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Dakine Venom Snowboard Stomp

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Material: poly
Manufacturer Warranty: 1 Year

Description: Dakine Venom Snowboard Stomp

If you're looking for the best snowboard stomp around, look no further than the Dakine Venom Snowboard Stomp. This snowboard stomp will provide the ultimate traction for your next amazing snowboard sesh this up and coming weekend. So if you are looking for a quality snowboard stomp to step up your game, check out the Dakine Venom Snowboard Stomp.

  • Material: poly
  • Four main points of contact with boot
  • Diameter: approx 4 in


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  • "decent stomp pad"

    Pros: grip, Cons: unstylish,

    It's not the most stylish stomp pad out there but it serves its purpose... Excellent grip and very easy to install.

  • "Effective"

    Pros: Big and sturdy, Cons:

    This pad measures approx 4 in. diameter and has four main points of contact with your boot. The top/bottom spurs are 1 wide and protrude a good 3/4 or so, while the sides are about 1/2 wide and similar protrusion. Hope this helps someone with concerns about sizing.



    This is a good stomp pad. Your foot will never slip off of it because the stomp pad is so big. Very easy to locate even with snow over your board. The only bad thing is that it is TOO big and it stands out so much. I would highly recommend this to beginner riders who have a hard time riding off the lift.

  • "working stomp pad"

    , Bloomingtion, IN
    Pros: adhesive, Cons:

    This is a pretty big stomp pad but it does the job. The material is a thick plastic so it helps to stand on it but also the adhesive that comes with it is super strong. As long as you clean your board before puttin it on it will stick for ever.

  • "good adhesive durable pad"

    Pros: adhesive, durable, a lot of control Cons:

    I have used it for 2 seasons. Still doing a great job.

  • "dakine "

    , freeport, NY
    Pros: grippy , never fall, Cons: big and sticks out a lot ,

    This is a big pad and sticks out too much for me but it is very grippy.

  • "Large and in Charge"

    , NEW YORK, NY
    Pros: large, good hold on most boots, Cons: too large a profile, eye sore, color is hard to match

    The pad will do the job well but it is very large (3 and 3/4 inches in diameter) its points of maximal height are 3/4 of an inch high but I guess if you get a lot of snow on your board this makes the height a good thing. The color is like a teal or aqua blue which probably looks great on the Stunt but not so good on a black board.

  • "One of the best stomp pads available!"

    Pros: Super Sticky Adhesive, Great Grip , Looks Cool Cons:

    This is a great stomp pad that I have had on one of my boards since 06. It was the best stomp pad I had ever used until I put a Bakoda A-trac on my Sierrascope. This stomp pad has superior grip and is a decent size that it is hard to miss when getting off the lift. Unlike other stomp pad this adhesive really holds up as it had been on my board for 4 years and it would take major effort if I were to even try to remove it. If you need a stomp pad this is one of the best.

  • "Sweet"

    , kings park, NY
    Pros: Big grip, Cool colors, Great stick Cons: None,

    Love the rubbery nice feel, cool colors, great durability and hard to miss. Everything is lovely with this stomp pad, stuck it on my ICS board.

  • "Nice big disc!"

    Pros: Great size, Great grip, Great price Cons:

    I bought 2 of these for my older boards that don't have the ICS. One is replacing a POS foam pad other is going on a board that doesn't have one at the moment. Cant beat the price and they work great!

  • "huge"

    , Springfield, OR
    Pros: cant miss it, Cons: really big,

    This stomp pad is bigger than you would think, but it does the job.

  • "Big!!"

    , Canberra, ACT
    Pros: Large, Very Grippy, Cons:

    Very large stomp pad which you would have trouble losing your footing on.

  • "Ugly but works"

    , Queenstown, OTA
    Pros: Great grip, Large, Cons: So ugly,

    Brought this item for my last board cause I thought it would look good on my board, I was wrong. It worked really well, it stayed on the whole season and held your foot like nothing else I have used in the past but it just looked ugly (personal perferrence I suppose).

  • "Looks pretty good"

    , Hamilton, WKO
    Pros: Big size, Positive grip, Cons: Colour options?,

    Looks like it will do the job nicely, and not get too clogged with snow.

  • "Big surface, cant be missed"

    , Concord West, NSW
    Pros: Suits its purpose, Cons:

    Very large stomp pad, elevated lip can be used to clear off snow. It suits its purpose well, don't have any complains about it.

  • "This is the shit!"

    , AL
    Pros: Decent size, looks sick, sharp edges so no slipping! Cons:

    This stomp pad is sick! Nice colour and size! It raises up about 15mm and it's sharp so even if it's covered in snow, you will have no problem with grip as the edges will pierce through the snow once you put your foot down!

  • "Dakine Stomp pad"

    , Fairfield, NSW
    Pros: MASSIVE, Sticks well, Cons: Overly MASSIVE, Color choice,

    Big stomp pad so you ain't gonna miss it.. Doesn't come off as easy as smaller ones.. Maybe because of the surface area. Down side is just the color availability..

  • "Good but look newbie"

    , Sydenham, Vic
    Pros: Great grip, doesnt get buried by snow, Cant beat the price Cons: looks newbie cause its massive,

    If you are starting to learn snowboarding, I recommend these. These stomp pads do everything a stomp pad is designed to do and does it very well. But once you put it on the board, it's a bit of an eye sore.

  • "Serves Function Perfectly"

    Pros: Great Grip, Cons: looks if thats important to you,

    Best stomp pad ever, might not look cool but serves its function perfectly. Got mine a few years back, so i've used it quite sometime, its big so hard to miss it and even if you only get part of your boot on it your not gonna slip off it

  • "It works"

    Pros: Its simple, Stays stuck, Cons: Not flashy, Stiffer,

    Stomp Pads usually aren't worth reviewing. But after I have had many fall off when I was getting off the lift I was impressed how well this one stays put. Feels secure under foot. It is a stiffer stomp pad so if you are a person concerned with the boards true flex it may not be for you unless you are using it on a stiffer board (not a first choice for park noodles).

  • "Super Grip"

    , North Strathfield, NSW
    Pros: Great Value, Good Scraper, Cons: Color,

    The best stomp pad I have bought. Not sure if a scraper was intentionally designed into the stomp pad, but it works well to clear snow/ice from the bottom of your boot. Only downside is the lack of a decent color to match my board. Definitely a good purchase!

  • "Does exactally what it says on the tin."

    , Ballarat, Vic
    Pros: Sticks well, The price is right, Cons: Doesn't really look that great on my board.,

    Great value for money stomp pad. Does everything a stomp pad should. The look of it isn't really my cup of tea, but it does the job well so I'm happy.

  • "good buy"

    Pros: excellent grip, Cons: sticks out,

    For the price of the stomp pad, it is an excellent buy. The stomp pad is a little bit big, so it sticks out. But that's the only thing that's kind of a problem.

  • "Like glue!"

    Pros: Super sticky, Cons:

    This stomp pad is fantastic. No boot slip at all!

  • "Its huge"

    , Hamilton, WKO
    Pros: Grippy, Cons: Big,

    Was given one of these a few years back. Works better than most stomp pads and the raised sections give your boots something to grab onto. Too big for my liking and the white/blue will stick out like a sore thumb on most boards.

  • "great design"

    Pros: looks, Cons: none,

    This design actually looks like it belongs on a board unlike others. It is unique and adds to the decoration of my board, rather than detracts from it.

  • "stomp pad"

    Pros: big enough, sticks well, Cons: corners frayed,

    As far as stomp pads go, very adequate.

  • "Good Enough"

    , Richmond, BC
    Pros: Good Deal, Good Brand, Cons:

    Good pad that matches the color of my blue Sierra Crew. Picked it up for a great price. Good quality. No complaints.

  • "Good grip, high profile"

    Pros: Grips boot well, Sticks to board well, Cons: High profile, bright colors,

    The stomp pad sticks well to both the board and my boot, but the profile is a little high, so it feels like the boot is not one the board. This makes getting used to controlling the board a little a bit of an experience (if you like to ride from one lift to the next nearby without strapping in).

  • "Perfect for BIG BOOT"

    Pros: great for people with big feet, strong grip, durable Cons:

    I wear a size 13 boot and I love how this pad feels under my is very grippy. It does stick out on the board but looks pretty cool on my 157w Sierra Crew...the only bad thing is that it does stick out pretty high and is really noticeable...the best stomp pad ever was the clear flow circle stomp pad but guess they sold out a long time ago

  • "like what others said"

    , Columbia, MD
    Pros: good grip, Cons: maybe too high?,

    It's wide and good grip. Maybe too high for some people. The picture is not showing you the real height of this well. The 4 highest points are .75 inch tall.

  • "Very grippy but Big"

    , Toronto, ON
    Pros: Has lots of grip, stick tight to the board, Cons: Too big,

    I've purchased 3 of these (1 for myself and the other 2 are for friend). I really like this stomp pad because it is very grippy and if you follow the direction carefully to install it on the the snowboard, this thing will stick there forever. The only thing that I didn't like is that it is a little big and kind of noticeable, but besides that it is a good stomp pad.

  • "traction is good"

    , sacramento, CA
    Pros: traction is not bad, Cons: can be slippery, too high,

    look cool but prefer black over the blue...

  • "Great Grip"

    , Annerley, QLD
    Pros: Great Grip, Doesn't Come Off, Easy to install Cons: Stands Out,

    First stomp pad I have ever bought, but I love it. You will never lose grip on this thing, and you cant misjudge/miss the stomp pad because it's soo dam big. I think that is the only thing wrong about it, but I don't mind. It goes with my board great.

  • "Good Stomp pad"

    , san luis obispo, CA
    Pros: Adhesive, Good size, Prevents from sliding Cons: Available color,

    I liked this stomp pad. It was big enough to to actually stomp on. Pretty adhesive. Hasn't fallen off yet. Prevents your foot from sliding about pretty well. Only gripe is the available color. Baby blue isn't exactly the coolest looking color.

  • "Big"

    , Artarmon, NSW
    Pros: Great for one foots, Cons: out there,

    Makes landing one foot easy.

  • "High profile, excellent grip"

    , Melbourne, Vic
    Pros: Excellent grip, Cons: High profile,

    A large, high profile stomp pad. Grip is certainly not a problem, probably the best grip of any stomp pad I used. Really stands out on a board, so don't get it if you want to be subtle.

  • "Really big but good!"

    , DENVER, CO
    Pros: good grip, Cons: sticks up really high,

    This stomp pad definitely sticks up pretty high, but in a good way for the most part... It's great for kicking off the excess snow on the bottom of your boot prior to stepping into your binding, and it gives a solid place for your foot to go when you're getting off the lift, but it definitely sticks out maybe slightly excessively. Still for this price, it's a great buy!

  • ":D :D"

    , Edwardsville, IL
    Pros: Good Grip, Cons: None,

    It's a nice stomp pad, won't tear up like the foam ones.

  • "Oversized but does the job"

    Pros: Works, Cons: Oversized,

    This stomp pad gets the job done but it is a bit big. Can't complain for $5 though.

  • "Big but good"

    , Runaway Bay, QLD
    Pros: grippy, Cons:

    This stomp pad definitley does its job. The only thing that is wierd is that it sticks up higher than I though it would and makes my foot seem high when its on it. I have never put a stomp pad on before and I read the instructions word for word and never did it say to remove the plastic from the stomp pad.. This may sound stupid but how was I supposed to know what the stuff on the bottom was supposed to be like. I thought it was some weird thing that when I heated it, it would go sticky. But it didn't. Then I realized is was plastic and pulled it off and then sticky stuff went all wrinkley. All good now. So remember, once you take it out of the packet, remove the plastic from the bottom of it lol.

  • "Big ugly and effective"

    Pros: Very solid, huge grip, Cons: looks large in person, would be nice if it was completely clear,

    This is a very effective stomp pad. It's got 4 spines that will lock into the grip of your boot. Just be warned though, it is pretty big and it sticks up a lot. If you are looking for a low profile stomp pad look elsewhere.

  • "Good Bite"

    , Alexandria, IN
    Pros: Good boot grip, cheap price, Cons: Doesn't look as cool as the metal stomps,

    Good adhesive, never had any Dakine stomp pad come off (but you have to follow the installation instructions). This has a good deep surface that will grip your boot well, but not like other plastic stomps that have sharp points to bite your hand.

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