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Electric EG2.5 Goggles

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Frame: Polyurethane
Lens: Polycarbonate
Helmet Compatible:
  • Helmet Compatible
Helmet Compatible:
  • Helmet Compatible
Eyeglass Compatible:
  • Non Eyeglass Compatible
Ventilation: yes
Face Size:
  • Medium Frame
  • Standard
Recommended Use:
  • Snowboarding
  • Skiing
Manufacturer Warranty: 1 Year

Description: Electric EG2.5 Goggles

The Electric EG2.5 Snowboard Goggles will shock and amaze everyone around you. These are really great snowboarding goggles that will keep your eyes clear on the slope without fogging up. They look wicked and will add on to your style. Anyone who needs a new pair of goggles should pick these up. They fit comfortably around the head and are sold at a very cheap and decent price. You won''t be disappointed with this purchase.

Key Features of the Electric EG2.5 Snowboard Goggles:
  • Ergonomic Frame Design
  • Mold Injected Thermo-Plastic Urethane Frame
  • 100% UV Protection
  • Oversized Dual Spherical Polycarbonate Lens
  • Super Anti-Fog and Anti-Scratch Hard Coating
  • Super A/R Coating Anti-Reflective Technology
  • Contoured Triple Layer Face Foam
  • 40mm Strap with Adjuster
  • Helmet Compatible Frame
  • Microfiber Goggle Bag Included


Customer Reviews | Add Your Review!

  • "Electric EG2.5"

    Pros: Huge FOV, Comfortable, Durable, Style, Size Cons: Price (yet worth it),

    The EG2 and EG2.5 both have huge FOV. If you have a smaller face, grab the EG2.5! They were able to trim down its size while preserving the view. Fits well with Giro Chapter helmet. Cool designs.

  • "Decent"

    , BC
    Pros: Good View, Large FOV, Cons: Tend to fog,

    I demo'd these at my local hill, towards mid day as it got hotter they fogged a bit, other than that it was clear riding

  • "Electric 2.5 Goggles"

    , Prince George, AL
    Pros: Nice look, Feel good, Don't fog up much Cons: Not so nice on foggy days,

    I loved these goggles from the day I bought them but I have had problems on foggy days, your vision gets limited and you cant see as well. On sunny days they are the nicest goggles money can buy.

  • "Sleek!"

    Pros: good visual field, sleek design, reflective Cons: doesn't fit all faces,

    These goggles give you a great visual field with good peripheral vision. Its lightweight and great for increasing contrast to view the terrain. Has an awesome sleek design as well!

  • "Best goggles... ever."

    Pros: holds up great, Never fogs up, Comfy Cons:

    I have these goggles. I love them! they hold up so nicely and never scratch. They don't fog up and they are a great fit!

  • "Great Goggles"

    , Overland Park, KS
    Pros: Breathable, fit tight on face, Cons: bit on the pricey side,

    these goggles have an oversize spherical, dual polycarbonate lens offers excellent clarity and accuracy, and is engineered to provide a full field of vision good goggles for everyone

  • "Great Goggles!"

    , AL
    Pros: comfy, great visability, scratch-resistant Cons: fogs easily,

    I had these goggles for a season, and I loved them, but had a problem with fogging. a great buy all in all

  • "HUUUgE"

    , American Canyon, CA
    Pros: Fit, Comfort, Size of Lense, Slim Frame, No Fog, Cons:

    I've a small Asian face so the EG2s don't fit me, but these do. Fit perfectly fine and comfy. The vision out is immaculate, never do I need to over turn my head b/c of the goggles. Never fogged.

  • "As good as the EG2!"

    , Saint Louis, MO
    Pros: medium mug, wide vision, durable Cons: price,

    Got these for my little brother, compated them with my EG2 and they're basically the same. The 2.5 is just made for a smaller face, same field of vision, just smaller frame. Excellent pair of goggles!!!

  • "CAMOBUS!!!"

    , LOWELL, MA
    Pros: weed graphic looks sick, good fit, Cons:

    At first when i tried these on i had a gap between my nose bridge, but all i had to do to fix that problem was to tighten the strap and booya!! snug fit! these are awesome on the slopes.. really good view

  • "lime script"

    , Bloomingtion, IN
    Pros: great periph, fits smith maze helmet, Cons:

    just got these shipped to me a couple days ago. first thing i noticed when tryin them on.. there is a gap where the nose piece is. my nose isnt small or anything but i know for sure there will be wind going through that gap. the foam is comfy but the frame doesnt fit my face like i would like it. the reflection is good and you cant see my eyes. overall for the price i was expecting a very comfy goggle but on a scale 1-10 they are probably 6-7. i also have vz dojos and i would give those a 8-9. overall if you can get these cheap go for it. they look awsome tho.

  • "Sooo much to seeeeee"

    Pros: periphs, comfy w/ sick design, anti-fog Cons: don't fit with my helmet.. need to cut it,

    I was at Camelback and found a pair of 2.5's and absolutely love them. I was concerned about buying EG2 because of the reviews I read about the size. The 2.5 fit perfectly. The amount of vision is insane. I went from Anons to these and will never go back.

  • "Electric EG2.5"

    , Bellevue, WA
    Pros: Huge vision, Slim fit to helmets, Styles Cons:

    I like the Electric EG2.5. The vision is huuuge and it's somewhat of an upgrade to EG2s. 2.5s are a bit smaller but still have good size definition and it's slimlined to fit to helmets. There's tons of the styles to choose from and they keep coming out with more each year.

  • "Electric EG2.5's: Size Doesn't Matter...Does it?"

    Pros: Great Field of Vision, Nose relief, Small-Mid Size Face Cons: Straps,

    Have been on a quest for some time looking for a pair of goggles that not only fit my small face structure but one that offers a great field of vision and enough space to pair with prescription glasses. Enter the EG2.5's.....finally a goggle that can do it all for this type of client. The lenses are great, not as good as Oakley, but the offer minimal fogging. Opted for a second Orange-Silver Chrome lense for cloudy & snowy days and what an awesome lense. The only negative I find is the size/length of the straps...a very tight fit for my Bern helmet. Rated a 5 solely because it has offered me everything I am looking for!

  • "Electrifyingly Awesome"

    , hamilton, ON
    Pros: larger field of vision, light weight, Cons:

    This is one awesome pair of goggles, has the largest scope of vision giving you lots of peripheral vision. The bronze lens is great for those sunny days but is a little to tinted and dark during night and snowy weather. Design is wicked, maybe a little to big taking up more than half your face. Price is a little steep for certain colors... but if you can get one for abit cheaper its a deal within itself. Last pair of goggles you'll ever need to buy!!

  • "Sweet Goggles"

    , AL
    Pros: comfortable, lightweight, durable Cons: not nose bridge friendly,

    offers a VERY wide range of view that the frames do not hinder. the goggles are pretty well ventilated so it reduces incidence of fog. **as a side note, i am asian and they do not fit well so my nose doesn't feel completely secure, otherwise they still fir quite snug against my face