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Dakine Mountain Snowboard Stomp

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Material: poly
Manufacturer Warranty: 1 Year

Description: Dakine Mountain Snowboard Stomp

The Dakine Mountain Snowboard Stomp is a fairly new innovative item to stop things from getting too slippery. Install it within 5 steps and within 24 hours, I promise it will be perfect addition to your board. They come in a few different colors and are a great price.


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  • "What's not to like?"

    Pros: Solid, Good range of colours, Cons: Should have been packs of 4 rather than 2,

    Instructions for useage included and takes only a couple of minutes to put on your board. For the price you pay, there is no complaints from me. They do the job.

  • "Pretty good stomppad"

    , New Palestine, IN
    Pros: Cheap, Stays on well, Cool colors Cons: Too small,

    I put these on my 154 lime green skate banana. Looks awesome and stays on for dear life. The studded part really helps get the snow off my boot. They might be a little small but if u follow the directions, they will never come off your board!!

  • "Pad of Stomp"

    , Maplewood, NJ
    Pros: Good Grip, Subtle, No Slip Cons: Fell off after use for a couple days,

    These pads are great, when they were on my board. I followed all of the steps on the packaging, with the blow dryer and everything. I let them set on my board for 24 hours+ and, after two days in a row of use, one popped off then the other. They were AWESOME when I did get to use them.

  • "Love it!"

    , Melbourne, Vic
    Pros: Nice and grippy, looks like the picture, works well Cons: none,

    Looks good. Easy to put on your board. Works every well (best one I've used so far). Looks like the picture... I like it!

  • "Good Stomps"

    Pros: Grips decent, Styish, Choice of colors, Good size Cons: as mentioned, the paint part gradually disintegrated over time,

    These stomp pads are small, but grips decent compared to its size. Stays intact and does not fall off easily. If you're looking for a small low profile stomp pad that performs just as well, get these.

  • "As described"

    , Castle Hill, NSW
    Pros: Not too high, good adhesive, Cons:

    This stomp pad is a good match with the Sierra Crew 157wide - the colours are perfect. The stomp pad shed snow reasonable well and gives the traction you want getting off the lift.

  • "great stomp pads"

    , AUSTIN, TX
    Pros: your boot won't slide , Cons: none,

    I use to ride my board without stom pads. My rear foot will slide in the board every time I released the rear boot from the bindings. That made it difficult to get off from lifts, and do flats. With the pads I feel more stable and I control the table better even with a boot off the binding.

  • "Sweet pads"

    , Durango, CO
    Pros: Sticky, Low Profile, Cons:

    My boots stick perfectly to it and it definitely makes it easier to control the board with the pads on.

  • "Great Stomp Pads"

    , Havertown, PA
    Pros: Sharp Edges, Color, Cons: (2) small stomps,

    So I just got these in the mail, and I placed them on my board. They are very nice in adhering, and nothing less than what you would expect from dakine. The colors are very nice, I got the black and green version. The only weird thing about this stomp pad, is that it is like two small pads compared to one big one (which is the norm). I guess Dakine wanted to try something new. Nevertheless, it is worth the money, because it does create alot of traction on your boot, with placement on the toe and the heel of your stance. I would say though, it is a good size depth on the stomp pad, but we will have to see how much wear and tear it can take when next year rolls around. Overall, a very great buy for the progressive rider who wants something different than the normal stomp pad.

  • "Great Value"

    , Glendale, CA
    Pros: Cheap, Works well, Cons: None,

    Awesome value for the buck! Didn't care for the lettering rubbing off, I'm more about the function than look. Especially with something like a pad.. Do you care what the bottom of your socks look like ? :)

  • "Foot won't Slip"

    Pros: Grippy, No build up, Cons:

    Good stomp pad. They're really grippy so your foot will never slip and snow and ice just stays away, it never builds up so you never lose traction.

  • "Decent price"

    , Sunshine North, Vic
    Pros: Good price, Cons: Bit ugly,

    A great price product. Looks ok, not as good as the studs, but I have to say, they stay on much much better. If you're looking for durability rather than looks, this is the way to go...

  • "Dakine Mountain Stomp Pad"

    , Tucson, AZ
    Pros: Good Grip, Cons: 2/3 fell off,

    2 out of 3 of these fell off already (after about half a season). I clean the surface very well before application and put a lot of heavy books to let it cure for about a day. Dakine usually makes good stomp pads, but for some reason these fell off. Decent stomp pads while they stayed on.

  • "good thing I bought 2"

    , Buena Park, CA
    Pros: works well, Cons: durability?,

    First, they sent me the wrong color... but who cares they were cheap! :) Good thing I bought 2 pairs. Followed the directions, clean board with alcohol pad, and heat surface and adhesive before attaching... Make sure you pull the sticker off before you heat the adhesive. When I pulled mine off I pulled the glue with it, which made for a good paperweight. Anyhow, it does the job and the spikes from the mountain peaks on the logo, locks onto my shoes. But the mountain peaks also seem to be chipping, so I may need another next season.

  • "Works better than stock stomp pads"

    , Davis, CA
    Pros: Cheap, Durable, Works well Cons:

    I got these pads on my Burton board, it works pretty well for its price. Does its job, but there's nothing overly special about them. Buy them just so you won't have to stick with stock ones.

  • "Two Studs"

    , AL
    Pros: Design, Cons: requires blow dryer,

    Bought these to get free shipping on my board. They look really cool and have good grip. Only thing is that you need to heat it up before you can put em' on your board (just a heads up).

  • "Awesome Stomp Pad!!"

    , Richmond, BC
    Pros: effective , Cons:

    I got this Stomp Pad. Even though it's small, it works perfectly.

  • "Great bargin"

    , Pasadena, MD
    Pros: Adheres to board well, Provides good grip, Cheap price Cons: None,

    I added these to my 160W 2010 Sierra Crew, and look and work great. Not the best stomp pad; however, great deal for the price.

  • "clean"

    , MATHER, CA
    Pros: works, doesn't stand out, Cons: gets covered in snow easily,

    It's a stomp pad... as long as my foot isn't sliding off the board getting off the lift or skating in lines- I'm happy. It doesn't stand out too much and you can easily place both pads where ever you want.

  • "Works pretty good"

    , MD
    Pros: Easy to put on, works great, Cons: small,

    These stomp pads are pretty good. They look awesome and are not hard to put on. The friction is also perfect.

  • "you cant miss it"

    , Oil City, PA
    Pros: stylish, sharp edges, good price Cons:

    This stomp pad has very sharp edges, so you can't really miss it. It is stylish, and is available in bright colors. As a member, I only payed around 6 bucks for it (great price). It is nice that it comes with two 22 inch stomp-pads. I placed them apart so my toes and my heel would hit. Which gives me good control.

  • "My Boy's Love Them"

    Pros: Tall, Great Grip, Great Job at Cleaning the Snow Cons: Should be a 3 pack,

    My boy's have tried many stomp pads. We ran across these and they wanted to give them a try. They love them. They said they wished there were 3 in a pack though. Make sure you follow the Dakine instructions. They were to anxious to get going so the first set did not stick to long. We followed instructions on the next set and they seem to be like they are bolted on now. We will be getting another set to replace the one we ruined the adhesive on and probably an extra set so they can have 3 each. I think they want 3 each because the green and black look so cool on their boards.

  • "legit"

    , BRONX, NY
    Pros: stays on, easy to see even with snow, cheap Cons:

    I've been using them all season and they're barely worn down at all. Great price for a good product.

  • "Great stomp pads"

    , poughkeepsie, NY
    Pros: stay down really good, works great, Cons: small,

    These little stomp pads work great. Every stomp pad I've ever gotten from Dakine has always worked good so I wasn't surprised when these lived up to all the other products I've bought from dakine.

  • "Nice stomp pads"

    , Golden, CO
    Pros: Works well, Looks good with my Sierra RC, Cons: none,

    I stuck these on my new Sierra RC, and they work great, the mountains are raised and provide a good grip for my boots. The only thing is that I wish I had a blow dryer, because on the second day of riding, one of the pads came unglued. I ended up cleaning the bottom and the board when I got home and super glued it, let's see if it holds this time. *fingers crossed*

  • "Good stuff."

    Pros: Grips very well, Great even with snow buildup, Easy to Apply Cons:

    It's functional... plain and simple. Does everything a stomp pad should do. See above for the pros.

  • "Cant go wrong"

    Pros: PERFECT, Cons: A bit small,

    Although there a bit small, you get 2 so you can apply them at 2 spots on board. Just the right price.

  • "Might want to look elsewhere"

    , Fredericksburg, VA
    Pros: 2 in a pack, stays on well, cheap Cons: too small, dont hold on boot a well as others,

    I bought this stomp pad, and while it has done a decent job, and sticks fairly well, it is too small for my feet. I wear a size 12 boot and it regularly slips off the pads, even though I put both on side by side. The price is good, but the next time I buy a stomp pad, I think that I will go with a much larger one.

  • "One of the best looking pad"

    Pros: small, two of them, stickie , Cons: color may not match with board,

    This is one of the best looking stomp pad I have had in a while. When I first open it, the rubber quality was pretty good and seems to be durable. There are only a limited amount of color so it may or may not matche your board color. I had a decent grip on this getting off the lift, not amazing, but not terrible. Overall good buy!

  • "Flawless Performance"

    , Tampa, FL
    Pros: Good traction, Easy to apply, Stays on forever! Cons:

    I went snowboarding with this on some groomers and the snow built up pretty quickly. However, regardless of how much snow was on my board, I was able to easily locate and utilize the stomp pad. If you apply some rubbing alcohol to the board where you plan on placing this stomp pad, it not only cleans your board, but it also helps to make sure the stomp pad is locked down for a VERY long time. It looks great and performs very well!

  • "They are great"

    , State College, PA
    Pros: Price, you get 2, size Cons: The company name rubed off,

    These are pretty nice. They look awesome and work just as great, I have not fallen of the lift with these yet! They are not hard to put on just follow the instructions and they don't fall off. The spikes are also perfect. If you need a stomp pad pick up one of these. I am about to get another pair for a new board.

  • "Amazing Stompy"

    , Blacksburg, VA
    Pros: Spiky, Nice Grip, Cool Looks Cons: Not One,

    I got these for xmas, my Burton air logo stompy was kinda weak. These did the job so much better, I love them. White Grey doesn't stand out which I like and they aren't too big so they don't cover my board's graphic! Recommended to anyone, they are very cheap so pick em up with all the CHRISTmas cash!

  • "Small and works good"

    , Glen Allen, VA
    Pros: Small, Grips, Cons:

    These two little stomp pads are awesome if you don't want some big star or a whole bunch of spikes. They're small, and have good grip so you don't have to worry as much about your foot slipping off. They go on easy and stick. Great stomp pads, I recommend these for sure.

  • "Very Good"

    Pros: Grippy, Size, Adheres well Cons: Lettering comes off,

    These are great but they get worn out. They wore out the 5th week I went snowboarding. However, it is very grippy, the size is perfect, and it sticks to the board very good.

  • "Not bad at all"

    , Portland, OR
    Pros: Grippy, Small, Cons: Adhesive seems iffy,

    I like how it is small enough to work but doesn't cover up much of the board's graphic. The top grips nicely to the boots but the adhesive seems iffy on the bottom so I'll see how long and well that lasts.

  • "Great bang for your buck!"

    , Pickering, ON
    Pros: Grips boot outsole very well, Easy install, Nice looking design Cons: none so far, I question longevity,

    I got these for myself and my gf and we both find they perform very well. The edges of the top design actually do a great job to grab the outsole of your boot. I put two on my gf's board but one is enough. Easy install as well. I worry about how long the adhesive will last. We'll see.

  • "Black/Green?"

    , ALBANY, CA
    Pros: Big, asthetics, Cons: Mine are gray,

    Just got them in the mail and they look awesome and they are indeed bigger then expected. I have a 159 Sierra RC so the black and green look awesome! Only issue is that the ones I got are like dark gray and green??? I would send them back but its not worth the hassle I'm going to color them black, not a huge deal especially since they are so cheap but be wary. :(

  • "Stomp!"

    , Washington Township, NJ
    Pros: Looks Amazing, Nice Colors, Sticks great and gives great traction Cons: isn't free,

    This product is very cheap and very effective. I rode with a a handful of times already and it still looks great and works great.

  • "great"

    , Hamlyn Heights, AAT
    Pros: worked well, Cons: snow gets stuck in it,

    Worked well, did the job. I don't normally use one but I thought they were pretty so I got them. I was only using one as I misplaced the other and still worked fine. Will probably get another set to go on my new board.

  • "Awesome and cool!"

    Pros: Good grip, not too big, Cons:

    These are great! Easy to put on, and they get the job done! If you're looking for an easy and cheap stomp pad this is a good one.

  • "Does the job"

    , Ottawa, ON
    Pros: you get 2, look good, super gripy , price Cons:

    When I got these I was happy to find out it came with 2 so it's an advantage if you have 2 boards, or you could put them both on one for better response. They're super gripy and don't come off. They are really worth the 5$.

  • "Excellent!"

    , New Plymouth, TKI
    Pros: Choice of colours. , Refuse to come off the board, Cheap Cons: Not 100% effect (what is), 2 per pack, :(,

    I needed a stomp pad which wouldn't get in the way of the channel system on my board. I was considering buying a regular stomp pad and cutting it in half, but then I stumpled across these on this website. They have stuck on well and I have treated them pretty badly and they still are staying on. They do slip the odd time but generally I don't have a problem with them. Also the choice of colours means you can find something to match your board. It's best to look good on the slopes at least.

  • "Great Pad for the Price"

    Pros: 2 for 1 price, Size, Nice Grip Cons: durability,

    Nice pad for the price. You get 2! gives you a good grip and the size is also good. One thing is that it's not so durable. But it's cheap! You can replace one so easy =D a good buy I say.

  • "Great Buy"

    , Vancouver, BC
    Pros: Stays on well, Looks great, Cheap Cons: none,

    I purchased the stomp pad at a shop near my place for 7 bucks AND put them on before I realized they were sold here. My mistake, but I must say, for the price that I paid for them, this was definitely a good buy. Put them on your board like the instructions tell you to, and it works like a charm. I've had no problems with them at all, and recommend it to everyone.

  • "Good pads"

    , Chapel Hill, QLD
    Pros: Stay stuck down, Grippy, Cons: Not super durable,

    I've taken these out for a few days and they work really well - far easier to ride off lifts than with the bare board. They're getting a bit ripped up though but they're so cheap I'll be able to replace them after a few weeks of riding.

  • "not ski proof"

    , Queenstown, OTA
    Pros: pretty grippy, Cons: fell off when someone ski'd over my board,

    These are as good as any other stomp pad, but both came off when a skier crashed into me so maybe the glue could be stronger.

  • "Good cheap stomp pad"

    , OXNARD, CA
    Pros: Price, They work, Cons:

    These pads are great for the price and they get the job done.

  • "Does a simple job well."

    , Braddon, ACT
    Pros: Does the job, Cons:

    Simple product that does a simple job well, not the best looking around.

  • "Looks Really Nice"

    Pros: the Green Color, not to big, Cons:

    The main reason I got this, is the color so it could match my new board. I haven't tried it yet on the snow but it feels that it's gonna lock my boots in place.

  • "Sweet little pads"

    Pros: You get two, Price, Nice for the ICS systems Cons:

    I bought a few of these for my Burton's with the ICS. Sure beats the price B charges for their little dinky channel mat! Cant go wrong with a few of these sweet little discs!

  • "pretty cool"

    Pros: great stick, Cons:

    These stomp pads are very good if you are using them purely for their use. But they are very neon, and sometimes a funky color scheme if your board does not match.

  • "great pad!"

    , Potomac, MD
    Pros: good size, very grippy, actually says on all year Cons: none,

    These little stomp pads are great, they aren't very big so if you aren't going for the big rental pad look, for their size they are the best.

  • "okay"

    , kennebunk, ME
    Pros: they work well when they stick to the board, Cons: didnt stick to my board for too long,

    I got these stomp pads this past winter after my snowboard was stolen and I had to buy a new board, they ended up falling off after my 4th or 5th day with them on.

  • "best little ones out there"

    Pros: nice colors, simple, Cons: not the biggest, paint comes off ,

    I really liked this stomp. It matched up with a pair of Nitro Runaways like yea.... . It's nice, small, simple and works.

  • "Nice!"

    Pros: They are smaller then most stomp pads , seem to be holding up really well, Cons: A little bit smaller would have been better,

    I just got these and haven't actually rode on them yet. They don't seem like I'm going to have trouble with them falling off though. I like the size although I would have liked them to be a bit smaller.

  • "You get two but you only need one"

    , Miranda, NSW
    Pros: It works, Sticks well, Cons: Circle shape doesn't blend in with boards. ,

    Grey matches Sierra board. Simple to stick on and stays on. Great price.

  • "Too neon bright"

    , Buffalo Grove, IL
    Pros: grippy rubber, Cons: much too bright of a color,

    I bought these online hoping their color would go well with my board, but was not expecting the green to be so bright. After getting them, I never even put them on my board because they looked too childish.

  • "Amazing!"

    , Kenosha, WI
    Pros: Low Price, Grippy, Cons:

    These stomp pads are awesome. I picked up a couple pairs. They are super grippy and are at a low price. These are the best stomp pads that are on the this site right now.

  • "goodness gracious this stomp pad is magnificent"

    , Chevy Chase, MD
    Pros: so sticky, there are 2, cool colors Cons:

    Really sticky I cant take it off even when I tried to.

  • "stomp yo pad"

    , Baton Rouge, LA
    Pros: Grippy, Stick up alot, Cons: edges fall off,

    These are great, can always find them on your board. Foot locks in nice and tight.

  • "Dakine Stomp Pads"

    , AL
    Pros: Good Grip, Cons: Bit too big ,

    Overall a good pair of stomp pads, could do with smaller ones but they have a good grip. They stick to the board quite well as well. My friend had about 8 of the smaller stomp pads and by the end of one day he only had 2 left on the board.

  • "Handy size for channel boards"

    , Hamilton, WKO
    Pros: Freestyle placement anywhere you want, Trusted brand, Cons: Looks grippy, Versatile size,

    Looking forward to placing these either side of the channel. Maybe combine them with the Dakine b'fly at the end of the channel for total coverage.

  • "good for the price"

    , Carnegie, Vic
    Pros: actually seem to work pretty well, fairly discreet, super cheap Cons: not the sexiest stompie,

    Might not be the best looking stomp pads, but they do their job. Can be really helpful for beginners. Got some for my little brothers as they have trouble getting off the lifts but these should help most riders with control when skating.

  • "It stays"

    , Hillside, Vic
    Pros: Nice size, Adheres well, Decent grip Cons: Could be a tiny bit smaller,

    Worked much better than the Dakine Cross Studs, these stuck on and lasted the whole day. I've yet to test it thoroughly but so far so good.

  • "does the job and holds firm"

    , Templestowe Lower, Vic
    Pros: excellent hold to board, good grip, easy to install Cons: sits a bit higher than i thought,

    Put these on my board purely for a safety measure for when getting off the lift. They give you great traction and stick very well to your board. No complaints really, they just sit a little higher than I realized but wasn't an issue once I was boarding.

  • "Looks and Feels Great"

    Pros: Stylish, Cheap, Two in a packet Cons: Size,

    These stomp pads look very good on my snowboard but sometimes my foot slips off when the snow sticks. I would strongly suggest these to any of my friends. Not perfect but works amazing for the price.

  • "not bad!"

    , AL
    Pros: small and comes in variety of colours, Cons:

    I bought these along with the venom as these had a variety of colors. I was nervous that these would be crap, considering their size but surprisngly they work well! One for the toe and other for the heel! I only gave them 4/5 stars because in terms of appearance, I prefer the look of one massive stomp pad than 2 mini stomp pads.

  • "Perfect cheap stomp pad!"

    Pros: Small size, Various color choices, Cheap, looks awesome Cons: None so far,

    This is a good stomp pad for those who dont want a big pad that gets in the way of the board graphic. I used only one of the pad, which is enough for boot grip. I got it for $5, best bang for the buck as far as stomp pad goes. Make sure follow the advice on how to stick the pad onto the board. I placed a text book over it for 24 hours to get a good stick.

  • "Killer"

    Pros: stylish, functionable, cheap Cons:

    Just put them on the board. I was nervous about assembly and followed the directions very closely. They were really easy to apply and seem to be stuck on there extremely well, should be fantastic next winter. The mountains are really sharp and give superior grip. Also the grey and white colors looked really good on the board.

  • "NICE"

    , Spotsylvania, VA
    Pros: nice size, cheap, look Cons:

    This is a great pad because its not to big and it looks pretty cool. The snow in fresh powder doesn't stick together and create a mountain of snow on your board.

  • "get the job done"

    , Quartz Hill, CA
    Pros: good traction, Cons:

    It gets the job done perfectly. Just be careful about making sure you wipe down your board before you put them on.

  • "Nice!!!!!"

    , North Strathfield, NSW
    Pros: Small and tidy, Cons: Maybe more color options,

    Got this to replace my old sponge stomp pad on my old board. Excellent grip and a 1000 times better than what I had on there originally. It's a good size, not too big, but still effective. Excellent Value!

  • "cool looking pads"

    , MELBOURNE, Vic
    Pros: Price, Looks Awesome, Cons:

    Just purchased these, for the value for money they look great, saw them in stores a while back going for about 15-20 AUD. so pretty stoked I picked a bargain, even with the exchange rate and postage.

  • "Just right!"

    , Brisbane, QLD
    Pros: Two pads, Cons:

    Having two smaller pads means you can position them to cater for your boot size. Definitely recommend buying one - no problems so far with them falling off just ensure you follow the directions properly when applying.

  • "good stick"

    Pros: good stick and grip!!!, Cons:

    Put on gf's board and they have stayed on really well and the grip has done her well too. Good stomp pads.

  • "plenty of grip and looks great"

    , Melbourne, Vic
    Pros: lots of grip from these tiny stomp pads, Cons:

    They matched the colour of my hero board so thought I'd give them a go. Turns out they had much better grip than my old metal ones, definitely recommended.

  • "Stomp Pad Feels Legit, Would Buy Again"

    Pros: Sticks to board well, Will do the job, Got what I paid for(good stomp pad) Cons: Looks awkard when on board,

    The stomp pad feels good, and it feels like it will do the job. I put it on the board and it looks weird with two circles side to side, but come on its a cheap stomp pad that will do the work better than others. It sticks to the boot very well, and I wouldn't buy another one because of the way it looks, but I don't regret getting this stomp pad.

  • "Sticky"

    , Ruse, NSW
    Pros: Good stick, Cons: Plain design,

    It sticks great and holds in all weather... Provides me with efficient grip, just wished the design was a bit better.

  • "Very Grippy"

    , Rosanna, Vic
    Pros: Good size, Very raised, Grippy Cons: None,

    Easy to apply. Nice platic/rubbery feel. Does its job.

  • "Good sized"

    , Cairnlea, Vic
    Pros: Good sized, sticks to board, Cons:

    When looking at the picture on the site, I thought the stomp pads would be small so I bought 2 packs. in reality, they are actually larger than they look so 2 would get the job done. If you follow the instructions, they will stick well to your board well and look great. I got the black and green one and they go well with a Burton Blunt. My mate got the white ones which look cool with the stunt. Best stomp pads on the site at the moment.

  • "Solid Stomp Pad"

    , Uncasville, CT
    Pros: Size is just right, Good Price, Easy to install Cons:

    This is a great stomp pad. Perfect size it's small and rises just enough so that you can grip it even if a good amount of snow accumulates on your board. The adhesive sticks very well and is durable. Installing it was no problem as well. Matches my Flow flite 2 white bindings as a bonus.

  • "nice little stomp pads"

    , CARY, IL
    Pros: good traction, nice colors, durable Cons: small,

    So far these stomp pads have done there job. Even though they are small, if you put it so ones for the top and ones for the heel, you get great grip with your boot, and it even gives good grip with snow build up. Lastly, the colors are really nice looking.

  • "Great Grip For Slippery Boots!"

    Pros: Good Feel, Cool Design, Traction Is Wonderful Cons: Lettering Wears Off,

    This stomp pad is great, they're not too big or too small. It was snowing and they helped me so much getting off of the lift, and i was so glad to have them. They have a cool design, and the traction that they provide is wonderful. Buy them!

  • "not bad"

    Pros: quality glue, grippppp, Cons: higher profile,

    Good grip and does the job.

  • "Not bad"

    , Keilor Downs, Vic
    Pros: Looks good, Not too big, Cons: Not very durable,

    I got these stomp pads because I live in Australia and you can get a lot of ice on your boots. They stuck well and look pretty good but after about a day there were bits breaking off. Can't really complain though as they do the job and they are cheap enough.

  • "Great value and excellent stomp pads"

    , Marsfield, NSW
    Pros: Good value, Works with Burton ICS/channel system, Cons:

    Decently sized, and work with ICS/Channel system boards. Tried a friends board with these babies on them.

  • "too small"

    , DALLAS, TX
    Pros: cheap, good colors, Cons: too small, bad grip,

    Ok for the price, not very big, around 3 inches in diameter. Doesn't have great traction.

  • "Awesome!"

    , Box Hill, Vic
    Pros: White one looks nice and simple, Good grip!, Cons: You get 2!,

    Lives up to the expectations as described by other writers. Good grip!

  • "Good bang for your buck"

    , Brampton, ON
    Pros: small, yet effective, cheap, Cons: none that i can think of,

    I have never used stomp pads before and got by ok. I bought these because they were relatively cheap and felt that I could always do with a bit more grip when I'm not strapped in. Unless the stomp pad is completely covered with snow, it will still be nice and grippy due to it's shape. It's effective, yet not a space hog like some other stomp pads are. The available colours lends itself well to a variety of board graphics so that it blends in as if it wasn't there. I would recommend this stomp pad for minimalists who don't want to clutter up their board as it's small, effective and not very pricey.

  • "Stomps are Great!"

    , Salt Lake City, UT
    Pros: Good grip and size, Price, Styling Cons: Wish they had clear ones,

    I bought 5 sets of these. They are bigger than they look in the pics. They are about the size of the bottom of a water bottle. I mounted so I could rider regular or switch. I should have just put 2 sets on each board. One kind of allows you to teater.

  • "Cool little stompers"

    Pros: colors, design, size Cons:

    Some will complain about the size but I believe it is good enough. The design and color of these are sick also.

  • "Ideal for Channel Boards"

    , Georges Hall, NSW
    Pros: Small, Easy to fit, Cons: Lack of colour choices,

    Wacked this onto my board the other day. Am yet to try it on the mountain. I was looking at the Burton ICS stomp, but this one is much cheaper, and seems to do the same thing. Will find out in a month if it stays on in the cold.

  • "Great value!"

    , Bruce, ACT
    Pros: Cheap, Durable, good size Cons:

    Can't believe how cheap these little stomp pads are! Excellent stomp pads in any conditions, mine were great even with snow built up on the board and when icy.

  • "Sweet!"

    , Colorado Springs, CO
    Pros: Cool Design, Good Grip, Cons:

    Good Grip and looks really good on the board. Not to much to say its just a stomp pad.

  • "nice stompy"

    , wyndham vale, Vic
    Pros: grippy, good looks, Cons:

    Nice looking stompad that is nice and grippy and not to big about the size of golfball looks great on my wifes V spot.

  • "dakine stomp pad"

    Pros: cool design, good grip, Cons: chips easily,

    I really like this stomp pad because of the design and the fact that theres two pieces... Good for the channel binding mount. Good grip. I just didn't like how the top chipped really easily.

  • "Stomp pad"

    , Lethbridge, AB
    Pros: Good size, Cons:

    Haven't had a chance to ride with these on my board yet, since it's the off season, but I thought I would give some sizing info. They're about 1.5 to 2 inches in diameter and about 1.5 cm high. Lots of sharp edges, so I can't imagine your boot slipping on these at all. Look kinda plastic/rubbery, but not too bad. I kinda prefer the metal look myself, but these obviously aren't going for that. All in all, as long as they stick, look like they will be sweet grips. I should only need one per board too.

  • "sticky as!"

    , northcote, Vic
    Pros: work well, Cons: too big,

    Work well but a bit bigger than what i thought. Only really need to use one for your boots.

  • "Good Stomp Pad, but not the Best!"

    Pros: Good grip, Easy to Apply, Durable Cons: Sticks out too much, Letters rub off, Bad color arrangement

    I purchased this stomp pad for my second board and so far I think it is decent. I have not had any big problems with it yet, but I do have a couple little annoyances towards it. The first is that the pad sticks out a little too much for my liking, it feels weird on the bottom of your foot. I also am very disappointed with the colors and I think the design is so so. Nevertheless this pad does it's job and retains grip even with ice and snow over it. Overall good stomp pad.

  • "Stomp this!"

    , killarney vale, NSW
    Pros: Tough and Durable, Cons: Stand out a bit too much, Too tall for my liking, No clear colour option

    I would much prefer this pad in a clear option, because they are a little smaller you may need to place the two on your board, depending on your preferences, this in my opinion can look a little tacky especially if you don't get the alignment right, this along with the height can add a little ugliness. As for grip there ok, I followed guide and haven't had a prob with stick.

  • "Dakine Mountain Snowboard Stomp Pad 2006"

    Pros: Simple, Rubbery, Sticks great Cons: Not Durable,

    Got these for my Sierra V-Rocker, works great. Although sometimes my foot still slips off because the pads are a bit high, but the rubber parts work great with the boots, it creates a lot of friction with the bottom of the boots. Great price, great looks, remember that I had this chick comment on them :D.

  • "Stomp Pad"

    , Werribee, Vic
    Pros: Compact, Look good, Cons:

    Great little stomp pad. Nice and grippy, can't go wrong with these.

  • "nice grip!"

    Pros: nice grip, good design, great price! Cons: white letters fall off,

    This stomp pad got the job done and stuck to my board very well. It has a nice grip and nice design. The only thing is the white letters fall but that doesn't really matter. I would buy this stomp pad!

  • "Great pads!"

    , Winnipeg, MB
    Pros: Hold your foot well, looks good, different color choices, sticks to board solidly Cons: none yet,

    I bought these pads in green to go with a sierra reverse crew and they look great on the black top sheet. Good sized and provide good traction. They are bigger than I thought they would be judging from the picture but still good. Also nice that they come in a few colors. Great price snowboard as well!

  • "Works well enough"

    Pros: Sticks on, stays put., Good grip on my shoes., Cons: Slightly ugly.,

    Looks decent with the 2010 Sierra Crew. The extra height on these allow you to scrape off snow a little more easily than some other stomp pads.

  • "Good Little Stomps"

    , CANTON, MI
    Pros: Traction, Appearance, Stickiness Cons: None,

    I was looking for a smaller stomp pad and decided to try these. Perfect! Installed as directed, one for my toe and one for the heel. Good traction even with some slushy buildup on my board.

  • "good for ics"

    , Balgownie, NSW
    Pros: design, works well with ics, Cons: could be a little bigger,

    Works great with ics boards, dont come off, look pretty sweet too.

  • "ICS Specialist!"

    Pros: Look cool, Great for ICS board, Grips Cons:

    Got pair for my new Custom V Rocker, and it works fine indoor on the 1st day. Didn't feel anything wrong with it and didn't seems coming off. Match ICS board perfectly!

  • "great price"

    , SAN JOSE, CA
    Pros: small, Cheap, steeeeezy Cons:

    Small enough but functional. Looks great with my 159 reverse crew. I had doubts about getting a stomp pad but my control is a lot better now.

  • "good traction"

    , RENO, NV
    Pros: high quilty, Cons:

    Works great, and looks great. It's a stomp pad.

  • "perfect for my setup "

    Pros: customizable, they're green, great traction Cons: none,

    I threw these pads on my Sierra Reverse Crew, spent the day riding in Big Bear without any problems. For the price I'm gonna buy more for backup.

  • "Decent Stomp Pads"

    , san luis obispo, CA
    Pros: Adhesive (don't fall off), Prevents sliding on board, Cons: Small, Hard to turn with these,

    Would have preferred something a little more flat on my board. It's a little hard to turn with these stomp pads as they're pretty small. You get two in the package and each is about 2 inches wide. They do however keep you from slipping off your board.

  • "Excellent Stomp Pad"

    Pros: Lots of traction, Cons: Bright Color,

    The pads are not as big as it may seem on the photo. It's only about a business card's height. Package comes with 2 pads. It provides very good traction.

  • "Nice Stomp Pad"

    Pros: great traction and durable, Cons:

    I had this for almost 1 season... It still work very good. Nice pad.

  • "Pretty good on ICS boards"

    Pros: Looks nice, Works decent, Cons:

    I'm currently using this on my Burton Hero, didn't want a large once piece stomp pad since it used ICS channels. I like it so far, it works fine, design fits my board, and you can't beat the price.

  • "nice"

    , kings park, NY
    Pros: effective, cool looking, Cons: a lil small,

    Not bad, use these on my ICS board, could be a little more grippy but not bad at all.

  • "Good Pads"

    , Richmond, BC
    Pros: Comes with 2, looks cool, durable, Cons: Small,

    The downside to these stomp pads is that they're small, but this is compensated by the fact that they come with 2, so you're able to spread the stomp-able area effectively. Nice stomp pads.

  • "bang for you buck!"

    , rosemead, CA
    Pros: Looks good , Works great, Cheap! Cons: none,

    These stomp pads do the job. The plastic doesn't break off like the other stomp pads with the little spikes.

  • "Dakine Mountain Snowboard Stomp Pad"

    , Brooklyn, NY
    Pros: Good size, Low profile, Works well Cons:

    This thing pretty much rocks, it's not too big so you can place it anywhere around the board, including those fancy new Burton boards with the ICS system. Very functional and a great value for the price. A must buy.

  • "Excellent low profile stomp"

    , Melbourne, Vic
    Pros: Low profile, Good grip, Glue is durable Cons: Easily covered,

    A great low profile stomp pad with good grip (not the best, but adequate). Best for non powder/snow days, as it gets covered by snow very easily due to the low profile. Hard to remove snow compared to some other stomp pads.

  • "Great stomp pad"

    , Muskego, WI
    Pros: Good material, Works well, Nice design Cons: Small,

    Cheap and works like it's supposed to. Perfect stomp pad for a good price.

  • "Work great!"

    Pros: Works with burton channel system, Perfect Match on Custom Vrocker 156, Price! Cons: White lettering will rub off.,

    Well I needed a stomp pad that wouldn't get in the way of the channel system on my Burton Custom V-rocker 156 and it was lime green so it matched my board. Just used it for 3 days in mammoth, worked like a charm. 3 feet of fresh pow on Monday, with some snow buildup on your board while getting off the lift you can still see where they are located because they are pretty tall. Those little mountain looking spikes really grip your boot and you can easily switch directions/carve to your strap in location. Work like a charm, not to mention they are 3 bucks!

  • "It does the job"

    Pros: It works, It's small, It sticks Cons: It's pretty ugly,

    If you want a stomp pad that will stick and does the job then this stomp pad is for you. You have enough grip to hold your boot in place even with snow build up. My other stomp pad was useless with snow build up and didn't provide much grip and even fell off sometime later in the day.

  • "Perfect match for Sierra Union Contact SL"

    Pros: Small yet effective, Adheres well to board surface, Perfect color match for green Contact SL bindings Cons: White paint rubs off on word/mountain easily,

    I have never used stomp pads before, but I decided to pick this up with my new reverse crew since they're so cheap and the RC has a very slippery top sheet. I'm glad I did -- they are the perfect size to cradle themselves in the arch of your boot soles perfectly and add a lot of stability when skating. Also, they look pretty sweet, and the green color is the exact same green as the contact SL bindings, which is awesome. The only thing that's kind of annoying, the white paint on the Dakine logo and mountain thing wear off pretty easily, but that's not a big deal. I'm really happy with them. Just like pictured, you get TWO of these things for the price! I only put one on my board which is plenty, and have a backup now in case it ever gets too beaten up or falls of. Nice bonus.

  • "Great for ICS too"

    , mattituck, NY
    Pros: Small, Hold well, Look Nice Cons:

    These little suckers work perfect for ICS boards. They come in a 2 pack so you can put one on either side of the channel. Got about 5 days in on them and there is no sign of coming off. They hold your foot just as well and look great to boot.

  • "solid accessories"

    Pros: easy to put on, Cons:

    Got the green black and match the scope. Get the job done and cheap. Good stuff.

  • "Very nice!"

    Pros: Materials, They Work...enough said, Cons:

    I've used some really cheap foam stomp pads that are pretty much useless after a few days of riding. These are made from some sort of hard plastic material that really grips your boots and are pretty much bomb proof. Never have an issue with slipping and honestly could probably do a run with just the front foot strapped in with these things. Work great and the green/white ones matched my sierra crew 158 perfectly. I know it's just a stomp pad but for a few bucks why not get ones that look good and work great.

  • "Great Stomp Pad"

    , Hermitage, PA
    Pros: Perfect size, Cool colors, Cons: Could use more grip,

    This stomp pad looks amazing on my board. They could give a little more grip, but I'll deal. These pad matches my set up. What a steal for the price. Get yourself one before they run out!

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reviews were good so was price
Sarah K on Feb 17, 2014
Cause it was a good price
Tyler A on Jan 11, 2014
good reviews, color, like the idea of toe and heel traction especially when getting off the lift
Brian P on Jan 15, 2014
low cost for setting up some board stomps
michael f on Dec 30, 2013