Cheap 5150 Snowboards - Womens

Discount 5150 Snowboards at The House Boardshop. Our shop carries more 5150 snowboards than any other shop. Because of that, these are some of the most affordable boards we have in the shop. We have been in business since '82 and won't be undersold.

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Size: 148cm
Reg: $299.95 On Sale: $164.97
Size: 149cm, 154cm
Reg: $329.95 On Sale: $181.47
A Word from 5150 Snowboarding:
Snowboarding is the perfect diversion. We've been so focused on riding that we never noticed until now...strange activities, bizarre creatures, a trusted friend who saw...something if a person tells you to look over there - maybe you should look behind them instead and see what's really happening. Are you a part of it? Are we?

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