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Dakine Replacement Snowboard Files

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  • File
Tools: Edge tool replacement files
Temperature: n/a
Application: n/a
Recommended Use:
  • Snowboards
  • Alpine Skis
Manufacturer Warranty: 1 Year

Description: Dakine Replacement Snowboard Files

Every sports enthusiast understands the importance of keeping a sharp edge, and these Dakine Replacement Snowboard Files will help you achieve that edge quickly and efficiently. Think about how important a sharp edge is when on the slopes... the edge determines exactly how quick and concise your movements are, how long it takes to slow down, the pressure needed to achieve certain moves, and more. With something that's this important, it's strange to think you would select an inferior file to get the job done. Don't... Go order the Dakine Replacement Snowboard Files today.


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  • "handy and cheap"

    Pros: low-cost, two different hatch patterns, Cons: doesnt last too long,

    These files are identical to the ones that come with the dakine edge tuner tool. On each file, one edge is cross-hatched and the other has a one-directional hatch at about 45 degrees. I find the cross-hatched side to be more abrasive and good for running the first couple of passes. Then I switch to the single hatch side to clean up the edge. The only downside is that the material hardness isnt very high and thus you will begin to see the wear on the file features dull out after 3-4 sharpening sessions

  • "Works like a charm"

    Pros: double sided, different patterns on each side, long lasting Cons:

    I use this file to tune the edges on my snowboard and also to file the edges when putting on grip tape on my longboards. Great compact sized file that works well with two different patterns to suit your needs, I highly recommend it.

  • "Good quality files"

    , Oakden, SA
    Pros: good quality, Cons:

    Work well for their purpose, not much else you can say really. Worked we for me for probably around 12-16 edge tunes

  • "Cheap and good replacement files"

    , Hershey, PA
    Pros: Cheap, Work well, Cons: Wouldn't mind a little more durability,

    These are good files that can tune or detune a board very well. I have used one of the two so far and it is beginning to get dull after probably the 6-7 time that I used it. Still, the files are cheap and work well so don't hesitate to purchase them!

  • "The Two Sides"

    Pros: Two sided, Fits Well, Cheap Cons:

    So the file has two sides. One side has a traditional directional tooth and the other a rasp tooth. The rasp tooth is a more aggressive tooth for serious shaping. The directional tooth is a medium tooth maintenance.

  • "Does the job well. "

    , basking ridge, NJ
    Pros: Inexpensive, Effective, Cons: No adjustments on the tool,

    This file is gonna be good enough for at least about 90% of riders out there. You can get more expensive sharpeners that let you swap out different 'grits' of files, and adjust the angle of the bevel, but unless you're super picky about that sorta thing, this will do just fine. As you can see, the replacement files are inexpensive.

  • "Cheaper than most"

    , Monument, CO
    Pros: Works fine, Cons:

    They fit my tuner, they're cheap, they work. Is a file supposed to do anything else?

  • "awesome quality"

    , Chicago, IL
    Pros: lasts long, sharpens edges very well, Cons:

    What can I say? It gets the job done, lasts long, and never lets me down. The fact that is so inexpensive and last long has saved me so much money bc I dont need to go to shops for edge sharpening anymore.

  • "Good Replacement file"

    , Murray, KY
    Pros: Solid, Works well, last a while Cons:

    I bought another set of these last week at my local shop and they work great. It is my second pair of them. I have the tool for them so they work great for it. They do a great job at de burring your edges and sharpining them too.

  • "Replacement files"

    , Hardin, KY
    Pros: Easy to use, Cheap, Last long for price Cons: None,

    Got these files after I had overused the Baymore files I got from the hardware store and they are a good alternative to the more expensive files. Do the job and are cheap, overall good buy!

  • "Work Great!"

    , MD
    Pros: Easy to use, Cheap, Cons: none,

    The replacement files came with my kit. Good effective filing and so easy to use.

  • "very handy"

    Pros: not expensive, Cons:

    I actually dont use this to sharpen my board edge. I use this more for taking off any rust and sharpening my wax scraper. It doesnt sharpen the plastic scraper as well as the metal edge but its still able to sharpen it well. The one time I used it to sharpen my edge, it worked like a charm! I only had to run it through the edge twice and it got pretty sharp!

  • "Good files for a good price"

    , QUINCY, MA
    Pros: Smooth files, Great for edging, Cons:

    These files fit great in any quick filing tool. Fits great in my dakine tool kit file tool. Definitely worth the few bucks to keep your edges smooth

  • "Good files"

    Pros: Sharpens well, doesnt clog, Cons: None,

    I use them in my edge sharpener (I have no idea who makes it)and they work great. I have used some horrible files in my time, clogging with the shavings, but these do the job very well.

  • "Its a file, It works"

    , Chesapeake, OH
    Pros: small, tough, doesnt dull Cons: May need a larger file for those gnar tune ups,

    These files are ideal for those tune ups after a normal day on the mountain. They dont dull easily and the size is nice. However, if you have went a few days or weekends without a little tune up, it becomes time consuming to re-sharpen your edges. Overall, a nice little file, definately worth buying

  • "Good for quick buff out"

    , Glen Allen, VA
    Pros: Small, Perfect for buffing out edges, Cons:

    I bought these just so I could do little touch up jobs on my edges after a long day at my mountain ( Its really icy so my edges dull alot). Deffinatley not for full sharpening jobs, but if you had that one chip or spot you need to smoothen and sharpen these are great for it.

  • "Great!"

    Pros: Works great, Price, Smooth Cons: Small,

    These replacements are great! Smooth but effective filing job, also, the price. These files are extremely cheap!

  • "get the job done"

    , NEW YORK, NY
    Pros: small, Cons:

    I used them to sharpen my edges and they did a really good. Good price and very useful to carry it on your bag.

  • "Dakine Files"

    , Champaign, IL
    Pros: Durable - Will Last Many Seasons, High Quality, Great Price!! Cons:

    I have one of these, have for a couple of seasons. It hasn't given me a durability problem, although I suppose I don't use it super-heavily. I love the simplicity - if I'm being good about keeping my boards and skis tuned, I just hit each edge a couple of times with the finer side of the file, wax, and go. I have this with the dakine full kit and definitely some quality gear by them. Highly recommended!

  • "Great Files!"

    , Fairfield, PA
    Pros: nice size , sturdy, Cons: none!,

    I have a dakine set with these files and they are great. They aren't to soft and don't ware out to fast. It's perfect for getting the burrs out of your board, and it will help you gain control> Highly recommended!

  • "Good replacement files"

    , ORANGE, CA
    Pros: Fit quite a few tuners, fine grit, Cons:

    I've had my Demon tuner for a couple of years so the original file on it has long been worn down. Thankfully, instead of going out and buying another tuner, you can get 2 replacements for less than some tuners. The grit is small and sharp and it does what I want.

  • "great price for great item"

    , Eaton Rapids, MI
    Pros: keeps my board sharp, Cons: none,

    I purchased these files at my local shop to replace my old files in my board sharpener. These files are very good and they get the job done. They keep my board sharp after every ride. If you want to improve your riding experience I highly recomend you buy these.

  • "Nice file, nice price, gets Dirty"

    , olympia, WA
    Pros: File works great, Cheap, Cons: Gets dirty,, picks up wax easily,

    This file is great. It really gets your edges nice and sharp. I got it in a tune up kit. The only problem is that it picks up wax really easily, but for this price, you can't complain.

  • "Edging Files"

    Pros: Cheap, Does the Job, Cons:

    These files worked perfectly in my tuning kit for my board I use all year long. I love Dakine.

  • "Nice file"

    , Canberra, ACT
    Pros: price, Cons:

    Yeah these are very nice files. I got them with a sharpener and so far I have been very impressed. I have used the files about 10 times on mine and my mates boards and they are starting to get a little dull but still working so all in all they are very nice files highly recommended.

  • "They work"

    Pros: Cheap, effective, Cons:

    This file is pretty basic it works well and there are no real complaints. It doesn't blow my mind, but what do you expect out of a file.

  • "Great File, Great Price"

    , Jacksonville, FL
    Pros: The price, Cons:

    I got this when GUTH recommended we use a file to round off the edges on my boards to prevent chipping issues. These files worked great for this and lasted through all of my boards.

  • "perfect"

    , kennebunk, ME
    Pros: work well, cheap, Cons:

    I got a snowboard tuneup kit a couple years back and the file had kinda gotten over used so it was time to get replacement files and these were just what I needed

  • "A must have item!"

    Pros: Great price, pocket size, seems durable, Cons: none,

    Basically this is essentially a file to smoothen out the edges of of your snowboard. It does what you want it to do. I was using a regular edger in my tool box before switching to this. This files had definitely made it easier for me. I dont have to apply much pressure as the files does a good enough job with the edges enough. Useful for sharpening edges as well as smoothening out some of the edge due to rock damages. I got this at a local shop for a great price. Definitely something to buy if they has this one sale. This is a must have item if you like to baby your board.

  • "hard to use with magnetraction"

    Pros: great on normal edges, Cons: less effective on magnetraction,

    Work well but when inserted in tool they can be a bit difficult to sharpen magnetraction edges. Don't really feel like they do much. But work great on traditional boards.

  • "good pocket file"

    , saginaw, TX
    Pros: small, lightweight, Cons:

    I dont actually own the dakine tool that you put these replacement files in, I just wanted the small files to toss in my jacet pocket for any random de-burring through the riding day, you wont even know it is in your pocket.

  • "they're grrrrrreat"

    , dugald, MB
    Pros: cheap, sharp, Cons: because of size they dull relatively quickly,

    I run a Snow/ski tuning bussiness and this tool does a decent job even compared to my larger tuning tools

  • "Bang for your Buck"

    , Winnipeg, MB
    Pros: Good Price, Works Well, Cons:

    Works great and for 5 bucks you can't go wrong, throw it in the bag and use it to take burs out as the day goes by

  • "Great product"

    , West Linn, OR
    Pros: Great Size, Cons: none,

    Worked great on smoothing out some edges that got knar'd up over rocks. Great pocket size

  • "Cheap and great"

    , Kraków, Małopolskie
    Pros: Cheap, Works good, Cons:

    Works with almost every edge tuner. I'd bought one for 3$, you must get it!!!

  • "works like its supposed to"

    Pros: works perfectly, Cons:

    These are 2 cheap files. They dull after excessive use, but what kind of files don't? These are great for their price and they work perfectly fine

  • "Works with a lot of different tools"

    Pros: Fits almost every tuning edge tool, Cons:

    Best part is that it fits on almost every tuning edge tool. Cheaper than my local hardware store.

  • "They work... that's all i need"

    , SAN JOSE, CA
    Pros: Good file for tuning/detuning, Cons:

    These do a great job at changing your edges. After I file, I usually go over the same area with a gummy stone to smooth it out. No problems so far!

  • "sharp file"

    , DALLAS, TX
    Pros: works great, Cons: none,

    works with dakine edge tools, very sharp, can be used 15 times

  • "does the work"

    , AUSTIN, TX
    Pros: easy to use , perfect replacement, Cons: raw finishing, will wear off your edge if used frequently,

    This tool does the work, however the finishing is pretty raw. If you want a better finishing you may want an edge tool with different grit diamond stones. Another problems is that if you sharpen it too often you will wear off the edge. If you want to keep your edges sharp without wearing off the edge you may need a fine grit diamond stone

  • "Great Files"

    , hewitt, NJ
    Pros: Sharp, Variety Of Sizes, Great Price Cons:

    I broke my tuning kits files and these were a tremendous replacement.

  • "Dakine Replacement Files 2007 "

    , Canberra, ACT
    Pros: cheap, Cons: get dull quite quickly,

    Nice file but get dull quite quickly. Make sure you use a wire brush and clean them out after every tune.

  • "replacement file"

    , Bloomingtion, IN
    Pros: small, strong, replacement Cons: wears pretty fast,

    These replacement files are pretty good. They hold up well when I was sharpening my edges but after about a whole season I could see some wear on them already which isn't that good but for the price I guess I'll just get another pair.

  • "nice, great price"

    , DAYTON, MN
    Pros: nice, fit multiple tools, cheap Cons: dull after some time,

    I got some of these and they work great! They start to get dull after a while, but they work great while they last. I guess that's why they have replacements for em. The replacements are really cheap though, so even when you need to, it doesn't cost much.

  • "Exactly what they are - replacement files - great!"

    , Pickering, ON
    Pros: Price, Just like the ones in the Dakine kits, Cons:

    What else would you expect of replacement files? Great price and they do what they're supposed to do. Go well with Dakine's Super Tune Kit.

  • "Just get it!"

    Pros: good price!, Cons:

    If you have the tool/guide thing that this attaches to, it would be even better, but for this price, you can just use it without the guide. Works like a charm! Just get it!

  • "Good Stone"

    Pros: resonable price, solid build, easy to store Cons:

    A very nice tool to put in your pocket or backpack..very small and lite to carry around.

  • "Nice file at a great price"

    Pros: Great price, small size, Cons:

    These replacements are perfect sized, and work great with what they are intended. They start to get sort of dull after 10-15 tune-ups, but for the price they can't be beat.

  • "fits "

    , seven hills, NSW
    Pros: fits in my old tools, cheap, sharp Cons:

    Great replacement for old files that have been chewed away, my old tools are dakine so they fit perfect in the edge filer etc, cant complain for $3

  • "EZ tune"

    , North Shore, AUK
    Pros: quick to change, eazy to use, Cheap Cons: can slide in and out of it's slot a little,

    Great little files. I'm glad they have replacements as my originals were wearing down a bit. The hand held file is awesome to give you edges a bit of a tune while your on the go or to de-tune them. And they're cheap as chips so why not get some spares.

  • "Good for 10 uses each"

    Pros: cheap, hand tool, Cons:

    Works well up to 10 times, then just trash em unless u want to hassle with using all the surface. works with hand.

  • "Does its job."

    , Penticton, BC
    Pros: Good price., Cons: Smallish due to being meant for fitting to tool.,

    This is a great file to help me tune my boards. It is small though and I don't have the Dakine tool that it attaches to. It still works fine though and at a decent price.

  • "Great price"

    , LOUISA, VA
    Pros: Great Price, Cons:

    Bought this to detune the edges of my boards a couple years ago. For the price, nothing beats it. Didn't have to use sandpaper and by doing that, I dodged scratching my top of my boards.

  • "Replacement Files"

    , MATHER, CA
    Pros: New cheap files, Fits into many different holders, Cons: Not as good as Swix,

    Good cheap replacement files that will fit a lot of different file holders. I use these files for de-tuning friends boards and the occasional edge sharpening. But if I want a good sharp edge, I go to my Swix files.

  • "files so well, you might want to file everything away"

    , Melbourne, Vic
    Pros: stays sharp for a long time, Cons:

    I got the files quite a while ago now, they are still sharp. The files are very good for small tuning jobs and gaper-gash proofing your boards. They fit well in my ebay special edge sharpening tool.

  • "great replacement files"

    Pros: fits in my dakine tool, Cons:

    Great files that fit in my dakine tool. Helps me buff out the burrs and I even used it to detune some areas of my board

  • "Fits other file guides"

    Pros: Fits multiple tools, Printed with directional arrow, Cons: Short,

    This is for an edge tool, and it fits in my Swix holder pretty well. It's not really long enough to to the base edge, in my opinion, but maybe your hands are steadier than mine.

  • "replace your worn out edge file"

    , RENO, NV
    Pros: cheep, you get 2, Cons:

    I been using a dakine edge tool for a while and even tho they come with two files.. for 3 bucks more you can backups for life.. the files has 2 sides fine and rought with markings so u know which way to use it.

  • "Good file tools"

    , Bellevue, WA
    Pros: clean cut, fits with other edge tools, Cons:

    Works like it's supposed to. It's cut clean and can be used by hand. It even fits on other edge tools since they are pretty similar. 9/10

  • "cheap!!!"

    , vancouver, BC
    Pros: cheap , Cons: cheap,

    I found that theses files dull a lot quicker than my original kuu one. I've used it about 6 or 7 times and its developing a grove in both sides. They only cost 3 bucks though so I guess you pay for what you get. Definitely still worth the price. Get them, use them, chuck them...

  • "Good file for the money"

    Pros: good file , Cons:

    These relacement files are pretty good. They do what they are supposed to do and last pretty long. For three bucks you can't go wrong.

  • "good file"

    Pros: gets the job done, its a file, fits in my hand Cons: doesnt do my homework??,

    This thing is great, I used it to detune my board after some rough days on the slopes. For $3 its a no brainer, you get 2 so keep 1 in your bag just in case you lose the current one. oh just fyi the sides have diff. file patterns, 1 is finer and the other is more coarse I believe.

  • "Serves it's purpose"

    , Hacienda Heights, CA
    Pros: Cost Efficient, Durable, Two Grades of Abrasion Cons: Limited use w/o edge tool,

    The Dakine Edge File is easy to use, long lasting, and serves it's purpose for a low cost. However, it's uses are limited w/o the edge tool (which is also limited). The file has two sides each w/a different grade of abrasion; Rough & Fine. It's a good file for basic edge maintenance, but I'd consider something else for more advanced edge tuning, beveling, etc. This is a good purchase if you're starting a basic tuning kit.

  • "Dakine Files"

    Pros: cheap file, Cons:

    File works well even without tool. Something extra to keep in the tool kit and super cheap.

  • "Good Tool for those who tune!"

    , SALEM, OR
    Pros: Tune or detune your edge, Remove burrs, Cons:

    Great tool if you know what your doing!

  • "For the's nice!"

    Pros: drop in replacement, 2 in a package, inexpensive Cons:

    Dropped in replacement for my dakine tuning kit...never realized how crappy my old file is...and you get two!

  • "Cheap price, it gets the job done"

    , KENT, WA
    Pros: price, Cons:

    If you need some piles to detune your edges, you can't go wrong with these. It's better than using sand paper and risking damaging your top sheet. These might be cheaper than sand paper :)

  • "they file"

    , Lilydale, Vic
    Pros: Cheap, Cons:

    What can I really say they are files, you dont have to have a tool to use them. They work fine

  • "dakine replacement files "

    Pros: cheap, two files, fit in edge tuner , Cons: small if going to use by hand ,

    I bought these replacement files for my Dakine Edge Tuner, although it fits most other brand name edge tuner. $3.00-- you can't beat it.

  • "fits multiple tools"

    , MA
    Pros: it's a file, Cons:

    It fits my one ball jay tuner as well. Not sure what year it is, but it is a black one. You get two files as the picture shows. It doesn't show the opposite pattern on the other side. Instead of the crosshatch, it has just one set of diagonal grooves. Someone mentioned that one is rougher and the other is finer. To me, both sides seem the same. I dont put to much pressure on my tool as the files sharpen my edges enough. For those of you that are looking to just use this by hand and without a tool, be warned. These files are fairly small... they are meant for tuners. You can get a cheap hand file at home depot or perhaps when they are in stock on this site. Oh, and $3 when 70% off?!?! come on. get it.

  • "File this"

    Pros: works, you get two of them, different patterns Cons:

    I got these because they were only $3, and I have been quite happy with them. The front and the back of each file has a different pattern. One side is more rough than the other, making for a rougher file and one for fine tuning. Not the best file that you can buy, but for the price why not.

  • "cheap files great value"

    Pros: what 3 bucks for 2 , Cons: none,

    Great replacement for my dakine tuning kit. What else can you say about a file?!?! Sharp and long lasting! like the owner!

  • "good file"

    , Duluth, MN
    Pros: small, fits in my pocket, Cons: none,

    Handy to keep in your pocket for the dings you pick up, a couple passes on the edge and its cleaned up works good nice sharp file

  • "Good replacement"

    , OR
    Pros: Perfect fit, Helps you tune, Cons:

    I needed replacement files for my Dakine tool. They were a perfect fit and helped me keep my boards in tune. What more could you ask for? Oh yeah, 50 to 70 percent off?

  • "nice file"

    , Alexandria, IN
    Pros: size and function, Cons: none,

    Nice file that gets the job done. Use with a tool or just slip in your pocket for use by itself if you need to touch up a ding.

  • "Dakine Replacement Files"

    Pros: Fits many different edge tools out there, Do a great job keeping my edges sharp, Cons: nothing,

    This files are for a dakine edge tool, but if you look around many companies tools are the same just with different colors. I use them with my OneBallJay edge tuner and they work great.

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