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Size: 9
Reg: $159.95 On Sale: $103.95
A Word From Northwave Snowboard Boots:
Over the years we have worked hard to meet your riding needs. We have dedicated our time to bring you the most stylish, innovative, high quality products in the industry. Snowboarding is not just a sport or paycheck for us, it is a lifestyle, and we firmly believe that our philosophy on products will not disappoint you. We've stood tall through a lot of industry changes and intend to remain an industry leader in technology, innovation and trends.

Working hard in R&D to bring a full line of products with fresh features and new materials has been this company's mission. We started with Northwave boots in 1991 and Drake bindings in 1997, added Bakoda in 1998 and launched our first season with Venue last year. So far, we have received an incredible response to every brand in our line, and we are proud to continue bringing you quality products that will rock your snowboarding experience. Having brought the collection full circle with all four brands, we are proud to continue upgrading and adding to our family of goods with this year's new innovations.

We take our products and customer service seriously, while keeping it the way snowboarding should be. fun! Focused on customer service and care, we have made the commitment to providing an outstanding warranty policy, and the best in-house attention to make your life easier when helping your customers. This year we wanted to let the product speak for itself and let the relationship between us, dealers and riders everywhere grow. Check out this year's line and witness our commitment in bringing you the best there is.
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