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Dakine Micro Lock Red

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  • Locks
Material: Plastic, metal, cable
Recommended Use:
  • Skiing
  • Snowboarding
Manufacturer Warranty: 30 Day

Description: Dakine Micro Lock Red

The Dakine Micro Snowboard/Ski Lock. Compact 3-digit combination lock with 30" [ 76 cm ] retractable cable, Set your own combination


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  • "Makes me feel safe"

    , Lincoln, NE
    Pros: Never worried about my board being stolen, small, lightweight Cons: slows you up a bit, not all that intimidating, hard to fit 2 boards

    Whenever I didn't have it on I worried about my board, but when you are boarding with bros they don't always want to wait up cuz you are undoing your lock. It was nice and portable though.

  • "Almost necessary "

    , jackson, NJ
    Pros: Small, Secure, Cons:

    Just picked this up at my local shop after reading the official my gear got stolen thread. It feels pretty solid and even if not the lock itself will deter most thieves.

  • "Lock it Up"

    Pros: Easy to use, Cons: May break easy,

    This is a very easy lock to use. And its about the size of a tamagotchi(wtf is a tamagotchi?)lol Any way you can easily slip it in your pocket. My only concern is how strong it really is. The wire is like a 1/16 inch think so could easily be cut with snips. The body of the lock is all plastic, so it may be easy to break(Im not breaking mine to find out). But its better than no lock. At least a robber might pass over your board just because of that lock. Id recommend that everyone has one of these or something better. For $11 vs how much you put into your set up, it is worth it 100%.

  • "Thank God"

    , AL
    Pros: saftey, durable, Cons:

    My cousin got his board robbed two years ago so I knew I had to buy something to keep mine locked up while I stepped inside for a drink. Used this all last season. For 12 dollars I plan to buy another next year.

  • "safe and easy "

    Pros: light, easy to use, small Cons:

    I got one of these after my friend got his board stolen. Its super small so not a problem to carry around and super easy to use. The wire is thin but it would be more work for someone to cut the wire then to take the unlocked board next to yours. Having your board safe and secure is definitely worth the 12$!

  • "Cheap insurance"

    , LODI, CA
    Pros: Super cheap, Very small, Quick lockup for piece of mind Cons: None,

    For the money, you can't beat this lock. Cheap insurance for an expensive investment (your snowboard). Like another person already said, I too used to walk all the way to my truck to lock up my snowboard before sitting down for lunch. I'm too affraid to leave my board out in the open, unattended, and unlocked. This lock changed all that. It's so small, I keep in the pocket of my jacket and I can't even tell it's there. It's easy to use and very convienent. I'd recommend this lock to anyone who has to leave their board unattended for a short time. I wouldn't recommed leaving it locked up with this lock over night, but for the quick restroom break or lunch break, this lock is perfect.

  • "Not bad when working"

    , Cabramatta, NSW
    Pros: Quick and easy, Portable, Keyless convenience Cons: Easily broken, Cable jam,

    Very convenient, being keyless. Its small size and light weight makes it portable. Quick and easy system, simply click and lock. Down side is the cable does jam and can be broken off fairly easy. Had to break one because friend changed the combination and forgot it after tying our boards together.

  • "Simplicity plus Security"

    , PA
    Pros: Easy to use, Provides decent security, tiny and not bulky Cons: kind of easy to break,

    This is a pretty awesome lock that I take with me whenever I shred. It's really simple to use and gives me safe mind when I leave my board for meals.

  • "simple to use, works well"

    Pros: easy to change combo, easy to lock, keeps boards safe Cons: wish the cord was a little longer,

    This thing works exactly like it's supposed to. Makes me feel like my board is safe when I go in for lunch or use the restroom. Quick and easy to lock my board up... Works well for 2 boards as well as you can just lock them together. I wish the cord was a little bit longer though so it would be easier to lock it to railings and what not. Other than that, does the job, seems durable, great buy to protect your board.

  • "Cheap and Easy"

    , NEWTON, IA
    Pros: Small, Easy to set, Cons: Short Cable,

    Picked up this lock for about $10. Easy to use, lightweight, easy to set a combination. Will work good for protecting a board, maybe two at most. The cable is pretty short, can't see it reaching more than two boards max. It's cheap insurance, glad I have it.

  • "small,useful"

    Pros: pratic, small, Cons:

    Its really neccessary for some ski locations.

  • "Lock it Down"

    , NEW YORK, NY
    Pros: Does what is suppose to, compact, multiple boards Cons: could be cut,

    This lock does exactly what it's suppose to do which is deter people from even considering stealing your board. It's nice because you can snake it around multiple boards if need be. In all honesty though, someone could cut the wire no problem so...

  • "Worth the $$$"

    , Windsor, WI
    Pros: Small , Easy to use, Easy to reset Cons: Cable can be cut,

    It is cheap and works great. The code is easy to reset. I like that it does not have a key, cause that would just be one more thing to lose in my pockets :) Does the job, worth the money!

  • "Because It Gives Me a Piece of Mind..."

    , ELGIN, IL
    Pros: Small & concealable., Retractable Cord., Combonation over key lock Cons:

    Whenever I am out at any mountain resort & need to eat, use the restroom etc... My friends & I would always walk back to the cars & lock up our boards in fear of getting our gear stolen. We resorted to taking turns watching gear & even bringing bike cable/locks but it just got too bulky. I am so glad I purchased these because now its much easier and faster to lock up our gear. Simple to use & very concealable.

  • "Simple and Easy"

    , Alexandria, VA
    Pros: Easy to use, Simple Design, Cons:

    Overall this lock is a very good design. It will definately deter people from stealing your board.

  • "locked and loaded"

    , oxford, NJ
    Pros: quick, price, combo system, small Cons: weak,

    It's a very quick and easy lock, but it looks extremely weak. It looks like if you just pull on it hard it would break and someone could steal your board. The combo system is a lot easier than the key lock because I always lose keys, but the only problem with the combo system is that it is impossible to put in the combo with gloves on, but thats a small price to pay with how cheap it is.

  • "dakine lock"

    Pros: easy to use, cheep, small Cons: cable could be longer and thicker,

    I got this lock because two of my friends have gotten their boards stolen. It's cheap and easy to use. Perfect if you're worried about getting your stuff stolen. the cable could be a bit longer and thicker but for 15$ its not bad and a lot less bulky then the bike lock I used before.

  • "Eh...Alright lock"

    Pros: Easy to use, Cons: A bit weak,

    This is an alright lock, the cord is a bit thin and seems to be somewhat weak. It's good to ward away the person who just wants to snatch and grab, but all in all it does lock up your board. Might want to think of a more heavy duty lock if you are really scared.

  • "Quick, Easy & Effective Lock"

    , RENO, NV
    Pros: Ease of operation, Small size fits in your pocket, Effective theft deterrrent Cons:

    This board lock works perfectly as a way to secure your board when heading into the lodge for some hot cocoa or to grab some grub. It is very easy to use, and you can set your own lock combo. It only takes about 20 seconds to get it out of my pants pocket and loop it through the bindings and ski rack. 20 seconds to prevent a stolen board? I'm sold! Plus, I've been using my lock for 2+ years and it has stood the test of time.

  • "Good and Cheap, Not perfect"

    Pros: Cheap, Works, Small Cons: Dials are close together, Not a very long cord,

    I bought this because it was cheap and it was very small so it took up little space in my pocket while riding. It's kind of annoying that the dials are so close together that it's hard to turn one without your finger also changing the number on the dial next to it. Not a major issue, but just take your time using it. It was easy to set the combination, and the instructions were easy to follow. The only other issue I had with it, was that I kind of wish the cord was longer so that I could get more boards locked together. I had difficulty locking a second board with mine, but it can lock 2 boards. Definitely will have a lot of trouble trying to find a way to get 3 boards locked together.

  • "Nice"

    Pros: Small, Lightweight, sturdy Cons: a little weak , plastic,

    Great lock. It is small, lightweight and sturdy. It will keep weirdos away from your board. The only thing is it might be a little weak. It is made out of plastic so I might break or crack if you don't take care of it. So far mine hasn't but I think I take pretty cool care of it.

  • "great lock for price"

    Pros: small, easy to use, Cons: thin wire,

    Bought this as I was getting frustrated with my leash/lock combo. Like that it fits in my pocket and can't tell that it's there. The cable is long enough to lock up 2 boards. Good lock for the price.

  • "Easy to use"

    , MD
    Pros: durable, easy to use, Cons:

    I really like this lock. It snaps into place when you lock it and very strong. It's not that expensive and if your really insecure about your board getting stolen, you should get one.

  • "better safe than sorry"

    , SAN JOSE, CA
    Pros: convenient, no key, Cons: wimpy,

    Had a previous year's design lock. The cable got jammed on mine, but I was able to take it apart and fix it. Hopefully the new model doesn't have this problem. Cable is pretty easy to cut, but at least it is a deterrent from someone walking off with your gear.

  • "rather have it then not"

    , Victorville, CA
    Pros: easy to use, pick your own code, Cons: thin wire,

    Well I like this lock because why would someone waste their time cutting the wire when there are so many other boards that don't have one which would be a lot easier to steal then one that has a lock. This lock is to keep honest people honest because lets face it, if someone wanted to steal your board, they're gonna get your board. This lock will make someone think twice before stealing your board when the one right next to it probably doesnt have a lock.

  • "Good Lock"

    Pros: Small, Can Do The Job, Cons: Can be easily broke,

    I had this lock for a good amount of time and it does the job. But I think the line used for this lock can be easily ripped. But it's a good lock for its price.

  • "Great lock"

    Pros: Small, Price, Cons:

    This lock is really good. It is small and can easily be carried in a pocket. I feel safe leaving my board with this lock on. The price on this lock is also really good.

  • "must have for for the peace of mind"

    Pros: Cheap insurance, Easy to use, Cons: none,

    Whenever I go inside to grab some grub I make sure to lock my $700 investment. I've heard too many horror stories about people's boards walking away. For the price, it's good insurance to have.

  • "Easy to use. Light"

    Pros: Very light, Easy to lock, Cons:

    This is a nice lock to keep your skis/board safe while you are in the lodge for lunch. Very easy to uncoil, unlike some other locks. Also with the small cable you can get it through your bindings in no time. Definitely recommended to keep your gear secure.

  • "great lock!"

    Pros: easy to use, long, Cons: remembering my combo,

    Great lock! Looks cool! Very easy to use! Long enough cord to wrap around my board and keep it safe. Seems very sturdy! Get yours today!

  • "Buys piece of mind!"

    Pros: Simple to use, Small enough to carry in a pocket while shredding, Cons: not a lot of wire, feels cheap,

    Overall this product has served on several occassions. It works plain and simple. It's easy to setup/reset the combo and lock your boards up. Its biggest down fall is if you want to attach your board to a friends. Doesn't have a whole lot of wire, so it makes it tough to loop it though two board's bindings and around a ski rack. But it's workable. Also the device feels pretty cheap, which might lead me to believe it won't last that long, but we'll see. So far I have had no issues with it.

  • "Lock it up!"

    , Golden, CO
    Pros: Small, Lightweight, Cons:

    I got my set up stolen at the beginning of the season, and when I got my new board, I bought this lock. I'm sure if the perps wanted it, they could clip the cable and get to my board, but a lock helps keep the honest people honest, so when I absolutely have to put my board down, I at least feel a lil more at ease when I have it locked up. Please invest in a lock people, it's totally worth it to protect ur 500+ dollar investment.

  • "If you love it, lock it"

    , QUINCY, MA
    Pros: Compact, Small, Effective Cons:

    It might not seem like much but it defintely gives you peace of mind knowing your gear is locked up. I've been able to lock 3 boards on a rack with this.

  • "Great Theft Deterrent"

    , Walnut, CA
    Pros: Great Theft Deterrent, Easy to Use, Small/light to carry Cons: Build quality is so so, wire is razor thin, Only 3 number combo

    This is a must have investment if you like to go into the lodge for much needed breaks! I went to mammoth and purchased this at their store there and just for the ease of mind it helps. It is definitely more of a deterrent to thieves because if they really wanted to they can just use wire cutters, however why would they take time to steal your board when there's a couple hundred others without locks on them? Buy it!

  • "It is what it is..."

    Pros: can be a theft deterrent, compact size, Cons: can be easily broken, thin wire,

    The Dakine snowboard lock is good to deter the casual thief, but the fact is, unless you hold your board 24 hours a day, if a thief wants it, they will get it. The lock is a good detterent for the casual thief, that will see it and move on to an unlocked board. Don't get the false sense of security and leave your board unattended (even locked) for long periods of time.

  • "Does the job"

    Pros: Compact, Easy combination setting, Cons: Not full proof,

    The lock is meant to deter thieves from stealing your stuff as a nuisance. So for that purpose, the lock does it's job and its compact enough to keep in your pocket when you ride. Of course, if someone really wanted to steal your board, then its just a snip with a pair of wire cutters.

  • "Decent"

    , AL
    Pros: Visual deterrent, Light, Good price Cons: Not too sturdy,

    Still not 100% sure on this... But went for it after reading about some recent thefts. I guess these locks are mainly for a visual deterrent, than actual security. Pretty sure it would be easy to rip the cable out, but at least someone would surely see that around the resort. Would not leave your setup anywhere too out of sight still. Plusses are that it is small and light and can easily be carried in a pocket while riding.

  • "safe as safe"

    , Moorooduc, AAT
    Pros: small and compact, cheap, easy to use Cons: thin wire,

    Although the wire is thin this lock does its job, you can always rely on it keeping your board safe and it is easy to carry around as it is light and small.

  • "Its a lock"

    , Albuquerque, NM
    Pros: Keeps your stuff secure, Deters people, Cheap and light Cons: Doesnt seem that strong,

    After all the board thefts at the mountains around me I figured it wouldn't hurt to have a deterrent against these pricks. I'm not convinced that this would stop a thief determined to steal your board but it will buy you time to finish your pee/meal break and come out to see the person trying to jack your ride. All in all there are probably stronger locks out there but nothing this portable and convenient.

  • "Better Safe Than Sorry"

    , Blacksburg, VA
    Pros: light, small, sturdy Cons:

    Friend has this lock that he got in a package of Dakine's. It looks pretty sturdy but no lock is gonna protect your board if someone really wants it. It's just the discouraging factor that makes them walk away, and this lock would be a b**ch to break. Very small and light, won't even notice it in your pocket or pack, recommended to anyone who actually puts their own money in their board. I only have 100 in my board but I'm not letting anyone take it from me! Better safe than sorry guys, and who's gonna look out for your board when you're eatin or on the can?

  • "Locked"

    , State College, PA
    Pros: small, price, Cons: thin cord,

    This is the perfect lock when you don't plan to leave your board alone for a long period of time. It is good if you plan to go get a bite but not to leave you board for hours. It's so small you can't even feel it in your pocket. I did lose this lock because it is not that big but do plan to buy another one soon.

  • "Micro Lock"

    , DILLON, CO
    Pros: Durable, Lightweight, Great price for what you get! Cons: Not Very Thick & Secure,

    This lock was very easy to use and, when not in use, practically unfeelable in my pocket, it's just so small and light! Very convenient for those like me who worry when they leave their snowboard out too long. Or if you have OCD with locks and security, this definitely puts your mind at ease since at least it is some protection against those thieves.

  • "Pretty good for the price"

    Pros: Simple to use, Small, Cons: Not Strong??,

    I use these everytime I leave my board outta my sight, I always lock it to board racks or with other boards. Although I've heard stories that these aren't all that strong and tend to get broken into. I like it.

  • "Dakine Micro Lock 2011"

    Pros: Great for couples of hours, Greats to keep your pack lock, Cons: Suggest you should leave it overnight,

    Its great for locking small valuable items, but it won't stop a thief from taking the item. I would use this on my board while I eat and drink. But leaving it for a couple of hours, I wouldn't suggest.

  • "Solid, feels a bit weak"

    , Cambridge, MA
    Pros: small and light, easy to use, Cons: feels a bit flimsy, no warranty (I think),

    This lock is a nice deterrent. The idea is if someone is going to steal a board they'll see a lock and not bother and take the one next to it. But if someone is going to steal YOUR board they'll get it, they'll just take the binding off. I yanked on this thing a bit and it hasn't come unlocked but something about the construction seems like if I put all my weight into it it'll snap (although I havent tried). It would also be nice if the lock when broken came with a warranty for your snowboard, like a bike lock.

  • "Great peace of mind"

    , SALEM, OR
    Pros: light, combo(dont worry about keys), peace of mind, cheap Cons: could be stronger,

    I love having this lock and feeling better about going to eat in the lodge and not having to wait in a long line for a board check. This lock fits easily in my pocket, wish it was heavier but then it wouldn't be as light and small and convenient. I love that its a combination lock because then I would worry about losing the key all the time. Overall a great investment.

  • "HA! not so fast!"

    , AB
    Pros: Light, small, , Combo, no keys, Cons: could have a longer cord, thin wire,

    Small price to pay considering the cost of your gear. The wire can easily be cut I'm sure but it deters the quick snatch and run thieves. That said, would be better if the cord was longer to lock up a few boards at once. No fear of losing your key just gotta remember your combo, yes its 1,2,3. Consider it a type of insurance.

  • "Great Protection"

    , Windsor, ON
    Pros: Small, Easy to store in jacket, Strong for such a small wire Cons:

    I bought this lock after purchasing my Sierrascope and Flow bindings. It definitely gives me peace of mind when the board check is closed. Although the wire is somewhat thin, I use the lock as more of a deterrent than anything. The combo dials work smoothly and I've never had any trouble with the lock as a whole. Good quality! I'd recommend this as cheap insurance and priceless for your peace of mind while you leave your board out.

  • "Alarm System for my board"

    , FOLSOM, CA
    Pros: Small, light, Deterent, Love combo lock opposed to key lock Cons: could be stronger,

    This locking system does its job without being heavy. The little retractable lock weighs a little less than my ipod nano. This gives me piece of mind whenever I go in to the village to eat. I do believe that the wire is a little thin and the plastic piece holding everything together isn't too strong either, however, it's a hell of a lot harder to steal my board than the ones on either side of mine (without a combo lock). After thinking about how much we spend on bindings and a board, 13 dollars (price of lock) won't even cover the sales tax for a new set of gear if it gets stolen.

  • "Theft deterrent "

    , Mars Hill, NC
    Pros: Piece of mind, Worth the cash , Cons: Wire could be thicker,

    Gives you piece of mind with your expensive equipment and does the job it needs to plus it's small and compact so it's easy to carry around the hill.

  • "does the job right"

    , Bloomingtion, IN
    Pros: solid construction, easy locking, Cons:

    I got this because I will be using a brand new board this year and I dont wanna be givin any thief the wrong idea if I just leave it out. Suprisingly you think you would be able to break the plastic or something to unlock it but it is very strong and solid. The cable is decently thick and is maybe 1.5-2 ft long? Overall its a good product to deter those tryin to jack boards.

  • "Worth it"

    , Grand Blanc, MI
    Pros: small compact, durable, strong Cons:

    Its just not worth leaving your gear completely unlocked, my friend got his board stolen so I bought this. Surprisingly holds up well, atleast will shrug off someone from a quick swipe.

  • "Its worth not taking the risk"

    , Troutdale, OR
    Pros: strong flexible cable, easy to lock, open, and reset , Cons: only 3 dials, cable could be longer,

    I bought this lock and the first thing I tested was if it couldn't be broken or clipped, I was surprised at how the cable held up. And then I wanted to reset the lock and it is really simple and easy. Really just the best lock and I wouldn't get the lock w/key one because you could lose the key.

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nice to walk away from my board and not worry about it getting ripped off.
Al W on Feb 9, 2014
Easy to use. Had one in different color
Mee H on Jan 22, 2014
Great price and color and cheap insurance
Carson S on Feb 6, 2014
10 dollars is worth it to protect your more expensive investments
Brian P on Jan 15, 2014