The House Boardshop’s selection of Daypacks includes over one hundred bags designed by the brands you trust. Shop Daypacks from brands like Burton, DC, K2, Oakley, Obey, Salomon, Quiksilver, Vans and dozens more! Whether you’re a busy student or an avid traveler, we provide a huge variety to suit all. Select from several styles, colors, brands and sizes and place your order today! We’ll ship out within 24 hours, Monday-Friday.
136 Results for Daypacks
Size: 35L
Reg: $55.00 On Sale: $29.95 - 38.95
Size: 34L
Our Price: $200.00

Size: 22L
Reg: $60.00 On Sale: $41.95
Size: 26L (S/M), 28L (M/L)
Our Price: $165.00

Size: 32L (S/M), 34L (M/L)
Our Price: $150.00
Size: 20L (S/M), 22L (M/L)
Our Price: $100.00

Size: 31L (S/M), 33L (M/L)
Our Price: $130.00

Size: 9L
Our Price: $100.00
Size: 60L
Our Price: $180.00

Size: 75L
Our Price: $200.00
Size: 18L
Reg: $46.00 On Sale: $25.95

Size: 15L
Reg: $169.95 On Sale: $127.95
Size: 32L (M/L), 32L (S/M)
Reg: $148.95 On Sale: $96.95 - 111.95

Size: 26L
Reg: $45.00 On Sale: $35.95
Size: 35L
Reg: $60.00 On Sale: $47.95