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Dakine Mega Blaster Snowboard Tool

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  • Tool
Tools: 10 piece ratchet drive #1, #2, #3 phillips #3 posi-drive 3/32in, 4mm, 5mm hex 5/32in. 1/4in and 9/32in flat head
Temperature: n/a
Application: n/a
Recommended Use:
  • Snowboards
  • Alpine Skis
Manufacturer Warranty: 30 Day

Description: Dakine Mega Blaster Snowboard Tool

The Dakine Mega Blaster Snowboard Tool is a must have for all snowboarders whether you are a beginner or advanced. It is very light weight which makes carrying it along very convenient and you do not feel weighed down. It also comes with different bits so will meet all of your needs and you do not have to bring additional tools with you. Not only is a great tool but is very affordable.

"Key Features of The Dakine Mega Blaster Snowboard Tool:
  • 10 piece ratchet drive
  • #1, #2, #3 phillips
  • #3 posi-drive
  • 3/32"", 4mm, 5mm hex
  • 5/32"". 1/4"" and 9/32"" flat head
  • "

    Mega Blaster

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    • "A must have for all Snowboarders"

      , Pittsburgh,PA
      Pros: Great Value,Easy to Use,Lightweight, Cons:

      The Dakine Mega Blaster is a must have for all snowboarders wheter you are a beginner or advanced. It is very light weight which makes carrying it along very convenient and you do not fel weighed down.It also comes with different bits so will meet all of your needs and you do not have to bring additional tools with you. Not only is a great tool but is very affordable.

    • "Cheap But It Works"

      , BEMIDJI, MN
      Pros: Great functionality, Easy to carry, Cons: Cheap plastic, Bit holders loose,

      It works fine for the price, but I wouldn't want to put too much torque on it. I also wrapped a rubberband around the bit holders on the side of it because they tend to open up and fly out as you twist the driver. It's a little tool to carry with you, but it's not perfect.

    • "Quick Mountain Adjustments"

      , West Ryde, NSW
      Pros: Price, compact tool, Many bits included, Ratchet mechanism Cons: Bits sometimes fall out, Build quality could be stronger,

      I bought this tool to take up the mountain, I've had no problems with it and has served its purpose in tightening bindings. I really like how there are many bits included so you only need to carry one tool. The only complaints I have are that it feels it could break off in my hard when locking down the bindings to my board. You just need to be careful not to apply too much pressure. The other issue is some of the bits which surrond barrel can fall out if your not careful. It's not much fun fishing these out of the snow. Overall for the price this is a great little tool which I will continue to use and count on for adjustments on the hill.

    • "Not the best "

      , Strongsville, OH
      Pros: variety of bits, Cons: no very strong,

      About as useful as a screwdriver besides the fact that it has different bits

    • "Great Little Tool"

      , olympia, WA
      Pros: Small, Useful, Cons: Bad Construction,

      This tool is very useful. It houses many good tips to use on your board and bindings, and it is small and handy. It feels like it's going to break though, could have been more solid.

    • "Cheap and Works"

      , ELK GROVE, CA
      Pros: Does the job well, Cheap, Design Cons:

      I also purchased this when it was under $5 and that is a really cheap price for what it can do. It's great for traveling and to put in the backpack or even bigger pockets. It provides different sizes so you won't have to bring other tools. This is a nice accessory to bring on the go.

    • "EXCELLENT!"

      , Bismarck, ND
      Pros: Compact, Easy to use, Consumer friendly Cons:

      I enjoyed this tool because it was easy to carry with me and very multifunctional. Dakine is one of my favorite brands, and if you are considering purchasing this, I suggest it!

    • "Pocket tool ftw"

      , AL
      Pros: Compact, Small, Cons: Can lose the pieces,

      I love this, just throw it in your pocket and don't worry about your bindings getting loose, only problem I had was that the little pieces are easy to lose in the snow.

    • "Get the job done."

      Pros: Lots of bits, Holder for the bits, Cons: Shape, Not as portable as it could be.,

      You can use this to set your bindings and do some work around the house. The big problem it runs into is the fact that putting this in your pocket may not be the greatest idea if you're out boarding. I guess if I put it in certain pockets I'm not likely to fall on it either way. It would be nice if it had a different shape. I understand that the handle/grip allows you to really tighten things but... I mean I'm trying to use this on the mountain and I don't wear a backpack.

    • "Small But Powerful"

      , LAKE GROVE, NY
      Pros: Small & Compact, Lots of Attachments, Bright Yellow Color Cons: Not too much torque, Not too sturdy,

      Awesome little driver for everyday things including checking to make sure those bindings are nice and tight, even while boarding on the slopes.

    • "decent all in one tool"

      , BROOKLYN, NY
      Pros: lots of attachments, Cons: plastic,

      Nice go to tool for small jobs around the house. The attachments cover everything you should need. A bit big to carry in my pocket on the slopes though.

    • "MUST HAVE!!!"

      Pros: LIGHT WEIGHT, SMALL, PRICE!!! Cons:

      This is such a great tool to have. It's light weight and small to carry around anywhere. So easy to use. For the price it is at, I would highly recommend to ANYONE.

    • "good basic tool"

      , LINDEN, NJ
      Pros: small, compact, different bits, Cons: not very strong,

      This tool is okay for tightening and loosening binding straps and highbacks, but sometimes it just does not have the strength to loosen the screws that hold the bindings to the board. At the price, you really can't beat it, but I have Dakine's manual tool and that's what I bring to the mountain and really rely on.

    • "Mega Blaster"

      , New York, NY
      Pros: Many different bits, Cool Design, Compact Cons: Design,

      I really think this is a great tool, with so many bits and a cool compact, gun-like design. The only thing I find annoying is that sometimes when you are going to switch from loosening to tightening on the ratchet, the compartment that holds the bits flips open and some bits occasional fall out. Just a small design flaw. Still works great and comes in handy.

    • "Not the best tool"

      , MD
      Pros: Durable, Cheap, easy to use Cons: not too strong,

      This tool is cheap and durable but seriously isn't the strongest. I had trouble with this because of the lack of power.

    • "Good for home"

      , Mont Albert North, Vic
      Pros: good tool, lots of bits, Cons: awkward size,

      As a tool that you would leave at home, or in a backpack it is great... but a bit too awkward to have in pocket when riding, scared of getting stabbed in the leg.

    • "It is usefull when you have nothing else."

      , HARTFORD, SD
      Pros: Small compact, Convinient if you have nothing else., Cons: No tourqe , Bits dont stay in slots very well,

      My buddy had one of these. Our local resort has all these drives hanging from chains by the left so for that really no use their. Other resorts dont always have that option, but my binding screw fell out after getting off the lift thankfully we had this.

    • "Okay..."

      Pros: It's Portable, Can screw in some things., Cons: Not very strong, To big, Price isn't right.

      I had this and when I first used this it was very weak and also the price does not fit this item. Maybe a little cheaper it would be good.

    • "Nice little tool"

      , Blacksburg, VA
      Pros: easy to use, handy, not too big Cons: not very secure,

      Picked this kid up from the local shop at a discounted price, first thing I noticed was the head compartment which looks unsecure but if you keep it in a bag its not much to worry about. Looks durable despite that one guy saying it broke on the first twist:( he must have been pretty pissed off to do that. Treat it with care and it'll treat you well. If you dont like carrying around a screw driver then this thing will do the trick!

    • "KOOL TOOL ! ! "


      This Mega blaster tool is pretty sweet. It comes in handy when making a few last minute corrections the night before you hit the mountain, or if you need to tightin something up while your up there. Very easy to stowe away either in pocket or a backpack. All around great tool to have inless you want to have a big tool box around while you correct your board/bindings

    • "Nice and Works Great"

      , MILPITAS, CA
      Pros: Compact, Many Options, Cons: A little heavy, Not that strong,

      The Megablaster is a great tool if you like something small to use on the slopes. It comes in handy if you ever need to change something. The top wheel with the different bits gets loosened when you tighten or loosen things so be careful of losing the bits. The megablaster is a nice thing to have and very convenient for quick fixes on the hill.

    • "Great little piece of plastic"

      , ORANGE, CA
      Pros: easy to grip, small size, plenty of bits with nice storage Cons: not the sturdiest tool,

      A great tool to have in your back pack. It is small and light weight so you honestly won't even know it's there until you need it. The handle is easy to grip with gloves on and the plethora of bits are stowed away nicely. When really tightening down screws though, it feels a bit flimsy, like the plastic is bending and torquing in a way it shouldn't, but I'm pretty sure I have nothing to worry about.

    • "Good for mountain adjustments"

      , St. Louis, MO
      Pros: small, easy to use, great for the mountain Cons: Add on package was decieving, not automatic,

      I got this for 4.95 at our local ski swap and it was a good buy. It was very easy to use on the mountain and helped me make quick adjustments for better performance. I wished it would have been automatic and was decieved by the package it was in because it looked like it had a trigger to turn it on and the graphics on it look like it was automatic. Other than that, It was a great buy but I wouldn't spend more than seven dollars on it

    • "All the tools you need."

      , REDDING, CA
      Pros: Easy to use, Alot of tools in one, Cons: Bits fall out sometimes..,

      I always have this tool in my board bag. Never know when you're going to need to tweak your stance. This tool makes it super easy. It is always with my boards. Great tool. I recommend it to anyone. Beginners or experts... you will find great use out of this tool. Plus it looks freaking SWEET.

    • "Amazing price. amazing item"

      , BLAINE, WA
      Pros: cheap, works well, Cons: feels kind of breakable, the compartments get loose,

      Its an excellent screwdriver, much better than my previous dakine one which broke after 2 uses. It gets those really stuck in bolts out in a jiffy. Recommended buy

    • "nice for on the go"

      , Bloomingtion, IN
      Pros: built tough, extra bits, Cons: bits open up,

      For the price you can have an all in one screwdriver to twerk your setup anytime. I leave this in my car and it's such a handy tool. Everything is good about it except the extra bits will sometimes open up and fall out but other than that it's a good buy.

    • "Very Handy Tool"

      , Seattle, WA
      Pros: Easy to use, Long lasting, exchangeable Cons:

      This is a great tool to take with you on trips or just to have as a quick use tool in your house. It has a bunch of screw heads. It is very long lasting. I have had mine for two years and it still works as well as it did the first day!

    • "Good tool"

      , GILBERT, AZ
      Pros: convenient, useful, Cons: small handle, big to keep in pocket,

      This tool is extremely useful and very convenient. I use it all the time. But I think that it is better to keep into a backpack than in your pocket. Overall I satisfied this tool.

    • "Works like a champ"

      , FOLSOM, CA
      Pros: Small, Easy to operate with gloves, Looks awesome Cons: Lost a couple pieces (i think thats my fault),

      This small guy makes me feel confident that I will not fall off my board before I strap myself in. Definately a must buy

    • "It is the solution for everything"

      , AVON, CO
      Pros: complete, Cons: big,

      It is usefull and complete, but a little big, for example to carry it in your pocket

    • "Handy hand tool "

      , bankstown, NSW
      Pros: Compact, Comes with all the bits u need and dont, Cons: None !,

      Bought this handy tool on sale because it was so cheap.. It does everything you'd expect from a tool kit. Can't complain because it was so cheap! Get one for your next trip to save yourself from having to bring a tool kit onto the mountain!

    • "Bangin Product"

      , Kenosha, WI
      Pros: Compact, Price, Works Well Cons:

      I picked this up while I was at work a while back. I have several board tools and this is one of my favorites. It is an excellent deal at an excellent price. If you are looking for a good board tool then this is the tool for you.

    • "For the price, not a bad tool"

      , mechanicsburg, PA
      Pros: Does the job, Variety of bits, Cheap Cons: A little on the large side, Chincy,

      I won't be bringing this along with me on the slopes due to its size, but it's not a bad tool to have around the house. It feels a little cheap, but for the price, why not....

    • "Worth the price"

      , Sydney, NSW
      Pros: Ratchet feature, Variety of head pieces, Cheap! Cons: Bulky for the pocket, Pieces can come loose,

      I bought this tool recently for $7.50 (at 50% off) and so far I have no complaints. It works well and the L shape allows more torque to be applied than simple straight tools. I can't comment on the long term durability as I just bought it but I would definitely recommend it for the price. My opinion - this is ideal for pre-ride/ski tuning. I wouldn't carry it in your pocket unless they are big.

    • "Good, but a little weak"

      , Potomac, MD
      Pros: compact, lots of bits, looks cool Cons: weak handle, screws may fall out, almost too flimsy

      It's good for something you just want to keep in your car for those minor adjustments when at the mountain, but don't rely on it for everything because it seems like you will snap it if you really crank on it.

    • "Don't expect too much from price"

      Pros: Price is low, Cool colors, Cons: Not the highest quality,

      If you are expecting to get top of the line tools for 7.50 then i'm sorry, but you are out of luck because they do not exist. This tool is good for 7.50, but if you are looking for something that will last, I would recommend going for something for perhaps 20$, which you know you can trust.

    • "good tool"

      , Kelowna, BC
      Pros: good tool, versatile, no real faults Cons: cant bring it on the hill in your pocket,

      Great tool, but too awkward to take with you while you ride.... but if you don't want to have a tool with you when you ride, then this is perfect!

    • "Great little tool"

      , Hughesdale, Vic
      Pros: size, various bits, rachet, Cons: bits compartment on head loose,

      Tool does what it's supposed to in a nice little package. Love the rachet design and the amount of bits included. Things not to love include the bits compartment on the body of the driver which has a tendency to open if you don't hold onto it securely. Overall recommended especially for the price here.

    • "Cheap"

      , Bucuresti, AL
      Pros: Cheap, Cons:

      Overall a great tool to have, has heaps of drill bits for various screws and such. Got this for 5 bucks so i'm quite happy. Handle is a bit weak though, feels like it could snap if the screws is in too tight but I still like it.

    • "Great!"

      , BERKELEY, CA
      Pros: Looks Cool, Cheap, Fun Cons:

      I bought this as a filler to get free shipping. I must say that it's pretty cool to open it up and look at the bits. It works well, and I like it.

    • "SuperB gadget"

      , Torrance, CA
      Pros: small, comfortable, very cool Cons:

      I'v just received this one. super cool for only $7 !

    • "awesome"

      Pros: multiple tips, Cons: a bit bulky,

      I ride with this in my jacket every day, and its come in handy multiple times when im riding and a base plate screw comes lose or a friend has a problem with theirs. The only downside is it is a bit heavy and can get in the way from time to time.

    • "Cheap but effective"

      , Bendigo, Vic
      Pros: All the bits you need, attached, Cons: Not that sturdy,

      Good for the odd jobs, but can be tricky getting into tight spots.

    • "Megablaster tool"

      , Belmore, NSW
      Pros: inexpensive, ratchet tool, Cons: bulky,

      Purchased cheap during discount season, nice tool to have lying around at home for mounting and adjusting binders. Dont recommend bringing up to on the mountain....rather large and bulky for that.

    • "Cool As"

      , Quakers Hill, NSW
      Pros: Great Choice of Tool Bits, Cons: Maybe A little To Plastic,

      Awesome tool, sometimes the tool holder area pop open a bit but other wise pretty awesome. Ratchet works a charm and gets pretty tight too. Def good for 7.50

    • "Cool Tool"

      , Torrance, CA
      Pros: Lots of pieces for any occaision, Good design, Cons: Maybe not that strong,

      Its a great tool to keep in your bag. I'm very happy with mine. Its probably too big to put in your pocket.

    • "Great Tool to Have! "

      Pros: Small, pocket friendly, , good for on the go adjustment, Cons: Size, handle ,

      The dakine Mega Blaster comes with many different heads to the screw driver. Its a very solid to that can be easily placed in jacket or pant pocket. It has most of the screwdriver heads you need for adjustment on the go with some exception of some burton bindings. If you have bigger hand, it might be a bit difficult handling the handle as it is not as hand friendly as I had expected. But as with any portables tool, this can be a minor problem. Other than that, its a great buy. At least than $30, you cant go wrong with that. Also it might be a bit big compares to some of the other tools.

    • "Overall a Very Good tool!"

      , WANDIN NORTH, Vic
      Pros: has heaps of different attachments, has a ratchet system on it, quality attachments Cons: sharp end (not good for riding with), attachment holder opens too easily, could be a little stronger in the handle

      I bought this tool here and I am very happy with it. It has heaps of different attachments which is helpful, although one of the two attachment holders (the one you twist) opens too easily. The tool has a ratchet system which can be used either tightening or loosening, making it very fast to use. Probably not the best for riding with because it has a pointy end on it. The attachments are good quality. The handle has a rubber grip, with rest made out of plastic. I use this tool all the time to change my bindings from board to board. Overall I think its a great tool.

    • "super tight grip on a great tool"

      , Elk Grove Village, IL
      Pros: strong doesnt break , best snowboard tool by far, has many bits Cons: more colors would be great,

      Great handy dandy tool. Tighten up my binding screws super tight and the tool is comfy and doesn't hurt your hand like other screwdrivers. Super cheap price and would definitely recommend it to any snowboarder out there

    • "great and handy tool"

      Pros: great grip, get the binding screw very tight, Cons: need more colors ,

      Great screwdriver for the price. Has a buncha bits and you cant get something this cheap with that many bits in a hardware store. Worth your money and all snowboarders should have this!

    • "Ok tool, coould be better"

      , Napier, HKB
      Pros: Decent ratcheting, Good selection of bits, Cheap on special Cons: Weak around the handle,

      This is an ok little tool although it could be designed a little better. The handle is extremely weak and as soon as you start to put force on it, it feels as though it will snap off. There is a good selection of bits but i think i would prefer to have a few less bits in a stronger, more compact design. Good price on special though for what you get.

    • "Excellent Tool"

      , Melbourne, Vic
      Pros: Compact and Lightweight , Many head bits, Cons: Storage doors don't lock down enough,

      Excellent Tool for the price and purpose. Does everything needed, only con is the doors that hold the different heads in doesn't lock properly causing bits to fall out. Still an excellent buy.

    • "Kind of Weak"

      , Brisbane, QLD
      Pros: Lots of different pieces, Cons: Quite weak,

      Not bad for the price! Makes getting screws in and out pretty cruisey, but it's let down by the flimsiness of the plastic. It's not strong enough to last you over about a year. That being said in a years time I'd buy another!

    • "Feels bit flimsy but works"

      , BROOKLYN, NY
      Pros: Design, Compact, Cons: Flimsy feeling,

      Overall it was good, not great. On the stubborn screws, can't really add much torque to the handles. The whole thing feels like it would snap if you put more pressure on it. Like the idea of the design with the mini compartments for the bits. Used better compact tools that was more simple in design but works a lot better

    • "Great tool, but go easy on it"

      , CONCORD, NH
      Pros: Lots of bits, Ratchets, Compact Cons: Feels flimsy, Easy to accidently change ratchet direction,

      I picked up the Mega Blaster tool a few weeks ago so I would have something to bring to Mt. Hood. During the weeks before my trip, I used it to change over 5 different board binding setups. What I found was that the tool was great when it came to simple adjustment tasks, and unmounting bindings. The variety of bits and easy storage made any job easier. However, when it came to mounting my new bindings, it wasn't really up to the task. The plastic handle/bit holder felt flimsy, and wasn't strong enough to allow me to tighten my baseplate screws enough. In the end, I grabbed my trusty screw driver to finish the job. If you're looking for something to carry in your bag for use on the mountain, or while traveling, this is perfect. However, don't be surprised by the fragile feel, and it possibly breaking on you if you try to tighten things too much.

    • "All in One"

      , Melbourne, Vic
      Pros: Everything in one, Easy to use, good grip design Cons: too many heads which are irrelevant,

      Good design with the pistol grip makes it easy to use. However, too many 'heads' to choose from and most of them are not necessary.

    • "Kinda big"

      , prague, Czech republic
      Pros: all sres needed, Cons:

      This one is a little bit too big. But I don't use it as on hill tool, so it doesn't matter. Very durable.

    • "Tool"

      , Sydney, NSW
      Pros: Compact, Good grip, Cons: Flimsy,

      For the price, this is what you'd expect. Flimsy but it can do its job, just not a very long lifespan. It's compacted for easy storage and transporting but I doubt it could handle anything more than that. I do like it, just expecting it to break down on me soon. I'm still happy with the product since I only paid that much for it.

    • "a tool is a tool as long as it works as a tool"

      Pros: Sturdy, Reliable, Cons: lock for the screw heads is fairly loose,

      In my opinion, I believe the tool does it's job pretty good, but I find myself twisting open the screw heads and having them fall all over the place once in a while when I am using the tool. Overall I don't believe that I'll have to replace it anytime soon because it still works obviously.

    • "I Wouldn't Call it Shonky"

      , Rutherford, NSW
      Pros: Lots of tool heads, Compact, Easy to use Cons: Doesn't feel that solid, Opens unexpectedly,

      This just doesn't feel that solid of build however I certainly wouldn't call it shonky. Its of that unusual size that makes it good for your backpack and ok in your pocket. If you fall on it, you will most probably feel it.

    • "pretty cool"

      , Narwee, NSW
      Pros: size, price, easy to grip with gloves on Cons: head slots slide open easily,

      Bought this to take on the mountain if my bindings come loose. It's easy to handle with your gloves on, but it slides open easily with the heads falling out. Overall, pretty cool.

    • "ok...."

      , DALLAS, TX
      Pros: cheap, usable, Cons: too small, bad grip,

      Cheap and easy to use. Still hurts if you fall on it when it's in your pocket.

    • "Does it all"

      , Melbourne, Vic
      Pros: Good variety of bits, Lightweight, Cons: Bits can easily fall out,

      This nifty too has enough bits to do everything. A must have for your board bag.

    • "Decent Tool"

      , Westford, MA
      Pros: Ratcheting, Good Grip, Cons: A bit large, Needs compartment for all the bits,

      This tool is very handy and easier to use than the Burton tool that we also have. It has a decent grip and the ratcheting feature is great (unlike the Burton tool). It is somewhat large for pockets but seems ok in the jacket. The extra size does help with grip. I would also like to see a storage compartment for all the bits so that you don't need to keep one mounted all the time and risk punching a hole in your jacket.

    • "Usefull if you don't have a screwdriver"

      Pros: Has many bits, Cool looking, Ratcheting action Cons: Doesnt Provide enough torque, Can be awkward ergonomically,

      The bits are nice and it's easy to change them in and out. It also provides like.. 10 or so different bits so it is very versatile. The shape makes it pretty cool to show off to your friends and you can play some pew pew games with it, however, it doesn't allow you to give a good amount of torque. Sometimes it's necessary to let go of the handle and twist the body, but the handle makes it hard to do that. So good for small jobs around the house, not so good for real work.

    • "All round good tool"

      , Quirindi, NSW
      Pros: nice size, durable, fits well in hand Cons:

      Tools come in lots of different shapes and sizes - this one is a good middle ground - not too big not too small. You can still use it with your gloves on. Handle is ergonomic and works well providing a good grip. Attachments are adequate. Not the most complex tool, but is good enough. Sometimes the simple acheives the best outcome. Too complicated we are wondering what we actually do with the other bits.

    • "Could be better"

      , Mordialloc, Vic
      Pros: stores all your bits conviently, compact, Cons: unscrews itself all the time, bits always fall out,

      Great little tool in theory. But when put to practice is sometime annoying. You put yor hand around the top to tighten your bindings and it unscrews the top bit where the bits are and they fall out..other then that its pretty good for the price..

    • "good tool"

      , wyndham vale, Vic
      Pros: lots of bits, Cons:

      Good tool with lots of attachments, but a little bit big to be carrying in your pocket.

    • "Handy Tool"

      , mooroolbark, Vic
      Pros: Strong, Many extras, Cons: Large,

      Just got a Mega Blaster and its actualy fairly sturdy, holds heaps of extra attachments however it is rather large and the clips that hold shut the compartments tend to wear down over time so they just flip open. Overall very handy tool for the car.

    • "not built to last"

      , northcote, Vic
      Pros: small, lots of connections, Cons: plasticy,

      Its a good idea, but could have been built a little more solidly. A cold day and some tight turns and this thing wouldnt last. good for the price though.

    • "useful tool"

      Pros: small, compact, Cons:

      It was cheap and useful to my snowboard. but too big for pockets.

    • "Does The Job"

      , Alameda, CA
      Pros: Every single Size Provided, Lightweight, Has both Clockwise and counter clockwise screwing Cons: Cheap, Clips your thumb.,

      I bought this for 5$ and thought it was a good steal. However, the tool is horribly made. Its more of looks than function. When applying hard force,the end of the tool tends to clip your hand because the handle is small and the slider on the handle comes loose. Often, while twisting the tool would open up and pieces would fall out.

    • "Looks good, fairly useful"

      , basking ridge, NJ
      Pros: Multiple tips , Ratcheting driver, Cons: Loose storage panels, Bulkiness,

      This is a ratcheting driver with interchangeable bits dressed up to look like a space-gun type thing. The unfortunate points are that the plastic panels that store and conceal the bits do not snap closed very securely, and the bulk of the tool itself means that you can't bring it with you comfortably on the slopes. So, although it's a bit prettier, it's not much more useful than keeping a cheap wally-mart screwdriver in your bag. Considering its discounted price, though, good deal.

    • "cool tool"

      , point cook, Vic
      Pros: price, number of bits, Cons: little too big,

      This tool gives you great grip when adjusting in the snow and has plenty of bits unless you lose a few

    • "Good tool with plenty of bits"

      , Brisbane, QLD
      Pros: Heaps of diff sizes, Cons: Sometimes opens up and bits fall out,

      Great little all round tool, sometimes the tool opens up in the bag and the screwdriver bits fall out. But for the price a great tool.

    • "Does the job"

      , lake zurich, IL
      Pros: Many different screw heads, Rachet functionality, Easy to use leverage Cons: Heavy, Not ergonomic with some of the functions,

      I'm comparing this to burton's bullet tool. They rate about the same although the Dakine tool is significantly heavier, it does have more screw heads. No need to worry if you lose one or three screw heads, there's a ton. There is a twist mechanism that opens up the tool that stores the screw heads and that doesn't really work well with the twisting mechanism of the rachet. When you twist to tighten or loosen using the rachet, sometimes your palm will accidently open up the tool containing the screw heads and they may fall out. Worth it at the price if you don't have a tool.

    • "Good for the price"

      , Kakegawa, Shizuoka
      Pros: cheap, has all the heads u need, Cons: cheap material,

      I just got mine a few days ago. The best question to ask is if this is worth the $7.50. Don't compare it to the more expensive stuff. And I say, yes it's worth the $7.50. Is it cheaply constructed and does it look like a toy? Yes...but who cares? It works and that's all that matters. You're gonna be throwing this in the bag in your car or the board locker and it's the perfect size for that. The slide lock on the bottom compartment is nice. The upper compartment is a little annoying and it might pop out while you're twisting. But hardly a dealbreaker. Watch out and don't twist by holding the very tipsy bottom of the handle and I don't foresee problems with it breaking.

    • "Decent"

      Pros: A lot of driver bits, Unique design, Comfortable to hold Cons: Extra bits tend to fall out, Handle feels like it could break, Bigger than other pocket tools

      This tool has lasted me two seasons, I don't normally carry it with me, but I use it to tweak my setup when I'm at home, or when I'm tuning my boards. The grip is very comfortable and the tool comes with a lot of bits which is nice.

    • "Blaster Tool"

      , Wagga Wagga, NSW
      Pros: Very Handy, Easy to Carry, Has all the bits needed Cons: Very Delicate , Bit Fiddley ,

      Although the concept of this tool is good, the execution is poor. The tool is a little bit problematic to use, it has all the bits, but is a bit small for bigger hands. The handle starts to split if any force is exerted on it. Overall it does the job, but just barely.

    • "Super Handy"

      , Main Beach, Gold Coast, QLD
      Pros: Keeps all of your screw drivers in one place, Portable, Pretty tough Cons:

      This little baby is super handy. Makes mounting and adjusting bindings easy and it's a great alternative to lugging around a set of screwdrivers!

    • "Legit tool"

      , Lower Plenty, Vic
      Pros: heaps of pieces, gun, Cons:

      This is a useful tool, probably wouldn't carry it with me on the mountain. Could get stabbed in a stack, no fun, but good one to have while setting up.

    • "Has all you need"

      , Mortdale, NSW
      Pros: Compact and handy, Cons:

      Great tool for those days that you just need that extra adjustment. Compact and has everything you need.

    • "Nice and compact"

      , Annerley, QLD
      Pros: Small and lightweight, Great variety of bits, Both forward and reverse screw options Cons: Bits may fall out,

      Bought this baby while it was on the 75% off sale. For under $5, this tool is great. Its small and light enough to carry around in your bag and pockets. You get a great variety of bits, soo for the price, its probably better then buying individual drivers. It has 3 screw options, forward, neutral and reverse. The only problem I see with this is the bits compartments in it. The bits in the slide compartment, the handle, are fine BUT the bits in the head compartment seem to fall out easy. Just make sure you hold on to the plastic strip, from the packaging, to hold the head compartment together.

    • "Handy tool to have"

      , Essex Junction, VT
      Pros: Compact and great price!, Quality metal screwdrivers, Has ratchet function Cons: Storage for screwdriver tips can open accidentally,

      Used it to adjust my new Unihere Contacts. The metal tips seem to be of high quality. Nice ratchet function as well. Only complaint was that you need to hold the gun in a certain way to avoid having the storage pods from accidentally opening up. Also, there isn't enough storage space to put away the one screwdriver tip that is in use. These are minor. Great compact design!

    • "excelent tool"

      , New Castle, DE
      Pros: every option you need, light weight and easy to use, Cons: might get rusty,

      This little devise is an excelent item fr your snowboarding trip. You will never again get stuck with you bindings a little loose. A must have

    • "Helpfull Little Tool"

      Pros: Gotta Have Tools!, Cons: a little too bulky to carry,

      Good tool to keep in the car but you might not want to carry this one on you. I use it before every time I head up the mountain to check my bindings for loose screws.

    • "Great tool"

      , FLUSHING, NY
      Pros: all in one, price, convinence Cons: really small handle, top doesnt lock,

      This tool is extremely useful and very convenient. The bad part is that the handle is really small and it feels like youre holding a children's toy. It sucks that the top doesnt lock but I havent had the top opening on me randomly just yet. The price is great, I got it when it was 75% off but I dont think I would get it at 50% Lol.

    • "Small and Compact"

      , Essendon, Vic
      Pros: Small, Compact, Cons: None,

      It is great to have with you at the snow, it's small, compact and not too heavy! Has a variety and a good grip handle to use.

    • "Handy Tool"

      , Richmond, BC
      Pros: Sturdy, Handy, Cons:

      This tool is a convenient, handy tool to put in backpack just in case some of the screws need tightening when I'm up on the slopes.

    • "Love this!!"

      , Braybrook, Vic
      Pros: Nice colour, Everything u need in one tool, Cons:

      I brought this recently and I was so impressed when I got it. It's really handy as it's a all in one tool. Got mine for the bargain price of $4.50.

    • "Ehhh...decent"

      , west henrietta, NY
      Pros: Lots of tools, Rachet, Cons: The middle holder opens up when in use,

      Its an ok tool, but it would be better if the middle didn't open up when I use it and a bit would fall out, and sometimes the rachet doesn't actually rachet back, so the screw actually goes the wrong way. That, and this tool is kind of big.

    • "Fair for the price"

      , Mansfield, TX
      Pros: ratchet design, multiple bits, Cons: bit holders flip open,

      Not a bad tool for the price and all the bits, only problem is the spots the bits go in for storage open up to much and a bit will fall out from time to time. But turning it while holding it close will work just fine, I'd recommend it

    • "Heavy but good"

      Pros: Versatile, Handy, Cheap Cons: heavy,

      I love this thing, but it is too heavy just to carry around. I would only bring it if I carry a backpack, or I leave it in my car. You can't keep it in your pocket. I would give it 5 stars if it wasn't so big and heavy

    • "convenient pistol"

      Pros: small, easy to use, Cons:

      Easy tool to use and comes with more than enough drill bits for snowboarders. Buy it!

    • "Good compliment to the Cool Tool"

      , TRENTON, NJ
      Pros: All bits you need for basic repairs & adjustments., Cons: A little bulky to keep on you without a pack.,

      I'd keep this in the locker at the lodge or in my backpack, depending on the day. The Cool Tool is good for keeping in your pocket. I can see the little doors/holder getting loose after a while, so I'd avoid beating on this thing too much. Can't beat it for the price.

    • "not good not bad"

      Pros: lots of different sizes, good grip, Cons: compartments that holds the screws are too loose, screws fall out all the time,

      I've read a lot of good reviews on this and thought I should give it a try since I didnt like the grip of my dakine tool. I do like the grip on this but I hate how the screws always fall out when I'm using it. I also bought this because it has 10 different screws but in reality, I only use 1 or 2 of them for snowboarding. for me, this is a good tool to keep in the car or around the house, but not snowboarding.

    • "Nice little tool"

      , TEMPE, AZ
      Pros: 10 bits fit almost all need, Cons: little bit too big to keep in pocket, doors are loose,

      doors are loose, but if you're gonna keep this in your car our with your board bag this is it.

    • "great tool"

      , Los Angeles, CA
      Pros: has every bit u will need, Cons:

      This tool comes in handy. It's something to keep in the car or in your backpack. It has 10 bits for pretty much everything you could possibly need it for. The only thing about it is that the handle feels a lil' flimsy when you put too much pressure. So I wouldn't use this to try to get a stripped screw off but other then that it's a great tool!

    • "dakine blaster"

      , Burnaby, BC
      Pros: Multiple bits, great color, handy Cons: bulky,

      This tool is pretty good. I was hoping for a pump action grip that would crank the bit. Other than that it's a pretty sweet little tool. Great for the car and around the house.

    • "Dankina Mega Blaster"

      , AL
      Pros: great tool, Cons:

      The Dakine Mega Blaster is a great tool you must have it is 10 Bits, this tool is always whith me, in backpack or whith my dirtbike, is great tool.

    • "This is handy"

      , Darraweit Guim, Vic
      Pros: Heaps of tools, Small, Cons: Head of tools doesn't stay in.,

      Good for everything except the tool heads aren't magnetized or anything to stay in.

    • "Excellent All in One Tool"

      , Toronto, ON
      Pros: All in One Tool, Not only for snowboarding, Cons: Little big for pockets,

      I think that this is an excellent all in one tool that you can basically use for anything not just for snowboard. For me it seems like i'm using it more for home then for snowboard as I don't really need tuning when I'm up on the mountain. But I still carry it with me to the mountain just for the piece of mind.

    • "Dakine Mega Blaster"

      Pros: Easy to use, Not only for snowboarding, Cons: Little big for pockets,

      Very nice tool but a bit larger than other pocket tools.

    • "Good tool"

      , MIAMI, FL
      Pros: really small, has a lot of different heads, Cons: problem with the handle,

      This tool gets the job done, and does not takes much space on your bag, I take it with me everywhere I go.

    • "must have tool"

      , Sydney, NSW
      Pros: handy in all places, small and fits in pocket, Cons: can hurt if you fall on it when its in your pocket, head compartment seems a lil fragile,

      If I knew how good this tool is, I would of bought 4 more of these lil buggers and keep them around my house and car. Its small and durable. Only down side is the head compartment, it seems a lil bit fragile and break any minute. If you have these in your jacket and you fall over, it might hurt and stab you in a few places so be carefull out there

    • "very handy tool"

      , seven hills, NSW
      Pros: lots of bits, looks cool, Cons: bits sometimes fall out accidentaly,

      This is a great tool if you need all the bits and pieces, sometimes the bits in the barrel can fall out if you accidentally open it though which can get annoying but its great to show off to friends with

    • "Handy tool"

      , Templestowe, Vic
      Pros: Drill Bits, Cheap, Small Cons: Weak,

      Overall a great tool to have, has heaps of drill bits for various screws and such. Got this for 5 bucks so i'm quite happy. Handle is a bit weak though, feels like it could snap if the screws is in too tight but i still like it.

    • "Mega Blaster!"

      , DAVIS, CA
      Pros: looks like a raygun, small and portable, very useful when tuning. Cons: kinda hard to turn with the handle like a gun,

      When I first got this I thought I purchased a super portable screwgun. Too bad its just a normal screwdriver, but it comes with a lot of heads that are well hidden within the blaster. Cool design, functions well. But not very comfortable when screwing though.

    • "Got to have"

      , IRVINE, CA
      Pros: All in one, Cons:

      Every snowboarder needs to have a tool set. This is great for all the on mountain adjustments and tweeks you have to do. Has everything you needs and the shape allows you to get a good grip.

    • "Mega Blast"

      , Carson, CA
      Pros: Sweet Pistol grip, Cornucopia of bits, Cons: A little bulky,

      If you can't find a tool bench on the mountain, this compact lil' pistol will save the day for you.

    • "must have tool"

      , chino, CA
      Pros: all sizes of bits, easy to use, cool looking Cons: too big when riding,

      This is a must have at your backpack or at home. A bit too big to be carring in your jacket or pants, but great to have at home. Easy to use, looks cool.

    • "another great choice and deal"

      , AL
      Pros: design, technology, funtion, Cons: color, size,

      I love this tool. It has all types of head I need. It's compact but little too big to take up to da mountain with you. There should be other colors available, I do not like yellow personally. Anyway I give it 4 out of 5 and with the discount it now look better for me, I am a price sensitive one.

    • "Nice but heavy"

      , Warszawa, Maz
      Pros: all needed bits, ratchet drive, Cons: little heavy,

      You have all you need to adjust gear on slope. All the bits make it a little heavy so might think about leaving some of them.

    • "Great all in one tool!"

      Pros: Functional, Compatible, Good quality Cons: Little too big for pocket,

      This Dakine tool is amazing, contains every bit I might use. Great as a bunch tool, but little too big for pocket. Still a excellent tool set, especially for its sale price!

    • "Dakine Mega Blaster "

      , Brooklyn, NY
      Pros: Compact, Good design, Variety of screw heads Cons: Platsic feels cheap,

      Great little multipurpose tool. Small enough to fit into a cargo pocket, but I probably wouldn't carry it with me when I snowboard. The blaster design is sick, but the plastic feels cheap.

    • "who doesn't want 10 for 1?"

      , ATLANTA, GA
      Pros: versatile, compact, cheap Cons:

      10 bits in one small little tool? Amazing! every man should have one. Even if you don't consider yourself the handyman type, it's always good to be prepared.

    • "Good to keep in the car"

      , MATHER, CA
      Pros: Lots of different size bits, Lots of storage, Easy to use Cons: Hefty size, harder to take on the mountain,

      Great little tool to have with plenty of different size bits. A little too big to fit in your pocket to bring on the mountain, but you could definitely put it in a backpack. I have plenty of quality screwdrivers and tools at home, but I just bought this because it was cheap and looked cool.

    • "All in one baby"

      , East Ringwood, Vic
      Pros: 10 piece tool in one unit, ratchet feature, price Cons: handle a bit flimsy,

      This is the ultimate tool for your boarding requirements. The handle is a bit flimsy when tightening base plates, but other than that you can't look past this super cheap tool.

    • "Sweet Tool"

      , Williamstown, Vic
      Pros: Cheap, Ratchet , Cons: The bits in the head don't stay closed that well,

      For the price you might as well get it. Its many of easily interchangeable bits makes it ideal for all types of applications from your board to around the home. It's a little bit big to carry in your pocket but fine for the backpack, if you want a good tool to carry with you look at the Dakine Cool Tool.

    • "Pretty good.."

      Pros: Ratchet, Lots of bits, Cons: Bit holders not secure,

      This tool is pretty good. The ratchet is nice and smooth, and the overall shape is easy to get a good grasp. I'd probably use this screwdriver for daily needs as well. I wish that they had better locks for the bits, whether the inside of the holders were magnetized as well or the slide/twist didn't move so easily. Also, I wish that there was an extra pocket for the bit thats already at the head of the screwdriver. Sometimes I worry that it might come off as well.

    • "Great tool"

      , Scarborough, ON
      Pros: Lots of bits to choose from, Egronomic Handle, Cons: Bits sometimes get jammed,

      Owning this tool myself, it leaps and bounds better then my old Burton A-1 tool. The handle on this tool is nicely formed and does not give the opportunity to cut you, and the variety of bits to choose from is really good. For the price of the tool, there is no reason not to grab this thing, rather then get screwed over at a resort and end up paying close to 20$ for something that isn't as great.

    • "Pretty Use full"

      , Peterborough, ON
      Pros: Price, Size, Cons: Loose Closing Compartment,

      Super easy to carry around and leave in your bag. Only problem is when using it the upper body compartment easily opens and the bits tend to fall out for me.

    • "GET THIS TOOL!"

      Pros: small yet sturdy, quality racheting action, great for all around use Cons:

      It's not the smallest tool out there but it wasn't meant to be. It pretty much has 5x the bits/pieces as other mini tools so I keep it in my backpack or car, some reviewers say they keep it in their pocket but since I'm a beginner I tend to fall alot so I don't keep anything stiff/sharp in my pockets for fear of ripping my pants when I fall. Racheting action is nice and sturdy, this lil' guy is gonna last for a long time.

    • "great tool"

      Pros: powerful, quick , easy Cons:

      This is the easiest way to set up your binding and do other things to your board. I recommend this to anyone that doesn't like to pay for installation at the shop. Worth the cost!

    • "Grip definitely helps but...."

      , KENT, WA
      Pros: price , portability, Cons:

      These are easy to carry and it is definitely a good tool to carry around. It is a lot better than using those complimentary tools at the side of the lodge but the grip of this driver does become cold and harder to grip once the temperature is very cold.

    • "Awesome tool"

      Pros: nice and small, many heads, Cons: handle isn't too secure, sometimes the bits fall out,

      Great tool. It's pretty small and has many options to choose from it. Sometimes the bits fall out of it which I do not like too much.

    • "Great tool... Great Price"

      , Vernon, BC
      Pros: Magnetic, holds screwdriver attachment in place, Ratchet very convenient, Many attachment options Cons: Maybe a little big for pocket,

      First off, If you are even considering to buy this tool then do it, for $4.50 you can't go wrong. This tool is surprisingly sturdy and will take some abuse! This should be in every riders pack.

    • "It's OK, but not a great tool"

      , NEW YORK, NY
      Pros: Size, Screw/Un-Screw Switch, Cons: plastic feels like it's going to break ...,

      It's an OK tool. You can pack 9 heads but it comes with 10 so one you always have to leave one on.

    • "One for Everything"

      , NEPTUNE, NJ
      Pros: Fits correctly in my hand, Attachment pockets, so many attachments Cons: None,

      I got this because it was cheap; but great tool; like the fact that you can easily put all the attachments in it and they are easily accessible. You can't go wrong.

    • "Not So Mega Blaster"

      , Melbourne, Vic
      Pros: Reasonable rachet set, Cheap price, Cons: Compartment on the body is loose, No storage room for the 10th bit,

      Good rachet with 4 phillip, 3 flat, 3 Allen. Reasonably good buy at the sale price ($4.50), but not at retail price. The dial that you turn to open or close the compartment, in the body of the tool, is loose. This means that the compartment doors tends to ajar easily, when handled or in your bag. The compartment in the handle locks securely. Overall a good tool, but if loose parts annoy you, then this might not be for you.

    • "cool tool"

      , denver, CO
      Pros: cheap, all in one, Cons: the side tools popup when screwing,

      Nice all in one except when ur tightening the size feature popups when ur screwing in.

    • "great multi tool"

      , Lilydale, Vic
      Pros: Everything you need, Ratchet shaft, Cons: Bulky,

      This is a compact tool, but definitely not something you would cruise around with in your pocket. Take it in your bag or leave it at the resort/locker/car/hiding spot because you will cry if you fall on this thing. Great tool for on the mountain or in your workshop. bigger than I expected

    • "Man's best friend."

      , killarney vale, NSW
      Pros: Small enough to pocket and..., large enough to hold its own., Cons: Could do with alittle more space for hand,

      Sweet little tool, it's small enough to pocket around if thats what you want to do but large enough to hold all the accessories and take any force your big man hands can pressure. Also the twist to reveal compartment will turn a few of your mates heads.

    • "Very handy"

      Pros: Many bits, ratchet makes use easy, Cons: could be smaller, storage dept's come open,

      This is a very resourceful tool, my friend bought this a few weeks ago, I lost my tuning tool on the mountain so was using his and loved it. Has pretty much every fitting to work on boards only con is its a little bigger than other tuning tools.

    • "Handy for many needs"

      , kew gardens, NY
      Pros: many bits, handy carry case, Cons: cheap, big,

      I really like this tool. For the price you really can't go wrong. I picked it up to keep in my pocket but honestly, it's too big to do that comfortably. I wouldn't want to fall on it. It is however, handy to keep in a backpack or board bag... even in your glove box. It has so many bits there is something for every piece of equipment you own. It's comfortable and it's sturdy enough to get the job done. If you screw something in too tight though, you feel like you may break the tool... it is still plastic so take it easy with the guns.

    • "Mega Blaster! Pew pew pew."

      , MATAWAN, NJ
      Pros: Multi-tool with slots for every* bit, Small form factor, Easy to use ratcheting system Cons: *No storage for the last bit in the tip, Grip ergonomics are oddly small,

      The Dakine Mega Blaster multi-tool is pretty much what you expect from a tool, but with more bells and whistles than many other in the price category. As per the description, you get 10 bits and 9 places to store them in the body of the tool (with the last one in the tip). This is problematic because without 10 storage spots, the last bit could end up stabbing you inadvertently through your pack or pocket, wherever you hold it on you. Another issue I have with the tool is the grip, for an average sized male hand, the handle can fit a solid two finger grip, yet it has 3 grooves. This makes it awkward to hold (I hold my middle and ring finger on the handle and the pointer alongside the body of the tool) as there are pressure points in the middle of your fingers. All in all, I got it on sale and for the price I couldn't say no. Great tool, great options, funny ergonomics that can be forgiven for the price.

    • "NiCe TooL"

      , APO, AE
      Pros: lots of storage, Cons:

      I keep forget to add this baby to cart before I check out, I need one because as you can see it has pretty much everything you need to work on your board and you wouldn't know by looking at it. It's like the 007 of snowboarding tools, it has all the secret compartments that open up and slide out to get the Job done.

    • "Lovin It"

      , ANTELOPE, CA
      Pros: Lots of bit sizes, Small & Compact, Ratcheting Cons: Bit storages doesn't lock, No storage for 10th bit,

      This is a handy little tool! It comes with a nice variety of bits and it fits in your hand nicely. I wouldn't say its great for carrying in your pocket (size & shape) but perfect for your board bag, backpack, car glove box, or even just the junk drawer at home (we all know we have one). The ratchet feature is great and makes it super convenient to use. As other reviews said the storage for the bits don't have a lock so they seem a little loose, and I found no spot for the 10th bit, so it has to remain in the actual driver/tip. For the price this is a fabulous tool, and I couldn't resist getting one for my bro too!

    • "Cool Tool"

      , Alexandria, IN
      Pros: Lots of bits, Cons: too big for pocket,

      This is a great little tool for changing bindings at home or just for your home toolbox. Has more bits than a regular board tool so it is more useful, but at the same time it is too big to want to carry it in your pocket all day (especially if you fall and land on it). Works if you are carrying a backpack though. A lot smaller than a regular multi-bit ratchet, so takes up less space in the tool box. Nice tool overall, bought a second one for a friend who is a bit of a tool collector.

    • "Awesome Tool"

      Pros: Multiple bits, Ratchet, Cons: somewhat bulky,

      This is a sweet tool that has every bit that you may need for your bindings. One negative thing other then being too bulky to keep in your pocket when riding is that somethings the bits not being used may fall out when using it, so be careful if in the snow so you don't lose anything.

    • "Great Little Too"

      , highlands ranch, CO
      Pros: Small, 10 Bits Included, Cons: Top Storage Semi Loose,

      This is a great little tool for setting up your gear and for around the house. The storage compartments around the body are a little loose, but its nothing a rubber band cant solve if it really bothers you.

    • "good tool"

      , Marsfield, NSW
      Pros: lots of heads, ratchet makes life easy, Cons: no wrench if you need it,

      Pretty good tool. A little on the large size so maybe not so great for your pocket for on the slopes, but great for sorting things out at home/your tuning workshop. Being a bit larger than other pocket tools, it fits better in your hand at the expense of pocketability.

    • "Handy Dandy Indeed"

      , WINNETKA, CA
      Pros: Easy To use, A lot of variability, Cons: Needs an extra slot for the number of tool heads,

      My first real tool, and I'm definitely liking the flexibility of it. You can change the spin direction so that it either locks or allows you to crank it if that's your preferance either counter/clock wise. Good size so you can get into those nitty gritty places (so I'm using it places other than the board). Impress your friends and show em' how the hidden tool heads appear.

    • "All In One Tool"

      Pros: Compact/Small, Ratcheting action, Lots of options/heads Cons: Slide in handle isn't as secure as I would like, Main head storage doesn't lock,

      Great tool for a board bag, backpack, or even pocket. This thing has just about everything you could ask for. For the money, I don't know how you could ask for much more. My only complaint is that neither head storage compartments really lock securely.

    • "Pretty sick tool!"

      Pros: Awsome looking tool with 10 bits total!, Cons: Significantly smaller than picture!,

      Its a sick looking tool. Its a lot smaller than i imagined it would be. But I still like it a lot because of how cool it is with the removable mag and everything! Also it has that function where you set the end to a certain side and you can tighten a screw, then turn it counter clockwise and it loosens the gears inside (I guess) so its quick and easy to tighten a screw. Thats quite hard to understand and even harder to explain through text but buy it and you won't regret it!

    • "Tool"

      Pros: Different size heads, Handle makes it easy to crank screws tight, Cons: Tends to open while tightening bindings,

      Bought this to use on my bindings in Lake Tahoe. Seems to work well. Has a variety of screw sizes to use on multiple binding setups.

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    ill be blastin my bindings on to my deck now!!
    kim k on Jan 14, 2014
    f'n awesome!
    myles g on Jan 9, 2014
    Jake M on Jan 9, 2014
    I needed a tool and this was the best bang for the buck.
    David B on Jan 5, 2014