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Dakine B-Fly Snowboard Stomp

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Description: Dakine B-Fly Snowboard Stomp

A innovative design for the Dakine B-Fly Snowboard Stomp that is an easy, cheap and useful stomp. Within 24 hours it'll be on and it will stay on. The design itself is a angular butterfly in a silver that looks really nice on vibrantly colored boards.


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  • "great stomp pad"

    , Oakden, SA
    Pros: sticks well, grips well, Cons:

    Bought the Butterfly Stomp pad a while back. Unlike the stomp pad I had previously that cost me $20 from a store this one actually holds to the board and looks sweet at the same time. I found the grip was fine, Just make sure you position it correctly before you stick it down, unlike me...

  • "Would have been fantastic were there glue on the back!"

    , Sudbury, ON
    Pros: Super grippy, Nice shape and colour for women's boards, Cons: Ours had no glue on the back!,

    I can't possibly give this stomp pad any more than 3 stars even though it looks fantastic and probably would have been rad on my wife's board. I had purchased this last year in the March 2010 sale and hadn't went to put it on until our trip to Tremblant in December. When I went to install it there was no stick and peel at all on the back and actually no glue of any kind. It almost looked it like had been used as there were scratches yet it was fully new when I opened the package. Long story short I had to email Dakine to get some more stomp pads (they gave me a choice of 2 and actually sent both). Unfortunately they were too late for our trip and the wifey didn't have a stomp pad. This was disappointing but Dakine came through in the end for us. I'm not sure whether or not to recommend this as I think I got a defect or something. The stomp pad looks amazing and I think it will perform well, just hope it's got glue on the back!

  • "great "

    , holmdel, NJ
    Pros: easy to use, grips very well, stlyish Cons: more colors,

    this stomp pad is has a lot of grip which is great. its easy to put on and it looks sick if the color matches with ur board. i would buy this pad.

  • "It works"

    , HILTON, NY
    Pros: Girls like it, Doesn't stink, Cons: It's a butterfly,

    I bought this for my girlfriend and she is happy with it. She was using this spongy looking one on her old board. This one is way better than that.

  • "Stomp Pad"

    , CARY, IL
    Pros: Cute, Does the job, Cons: Part broke off first day! ,

    I got this stomp pad in gray. I bought the Sierra V spot, and out of all the stomp pads on this website this one i liked the most to match it. It also had very good reviews, and for the price I just had to get it. Overall I'm happy with my purchase except for one thing: a little piece of the top portion, right in the middle of the butterfly broke off! The rest is still there but for one day, thats pretty disappointing.

  • "stays on great"

    , SALEM, OR
    Pros: stays on, has good traction, Cons:

    my sister bought one that was pink and black about 6 years ago and it still hasnt fallen off. i've felt it and it sticks to your boot pretty well. it doesnt build up snow which keeps it pretty well stuck to your boot. although if you have a bigger sized foot, you may want to try a different style, such as the ones with many different studs so it can cover a larger space.


    Pros: Design, Color, Cons: None,

    I got the green one to match my Sierra V Spot since they are both green and it's a perfect match. It is a very cool design and it serves the purpose. Overall, I love it!

  • "DOPE!"

    , Pleasant Grove, UT
    Pros: Style, Doesnt Fall off, Sticks! Cons:

    Im in love with this little girl has one too. Its a sick style, looks rad and does its purpose! Snow doesnt build up on it too much either!

  • "Great pad!!"

    , nicholasville, KY
    Pros: looks great, has grip, Cons:

    im wanting to buy this stomp pad, it look great and is has a high rating. i would like to check it out for at the moment its on sale for ONLY $6.00!!

  • "Girly, but effective"

    , SAN JOSE, CA
    Pros: effective, spikes and tall borders, Cons: it's a butterfly, so might not go with all boards,

    I had a previous board with butterflies on it, so this was a perfect stomp pad. Actually, it's one of the better stomp pads I've ever used. It is made of hard plastic, has tall borders on it for snow removal, and also as 2 metal spikes for grabbing ahold of your boots. It really works well.

  • "Sweet Pad (for the lady)"

    Pros: Quality, Looks, Price Cons:

    Bought this one for the lady, shes super happy with it, and for the price, you cant go wrong!

  • "Butterfly"

    , TUCSON, AZ
    Pros: Really clamps your boot in, No slip, Cons: Bulky,

    Okay, I'm not sure how I didn't see this when I bought it, but it's a butterfly shape. Lol I used it anyway for one day then bought another. It definitely works and won't have your boot slipping when you're getting off the lift, and the metal spikes really help to get that grip, but I don't recommend it for guys :P

  • "Great Stomp"

    Pros: Very grippy, Cons:

    This stomp is great. Big enough to do it's job but small enough not to take up your entire board. It is truly an aggressive stomp. I got the Grey/White one to go on my V-spot with Burton Lexa bindings. The combination is sweet. Unfortunately with the location of the stomp, it covers up some of the great graphics of the board.

  • "Great 'little' stomp pad"

    , Mordialloc, Vic
    Pros: great sticking power, your foot will be firmly on, its a lil butterfly naawww Cons: on the smaller side,

    got this for my gfs flow bff board and its a nice subtle touch she likes girly and it shows!! best thing about it is her foot stays firmly on this board thanks to this pad.. although its small you wont need an extra, probably the best female stomp pad has to offer at this present time. (08/02/10)

  • "Awesome"

    Pros: grippy, not too big, effective Cons:

    My gf has this, though it might be too small but it was the best stomp pad she's ever used.

  • "good review"

    Pros: nice grip , good hold, Cons:

    i put this on my girlfriends board and its holding up nicely. its wide enough for guys and has pretty high spikes for stomping through the snow

  • "Excellent"

    , Enfield, NSW
    Pros: Excellent grip, Cons:

    This one is the best stomp grip I ever had.

  • "Great pad"

    , Brisbane, QLD
    Pros: Really sticky and strong, Cons:

    Defiantly does the job. Not too small, not too big. I recommend this to anyone.

  • "Stick like glue"

    , Charlestown, NSW
    Pros: Awesome grip, Cons:

    The black and silver design is quite nice, but functionality wise, this is great. The spikes really give you a great hold, even when you are chocked up with snow and ice. One of the best I have used.

  • "Butterfly stomp"

    , Noble Park, Vic
    Pros: Looks great and good grip, Cons:

    I got the black/white butterfly one and fits well and looks great. It has a good grip and does the job well.

  • "Great Stomp Pad"

    Pros: Great adhesion, Good grip, Spikes help clean snow out of boots Cons: Butterfly design,

    I purchased this item for my girlfriend and she loves it. The installation process was easy and effective and the stomp pad has stayed on the board after 5 or so runs. The grip of the stomp pad is great and even with ice and snow the grip does not entirely go away. The only problem I have is the design because I want one, but it would not match my board!

  • "pretty sick pad"

    , solna, stockholm
    Pros: looks great and sticks, Cons:

    my friend have one of those on his board. I tried it out during our last get together, it surely isn't a high cost and really nothing important for your riding i guess.. but still, this pad is a sick pad for its purpose and it doesn't come off easy.

  • "Great, cheap, and extremely functional"

    Pros: spikes help for grip, the color matches my board, Cons: butterfly is kinda girlish, could be a little larger,

    At just a few $$, this is a great stomp pad. It matches my Never Summer SL-R board very well. The pad sticks well and hasn't come off in a few rides. Buy it now while it's on sale! -- in fact, buy two, just to have a spare...

  • "Does the job"

    , Maidstone, Vic
    Pros: Does its job, Cons:

    Good traction. Does its job. Maybe a bit oversized but no complaints.

  • "Dakine B-Fly Stomp Pad"

    , aston, PA
    Pros: It easily attaches to the board., doesnt come off, Cons: Just a little small,

    Great Stomp pad. The Butterfly pad has very good grips. unlike smaller pads. It easily attaches to the board and doesnt come off.. Get one and You'll Know.

  • "Chunky"

    , Eltham, Vic
    Pros: Big and chunky, Effective, Good adhesive Cons: Kinda girly looking,

    Picked this up recently. Adhesive is really strong and stomp pad gives lots of grip. Shame about the colours and aesthetics though as it looks kinda girly.

  • "Sticky icky icky"

    , Darraweit Guim, Vic
    Pros: Adheses well, Good colour, Cons:

    I'm happy with how it adhesed to my board, i heard the little ones fall off after one ride.

  • "Good stuff"

    , AL
    Pros: good functioning, cheap, good design, Cons: little too big,

    I stick this pad, gray, with my R V Crew 151 blue one. They go well together. I used to have problem with getting off the lift. This pad help me get over the problem well. I love the butterfly shape, looks good, but it's little too big and thick. It functions very well though. Over all i love it. and I bought it super cheap..^O^

  • "good grip"

    , IRVINE, CA
    Pros: sticks well, good grip, Cons:

    My daughter has this stomp pad and loves the design and functionality. it has good grip and is very durable. get it!

  • "Hardcore stomp pad! Does the trick"

    , Weston, MA
    Pros: Not to big, Grips boot well, Cons: none so far,

    I was afraid that this was going to be big, but its just the picture. This really is the perfect stomp pad. Its about 3 inches in diameter. Unlike most stomp pads that get covered by now and don't work, this one does!

  • "Pretty Good"

    , abu dhabi, auh
    Pros: Good Grip, Cons:

    I have just tried those Stomp Pads. I fixed it on my Sierra Crew 2 days ago and tried them on today. They work just fine. Good grip and pretty useful. The only downside is the shape of the pads. So if you don't mind the girly butterfly shape on your board, these pads are pretty awesome.

  • "Stay on your board while getting off the lift"

    , Modesto, CA
    Pros: Extreme grip , Cons:

    This stomp pad offers extreme grip for those that are sketchy getting off the lift. My girlfriend loves it, although she felt awkward at first due to the extra grip. She was accustomed to flopping around like a fish out of water prior to this stomp pad. Now, her boot stays exactly where she places it. The spikes and the hard plastic material help break away ice build-up on the boot with ease. Great product and even greater price.

  • "Looks like it will work nicely"

    , Hamilton, WKO
    Pros: Not too small, or too large, Good traction - spikes and ridges, Easy to clean out Cons: 'Girly' butterfly could be issue? It's all good,

    I've used smaller simple spike pads in the past, this looks like it will perform the same or better, as it has a larger area to stomp on. Can't wait to use it this season

  • "Works like butter, stings like honey"

    , Bellevue, WA
    Pros: cheap, easy to apply, Cons: none,

    Easy to apply the butterfly to the board. Simple design with lots of traction. Doesn't hurt the wallet. Does the job and lasts long. 9/10

  • "it works"

    , Melbourne, Vic
    Pros: stomp pad does its job, Cons:

    I purchased one of these for my friends birthday (from Aussie ski shop) for her new board. Most of the time, stomp pads dont really work well in icy conditions as the ice builds up and it defeats the purpose of a stomp pad but this one works like a charm. This stomp pad costs 1/10th the price here than it costs in Australia.. No wonder many people complain snow sports are expensive here but Thanks to you, we are able to purchase affordable snow gear.

  • "Perfect "

    Pros: This stomp pad works, the coloer is nice, it stick well Cons:

    This fit nicely on my girlfriends Burton Avenue the color goes well. Dakine makes good products there stomp pads are no exception.

  • "Love it!"

    Pros: pretty, Cons:

    i love love this stomp pad, i bought 4 of them! both my boards have lime green to it so this stomp is perfect! looks great, feels great, your boot will never ever slip off with this sucker right beneath it.

  • "High profile, grippy!"

    , Melbourne, Vic
    Pros: Grippy, Cons: High profile, Stands out,

    A female stomp pad that really stands out. Like the male version, the Venom, this is very high profile. It hardly ever gets covered completely by the snow, so grip is always there!. Girlfriend loves the design. It really does stand out. If you want a low profile stomp, look elsewhere. If you want excellent grip, ALL THE TIME, this is it!

  • "Great looking Stomp pad"

    Pros: Great looking, Nice Design, Good Material, Cons:

    I got this for my new board, it does it's job as a stomp pad. and price is very good.

  • "Exactly what a stomp pad should be"

    Pros: Spikes for cleaning out the snow in your tread, Nice colors, The right size for a stomp pad Cons: Its a butterfly,

    Bought this stomp pad to go with my girlfriends Gullwing Runaway board and it looks pretty sweet on it. The silver and black blends in nicely even if it is a butterly shape.

  • "They actually work!"

    , KENT, WA
    Pros: really good traction, Cons: design,

    okay, so the design is girly but at least this stomp pad won't make you fall in front of your friends. The two spikes definitely poke into the bottom of your boot (no penetration) and the traction is great! If you don't mind the girly design, I highly recommend one!

  • "The best stomp pad ever"

    Pros: Sturdy/good quality, Easy to apply, Looks amazing Cons:

    I've owned three stomp pads, including a burton, that either fell off, got encrusted by snow/ice or were boring. This is by far the best stomp pad, never gets overwhelmed with snow/ice and when there is lots of powder- easily remove with a quick glove sweep. And it is super-cute, as well, even in the grey color. Highly recommended!

  • "Cute and does the trick"

    Pros: Grips well, Cons:

    Got the green one and put it on my 2010 GNU Owl/Nature scene board and it looks terrific! Followed instructions to install with no problem. Get this if you need a quality stomp pad that looks great.

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