City Bikes

If you're looking to tame the urban jungle and need a ride that can be used to pound the pavement, check out our city bikes. Bikes for city riding are great for commuting and provide sleek, smooth rides for a range of biking styles. With a huge selection of brands and styles to choose from, the one thing city bikes have in common is being ready to handle sidewalks, pedestrians and traffic all while getting you from point A to point B in style.
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  • Color: Silver
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Size: 17in, 19in, 21in
Comp. At: $460.00 On Sale: $219.95
Size: 22in (M/L)
Reg: $389.00 On Sale: $252.95
Size: 52cm (S)
Reg: $760.00 On Sale: $589.95
Size: 49cm (M), 51cm (L), 53cm (XL)
Reg: $870.00 On Sale: $669.95
Size: 17.9in (M), 20.5in (L), 22in (XL)
Reg: $599.99 On Sale: $489.95
Size: 52cm, 55cm, 58cm
Reg: $329.00 On Sale: $259.95+
Size: 49cm, 52cm, 58cm
Reg: $349.00 On Sale: $269.95+

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