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About Spy Optic:
SPY Optic, Inc. (SPY) is based in north county San Diego, just minutes from perfect surf, legendary skate parks, and a short drive to the mountains. Taking advantage of our location, SPY employees regularly surf, skate, wakeboard, motocross, mountain bike, and snowboard. We are the ultimate free-spirited company, mixing assorted eclectic organic and technological elements of design with action sports and pop culture.

SPY invests heavily in research and development and regularly develops technical product with action sports' best athletes: surfers Keith and Chris Malloy, Keala Kennelly, snowboarders Mark Frank Montoya and Todd Richards, skateboarders Rob Dyrdek and Danny Way, Motocross legends Kevin Windham and Jeremy McGrath, BMX riders Jamie Bestwick and Cory Nastazio, Wakeboarders Parks Bonifay and Danny Harf, and MTB athletes Sam Hill and Chris Kovarik.

SPY's strategic commitment to technology is unparalleled. Breakthrough optical engineering advancements such as ARC Prismatic Polycarbonate lenses, Trident Polarized lenses, and the patented Scoop frame design clearly set SPY apart from the competition. Spy is protected by 37 design and technology patents pending worldwide.

Unlike many other sunglass brands who shoot out their frames hundreds at a time on conveyor belts in China, SPY's styles are designed in California, genuinely hand-crafted in Italy, and undergo an elaborate manufacturing and quality control process. Every color fade on a sunglass or goggle is hand-painted by an Italian artisan. In addition, every Spy logo on an optical product is hand-painted or hand set as well.

All SPY sunglass lenses, including the Clear Fade, protect your eyes 100% from UVA, UVB, and UVC rays. SPY's optically corrected ARC technology lenses are also hand-finished in Italy. SPY is distributed in more than 4,500 retail outlets in North America, and in 38 countries worldwide.
(Taken from www.spyoptic.com)

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