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Save big time on a Discount Hyperlite Wakeboard today and find out why has the best prices around! With a wide variety and many different types of boards to choose from, you won't regret making your choice to shop with us. Hyperlite boards are some of the best in the industry and their performance standards are held very high. We offer you their products for discounts of over 30% off. Brand new gear at used prices. On top of our savings, we also will ship it to you within 24 hours, Monday through Friday.

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Size: 129cm, 139cm, 144cm
Reg: $340.00 On Sale: $237.95
Size: 139cm, 144cm
Reg: $329.95 On Sale: $183.95+
Size: 138cm, 142cm
Reg: $475.00 On Sale: $308.95
Size: 136cm, 141cm
Reg: $399.95 On Sale: $272.95+
Size: 136cm
Reg: $699.95 On Sale: $450.95
Size: 137cm, 141cm
Reg: $475.00 On Sale: $308.95
Size: 135cm, 140cm, 145cm
Reg: $280.00 On Sale: $179.95
Size: 137cm, 142cm
Reg: $399.95 On Sale: $216.95+
A Word from Hyperlite Wakeboards:
Over the years we have seen companies come and go and trends begin and end. Through hard work, innovation, and an unrivaled passion for the sport, we have maintained our focus: building the best product in the industry. From pro model to package product, we ensure that all we produce has been designed, tested, and manufactured to the standards we set all those years back. Building a strong customer bond through creative product lines, exceptional service, and an unmatched team is still our utmost priority. Whether our products take you to the top position on the podium or just around the lake at the cabin, you will know that you are one of us and part of a big family.
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