Comfort bikes are the best choices for cruisers who enjoy taking in that fresh Sunday morning air. They’re made to accommodate even larger frames and come in all kinds of sizes, colors, and styles. You will love that you can haul your junk on them and still have a light frame and full cushion you require for those long commutes. Check out comfort bikes and get out there!
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Size: 51cm, 54cm, 57cm, 60cm
Comp. At: $2000.00 On Sale: $999.95
Size: 18in
Our Price: $259.99

Size: 15in, 17in
Reg: $369.00 On Sale: $269.95
Size: 17in, 19in, 21in
Comp. At: $499.95 On Sale: $159.95

Size: 56cm/22in
Our Price: $433.99