oversize frame, No fogging Cons:

    The best goggles i have ever had. The spherical lenses open up your peripheral vision, giving you a whole new outlook on how you see the mountain.

  • "Awesome!"

    , Tanja, NSW
    Pros: Huge amount of peripheral vision!, Cons: May be too big for smaller heads,

    Awesome goggles! Fits my head perfectly (i have a slightly fatter head then normal) huge amount of peripheral vision, antifog works a treat and they are super comfy!




  • "Huuuge"

    Pros: Massive FOV, Never fog, Cons: Pressure on the nose,

    Epic goggles. Lense is great, the goggle put a lot of pressure on the nose. I have a Bern Baker Hard Hat and they fit fine.

  • "Yes They are HUGE!"

    Pros: Huge Field of vision, Dont feel as big as they look, Cons: people constantly telling you your goggles are hug,

    I just got a pair of these goggles from a buddy and I was pleasantly surprised by how much I liked them. I have had friends riding EG2s for a long time but never thought I would own a pair. I would say that they will not be my goto goggle but they definitely are an amazing pair. Great styling and a ridiculously HUGE lens allowing you to see everything around you!!

  • "What Blind Spots?!?!?"

    Pros: HUGE, No Blind Spots, Look Dope Cons:

    These goggles are legit! I spent some time trying to decide between these and Oakley Splice. I love Oakley and the Splice are about as dope as they come, but I think these goggles top them, especially for big head. You can see everything and I mean EVERYTHING! The Splice still have some blind spots, but not these puppies, you might as well be seeing in 360, because thats what it feels like. If you have a big melon (trust me i asked everyone) and are trying to figure which goggles to get, just snag these... you won't be let down!

  • "100% vision"

    , sydney, NSW
    Pros: Can see eveything, comfortable, Cons: lens expensive to replace,

    Ive been rocking the eg2's for three season and haven't seen anything better out there. They have the best vision out of any goggles and their lighter than they look. You gotta look aftre them cos the lenses are expensive to replace, always keep em in the cloth bag when your off the mounatin.

  • "Really wide view goggles"

    , san francisco, CA
    Pros: Wide vision goggle, Fits a large head well, No fog issue Cons: Does not always get a good seal,

    If you want to look like a jet fighter pilot, and have full peripheral vision, this goggle is for you. You not only have full range of vision, it's wide and clear too. It fits people w/ large faces well and has not fogged up on me. I do have some issues in that when I go fast downhill, it causes my eyes to water, so I wonder if this is not sealing properly. Other than that, I have no problems. I use the amber colored lens so that it works for most conditions. Overall, anyone who wants to see more terrain w/ good clarity and visibility would enjoy this goggle, so long as it fits your face and seals well. Just be wary of going fast downhill.

  • "HDTV of the mountain"

    Pros: Amazing view, Very comfortable, Don't fog easily Cons: A little bit large but worth it., Expensive,

    Once you put these on you will not want to try on any other pair. Your peripheral vision is insane with these bad boys. You'll never miss a view and you'll never want to switch anything except the frame or lens color! I personally own the Neff version of the EG2's. In my opinion you get what you pay for, yes they are expensive. In all reality there will be zero disappointment. Start a revolution, ride on!

  • "EG2"

    , New York, NY
    Pros: field of vision, lens quality, no fog Cons:

    the biggest goggles on the market. the field of vision is; as you can imagine; simply amazing; you don't see the goggle frames at all. Electric lenses are some of the best out there, and they will not fog on you. sick color ways and style. the only drawback is they actually will be too big for some, especially if you're using a helmet. If you do use a helmet i highly recommend trying them on first.

  • "Have a big head?"

    , lawndale, CA
    Pros: fits big heads, insane peripheral, Cons: really big,

    i love the peripherals on these goggles. it looks like you can see everything and barely any frame. i have a big head and i NEED peripherals and this is definitely the chosen one. the only downside is that the goggles are really big. the pros definitely out ways the con.

  • "Favorite Goggle"

    , Kenosha, WI
    Pros: Good Fit, Wide View, Cons:

    This is my favorite pair of goggles of all time. They fit perfect around my head and are very comfortable. The viewing area though the lens is like no other goggle on the market. It has a super wide viewing angle to it. Again and again electric continues to make amazing goggles that with stand harsh winter conditions and will last you a long time.

  • "The BIGGEST the BESTEST!"

    , Pickering, ON
    Pros: Maximum visibility and great fog control, Awesome style and design, Still fits nicely over my RED Mutiny helmet Cons: Scratched on first day. :(,

    I used to wear Dragon Mace, but I unfortunately lost that great goggle on the slopes (fell outta my bag). Extreme tragedy as I loved those goggles, but it did give me an excuse to buy the EG2's, which I had been eyeing since before I looked at the Mace. I personally think the bigger, the better thus the title to this review. Move your eyeballs all around and you'll see everything, no blockage from the frame. Great fog control on these, base chrome lens is great for day but would not recommend them for overcast or snowy days. These don't just work awesome but they look AMAZING! My favourite style design out of all mfr's. Many people say these are too big for helmet use but these work just fine with my RED Mutiny and don't pull away from my face. I do have a small nose so it does feel like there's a small gap above my nose but the foam is just enough to block the open air. My only qualm is that I scratched them the first day out... not even from bails, but I think they just struck some board edges at the end of the day while I was carrying my helmet in hand and they were mounted. UGh! I guess that's my fault but I woulda hoped they could resist a bit of that. I bought a second lens just in case but the 'damage' doesn't seem to affect performance. Just annoying.

  • "Giant and Awesome"

    Pros: Huge Viewable, No fogging, Cons: Mirrored lenses scratch easy, Too big for small faces, expensive

    If you have a decent sized head these are great goggles. Huge lenses give you a huge viewable. I got the lime green ones and they look quite spectacular to go along with the functionality. my only downside to them is that they don't fit some helmets, but i tried them with a bern helmet and they fit fine. I've used them quite a few times and had no fogging issues. I have collected quite a few scratches on the mirror finish and replacing the lenses is expensive. Still worth it though, once you have a pair of these things I don't know why you would go back to anything else.

  • "Vision"

    Pros: best peripheral vision, Cons: a little too big for small heads,

    I consider myself to have a medium sized face. My hat size is about 7 1/4. And my comparison comes mostly from crowbars. I borrowed my friends EG2's and theres a noticeable difference between the side vision. The EG2s look awkward on my face without a helmet. but when I put on my 661 helmet everything looks flush and theres no goggle gap. I didnt have any issues with fogging. I did notice though that the lens tech may not be as great as the crowbars since color contrast wasnt as great with the EG2s. Bottom line if peripheral vision what's important to you then get these goggles. I'll be getting them when my free goggle coupon comes in.

  • "Best Goggles"

    , Dartmouth, MA
    Pros: Big Vision, Cons: Could be too big for face,

    These goggles are just amazing, Your gonna get the most vision out of these if your getting the bronze-silver chrome lens it has that nice reflective mirror effect if your looking for it, the only problem is these goggles are a little dark at night. Other than that these are definatley worth your money, So go ahead and get these great goggles.

  • "Cool...but huge"

    , Spokane, WA
    Pros: Nice colors, Wide view, Good Lenses Cons: Freak'n huge,

    Went and tried these on at a local shop because I thought they might work and I liked the style, but they were huge on my face and I didn't think they would work with my helmet. The profile is enormous on smaller heads (wear a medium helmet). Decided to go with the Smith I/O instead.

  • "My Huge Dome"

    , Kenmore, WA
    Pros: Fits My Big Head, Stylish , Hasn't ever fogged on me Cons: Not that great with my glasses, Doesn't give me psychic powers..., Blocks my Lazer Vision Beam

    Awesome Goggles, I picked them up on a different website I've taken em up in everything but straight rain this year, and they haven't fogged, and they are as stylish as my vonzipper Phenom's which have been my favorite for almost the last 3 years.

  • "Wow I want these. :) "

    , St, Michael, AL
    Pros: Great range of vision, Fit is snug. , No fogging up Cons: The lense scratches easily. ,

    I actually do not own these Goggs but my frined does, he let me use them because i asked to see how they were because im looking into getting a new pair soon, and i ed it for a couple hours, i loved them you get great line of sight and your periphials are no onger obstrucetd, they do not fog up. :) but they do scratch easily; thats what my frien had told me, i did not scratch them. I want these and i would reccomend them to anyone else. :)

  • "Like a wide angle for your face"

    , Mountain View, CA
    Pros: Comfortable, Peripheral vision ++, Looks cool Cons: Lense scratches easy,

    I wasn't going to get a new set of goggles this season since I already had a couple lenses on some VZ's but after trying a set of these on, I realized how much viewing area I was missing out on with regular flat lenses. These goggles are definitely like being in fighter pilots helmet with great peripheral vision, so you can spot your landing better and faster. Only thing is because of the convex lense, more of the 'glass' is exposed if you drop them or drag something across them.

  • "Awesome Goggles"

    , Houston, TX
    Pros: Great fit, Great Style, Affordable Cons: Hard to adjust the strap,

    Just bought these today and these goggles are AWESOME. I've been looking for spherical lens goggles that are eye-wear compatible and I know I'm not the only one. These fit well with my glasses and feel very comfortable. I tried these on and my glasses just went right in. It's large framed and the only problem with that is that it's not compatible with some helmets. I highly recommend these goggles.

  • "HD Vision of the Mt.!!!"

    Pros: Wide Vision!, No Fog!, Cons: None!,

    I've had the electric eg2 for 2 season now and I have to say I've ridden with Anon Figments Hawkeyes both are great, but Eg2s just blown me away! some might have the complaint of the goggles being two big But i think they are sick! even some buddies of mine put them on and loved them! if you are looking at these don't hesistate to add them to your cart! you won't regret it I promise!

  • "HUGE!"

    , AL
    Pros: good vision, look pretty sick, Cons: too big for some helmets/ small heads,

    These are some huge goggles. I would deffinately not reccomend them if you have a small head, they just look too big. My friends little brother got these and they just look stupid on him, but if you have a bigger head they are fine. They also dont fit under my helmet that great. They kind of hit the ear pads but its not a big deal. Overall they are some sick goggles.

  • "Electric EG2!!! Great Goggles"

    , AL
    Pros: comfortably fitting, Very large peripheral view, Stylish Cons: BIG!!!(have to lean back helmet a bit),

    I was worries about these goggles being to big for my face, and helmet. But they were worth it. They are extremely stylish, gives you the widest peripheral vision which is great, and are good goggles. The fact I have to lean back my Sandbox a tiny bit to fit em properly is well worth the benefits.


    , AL
    Pros: Unlimited vison, Great 4 Large Face, Cons: Too big for small faces,

    I have had EG2s since they came out. I have a large face and always had trouble finding goggles to fit and not have blind spots. EG2 was the answer. I have no blind spots. These goggles look sick. The lens they come with is solid but not to great on Low light or bad visibility days. However I ordered the rose lens and it took care of that problem. I am an instructor and ride 100+ days a year so I live in these all day everyday. These goggles hold up to wear and tear and never fog as long as keep off your forehead. They are versatile and fit over or under your helmet. Also fit great with any RED helmet. I have worn Oakley and smith. I also own the Smith I/O but doesn't compare in comfort and sight lines of the EG2. Buy them! You wont be disappointed.....If you have a smaller face buy the EG2.5.

  • "Electric EG2"

    , Perth, WA
    Pros: great construction, clear, anti-fog vision, good field of view Cons: can look a little bulky on your face,

    Bought last years model, though from the look of it not much has changed apart from the colours. Great vision; they never fogged up on me or got the annoying 'interior reflection' some other goggles I've got have done. They're also really sturdy and feel a lot more rigid on my face than other some other brands, which after having the EG2's on, feel flimsy. About the only negative thing I could say about these goggles is that they're big, and they protrude quite a long way out from your face; not a problem if you've got a helmet on as they basically extent out to the rim of the helmet but they can look a little awkward on, especially without any accompanying headgear.

  • "Can't get em any Bigger!"

    Pros: Huge, Cons: Huge,

    Super sick goggles if you can pull them off. You cant get a better view out of your space face than these will give. Although Ive found a couple problems with fogging on certain days maybe due to the extra exposure to your face when things start heating up. Reality is there just TOO BIG for my head but if you've got a L to XL dome i highly recommend em. You'll literally be seein more than anyone on the hill...

  • "Awesome... But..."

    , Brooklyn, NY
    Pros: Look sick, Steezy, peripherals, goggle quality. Cons: Do not go well with helmets!,

    These look soo sick. I know that my review so far has been more or less solely reviewing this product existentially but I am only doing that to stress that they are the coolest goggles on the market. However there is a catch; They look dumb with helmets. These bug eye goggles are just too bug for helmets to the point where they, for the most part, just look plain goofy. If you ride with a beanie there is no goggle I would go to first before this one. I rode with a pair of my friends goggles for a day and decided they had the best quality of any goggle I have ridden. I currently have a pair of Oakley Splices and the EG2s are better quality.

  • "Electric EG2"

    Pros: Large Field of Vision, Comfortable, Cons:

    These goggles are massive. If you have a smaller face, I would go with the EG 2.5. That being said these goggles are super comfy and offer one of the largest fields of view in any goggle. ALways make sure that the goggles fit your face correctly or there will be fogging issues. The rose mirrored lens is the best all around lens.


    Pros: dual lense, less frame, cool design Cons:

    the electric eg2 Camobis goggles has got to be the best goggles for more and wider view of the slopes. it protects me from too much sunlight and the lense do not fog up at all. i like the design and i look like some astronaut. fits perfectly on my helmet. comes with a nice sleeve to protect the lense from scratching. be careful with the lense, it is easily scratchable.

  • "Massive"

    , Forest Hills, NY
    Pros: Massive, Fantastic field of vision, Stylish Cons: Massive, Reflective inside coating,

    These are probably the largest goggles out on the market right now and I listed it as both a pro and a con. On the upside, it really allows your peripheral vision to come into play since you can see so much out of the huge spherical lens. However, it's so large that it might not fit well with your existing helmet. I don't have any fitment issues with my Smith Holt helmet (no gaper gap) but I don't know about other brands. I think they look bad-ass and their colorways are awesome (I have them in Flight Pattern). My biggest gripe is that the inside of their lens is highly reflective which is terrible when it's sunny out. I can see my own face on the lens and it's a huge distraction. It's not the end of the world but I haven't experienced this with other brands such as Oakley, Dragon, or Von Zipper.

  • "Large Field of Vision"

    , piedmont, CA
    Pros: Large field of vision, good for big heads, did not fog on me Cons:

    Great goggles, albiet a little huge like other reviewers were saying. I won a pair of these at a competition last year and boy do these goggles have mad steeze. They are really big, and do not fit my RED helmet very well. If you are thinking about using this in tandem with a helmet, definitely try before you buy! In terms of clarity, they are on par with my oakley A-frames which is pretty amazing.

  • "Best Goggles for Big Heads"

    , SAN JOSE, CA
    Pros: Fits big heads, Peripheral Vision, Cool Graphics Cons: foam on bridge of nose has gap, price,

    The best fitting goggle for my big head bar none. I used to have Oakley's but now with the EG2 they fit so much better. Huge lens so you get a wider peripheral vision. Plus Electric graphics are nice. I get compliments on the mountain all the time about my EG2's. Looking to buy a new pair of EG2's this season and I will stick with Electric. You can't go wrong with these. Get them. Only problem I had was that there is a gap between the bridge of my nose and the foam. Also price is hefty for these.

  • "Great Goggles For Big Heads"

    , South Deerfield, MA
    Pros: Field of View, Spherical Lens, Clarity Cons: Too Big For Small Heads/ Helmets,

    The main reason I bought these goggles is because the field of vision is great. I notice it in the peripheral a lot, where it's most important, but you get a lot more visibility looking up as well. It doesn't seem like you've got some big bushy eyebrows blocking your view like you get with some other goggles. I wear a Bern Baker 'hard hat' helmet in size L, and it's a tight fit where the top corners of the goggles meet the helmet, but they fit. I've found that the 'hard hat' versions of the Baker fit a lot lower than the regular EPS foam ones. So I would speculate that an EPS helmet in a smaller size will fit, but I might be wary in a hard hat version in a size smaller than a large. They smooshed my nose when I first put the on, but I moved the strap from running near the top of my helmet to down near the bottom. That redistributed the pressure, and they fit much better now. So far they've held up well for me, and I've done a few cartwheels with them on. I'm a little worried about how far the lens sticks out (might be more likely to scratch), but it's not that big of a deal. The field of vision makes it worth it.

  • "Great Goggles"

    , Elk Grove Village, IL
    Pros: Big lens that make you see everything, comfy on your face, great for big heads and helmets Cons: Are big but i love them , no clear lenses for the night,

    I got these goggles.When you see the pic it doesnt look like that at all, they look sexy in real life lol i would google your goggles and look for actual pictures because these look much better then in the picture.They are big but give you a great view from your goggles.They are very comfy,foam doesnt itch your face and when windy the cold wind doesn't rush in there and water your eyes.If you get the points and you get 100 bucks off these are super cheap and for the quality you get, deff worth it i am buying a second pair just blue because i love these. I would recommended buying these if you are looking for great goggles that dont bother you on the slopes but it would be nice if they would include a clear lens too for the nights

  • "Best goggles ever"

    , Galloway, NJ
    Pros: Vision, Stylish, Fit Cons: Fog, Weak lens,

    The best part of these goggles is complete peripheral vision. They fit very well on my big head and feels very comfortable. I get compliments on them all the time. I do have a problem with the lens fogging up, though. As soon as there's precipitation, it's basically fogging for the rest of the day. Also, I stored the goggles in my duffel bag for the summer. When I took them out to switch lenses, I found a crack which wasn't there before I put them away. I only take my bag in and out of the closet to move items around, nothing too vigorous.

  • "Sick goggles"

    , Vancouver, BC
    Pros: Great peripherals, Looks awesome, Cons: Good but not great fit for asian face,

    I just got these goggles in and they are really sick. They have peripherals that destroy any other goggles I have used. I have a pretty big/wide head (I wear a 7 5/8 hat) and I thought I might be able to get my glasses under these goggles but I can't. They fit in but not comfortably as they're just a little too wide so the goggles push them into my face. For anyone with a narrower head than I have it should work quite well. They also are not perfect for the asian face as I get a decent sized gap between my nose and the foam, but that is expected with most goggles I use. For all intents and purposes these goggles are great. I love them despite the fact they're not a perfect fit for me.

  • "Awesome goggles"

    Pros: Field of view, Style, Spherical Lens Cons: Price,

    My wife got me these and they're pretty sweet. I have a bigger head (wear size 7 3/8 for hats) so they were perfect for me. At first I thought the nose would be an issue, but once I strapped them around my helmet, the goggles fit snug. There's a small slight gap at the top corner between the goggle and helmet but it's all good. The field of view is amazing too. People weren't kidding when they say you don't see any part of the goggles when you put these on. Would definitely recommend!

  • "Sick Googles"

    , oakville, ON
    Pros: Very Clear, Look Sick, Very Wide View Cons: Large,

    Love these goggles! I rep these goggles every time i went snowboarding last year. The look sweet and they function very well. The lenses are very clear and dont fog up for me when i have my jackets zipped up over my mouth. These goggles also have a very wide range of view so you can check your blind spot for speeding skiiers when needed. These goggles are also very stylish and look sick. I would defiantly recommend these goggles to any rider.

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