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Burton Zip Snowboard Tool

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Description: Burton Zip Snowboard Tool

If you want to make adjustments on the fly the Burton Zip Snowboard Tool is exactly what you need. The Burton Zip snowboard tool is so light weight and compact you won''t even notice you have it. Not only does the Burton Zip snowboard tool have excellent quality, but everything comes attached so you don''t have to worry about losing any parts or pieces in the snow. This is definitely something you would want to have to make those adjustments on the hill.

Key Features of the Burton Zip Snowboard Tool:
  • Ultra-Lightweight, Pocket-Friendly Design
  • #2 and #3 Phillips
  • Flat Head
  • 4MM Allen Key
  • 10MM Wrench
  • Goggle Squeegee

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Zip Tool

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  • "Small and Compact, but Not Much to It"

    Pros: Good Enough to Get You Down the Mountain, Small, and Compact, Easy To Ride With, Doesn't Annoy You Cons: Only a Few Tools, Can Only Do So Much,

    All in all, it's a good tool for $10, but if you're riding Back Country you're going to need something more, just incase you can't get the job done with the 5 tools in has.

  • "small and useful"

    Pros: compact, very useful, quality Cons: not a lot of torque,

    This is an awesome little tool to have in your pocket! It's perfect for those on hill adjustments! It's not made to be the main tool U use, so don't use it that way. I am super glad I have one of these every time I ride.

  • "Tightens bindings in a zip"

    , Merrijig, Vic
    Pros: Small, Compact, No drivers stick out Cons: Hard to get things super tight,

    This is the perfect tool for doing quick adjustments on the fly. The bits are easily stowed away inside the tool and they wont impale you on a nasty stack. The only con is its hard to get any pressure to do up screws tight or undo those super tight screws the shop does up for you on the odd occasion. This worthy of being your one and only tool.

  • "The size!!!"

    , Mansfield, Vic
    Pros: great size, convenient, Cons:

    These are the best tools to carry around in your pocket. They are small and you dont even notice them and you can put the screws inside so you wont land on it. For an emergency tool its your best option.

  • "Great for your pocket"

    , Castle Hill, NSW
    Pros: low profile, lightweight, Cons:

    This is a great lightweight, low profile tool to stash away in a pocket to use for those basic on mountain adjustments. A must have

  • "Perfect"

    Pros: Small & Light, Everything you need, Nothing you don't Cons: None,

    I had a no-name version of this tool for something like 6 years, and unfortunately something happened to it last year. I was very excited when Burton released the exact tool this year. The tool has never let me down, and has saved me [and friends/family/random strangers] numerous times. If you don't have strong grip strength, or really tend to overtighten things, I can see this not being the tool for you. But, other than that, it is one that you can carry 100% of the time, and forget it's even there... Until you need it of course.

  • "Great little tool"

    , Alexandria, VA
    Pros: Small and Compact, Cons:

    Great little tool for on the go modifications. Has everything you need, and plus no sharp edges to poke you if you fall.

  • "It'll Do In A Pinch"

    , denver, CO
    Pros: Pocket Size Design, Cons:

    Not the greatest compact tool but will definitely save you from being stranded on the hill. Small compact enough to carry in your pocket without it getting in your way. Has all the basic tools you'll need to get you by. The Burton Bullet tool is a little heftier & a slightly better option but this one will do in a pinch.

  • "eh"

    , malden, MA
    Pros: compact, lightweight, inexpensive Cons: difficult to grip,

    i have the zip tool from years ago. the size makes it handy to carry in any pocket...even fits in some stash pockets. i also have the bullet which i love but is bigger and heavier. the squeegee is a nice extra that the bullet doesn't have though i've never used it.

  • "Good enough"

    Pros: nice and small, got all the screws you need, Cons: lid is a bit flimsy,

    I have this and the Burton Bullet Tool, which is much better in use, but much larger. The Zip tool is very compact, I'd say as big as a Zippo lighter maybe. I'm happy with everything, except for the lid. I find that you really have to match sure that it latches on properly, close it until it clicks!

  • "Life saver"

    , Albuquerque, NM
    Pros: Small/compact, has what you need, gets the job done Cons: Not very strong, doesnt match all screws perfectly,

    You get what you pay for, but def gets the job done. When all else fails and you need to tighten your bindings or adjust something tah dah! small screw set!

  • "Small and does the job !"

    , Ridgewood, NY
    Pros: small to go with you to the top, Cons: Not easy to get decent pressure,

    It does the job,i like the fact that is very small and you dont even feel it in your pockets, very good to adjust your bindings when on the top or to have tools on hand right away, but just to save the moment, NOT really easy to get decent pressure, so e ready when u get to the bottom use a real tool ! ... It does the job, i will recommend if you have extra bucks !

  • "Does the job"

    , FRASER, CO
    Pros: Small, Light, Cons: Easy to lose screwdriver bits,

    Easy to carry snowboard tool, can put it in your jacket/pants and forget about it (until you need it). Easy to use, but would recommend a tool with the screwdriver parts attached so that you don't lose them.

  • "Good enough"

    Pros: Compact, Has lots of options, Cons: Not strong enough,

    I always carry these when I'm on the slopes. They fit nicely in the backpacks or in the pockets and it does its job when you don't have any real tools handy. I wouldn't use these as the only tools, I would re-check the screws once I've got access to real tools. Also, if the screw's on really tight, these won't provide strong enough grip.

  • "Essential item for me"

    Pros: Compact, No Sharp Edges, Cons:

    This tool doesn't perform any overly special function but, has come in handy probably more than any other piece of gear I have. It tightens bindings, fixes straps, adjust ski binding settings, whatever needs to get done. There's nothing worse than having a binding come loose mid run.

  • "Not Necessary"

    , AB
    Pros: Small, Portable,handy, Cons: Hard to get a grip,

    They are good, have the two x heads and allen key. Its not very often that things get loose. They shouldn't while you ride either. Best to just make sure things are tightened in the Chalet before heading out. Useful to tighten that loose bolt until you hit the Chalet because you can't really crank on it. 3 stars. Save your $

  • "Great Compact Screwdriver"

    , coquitlam, BC
    Pros: Compact, Cheap, Cons: Not versatile,

    It gets the job done for minor tightening of screws however because its a one-size it can be a hassle for some. i bought it because the shape is flat and small, unlike other tools in the market where it can get pretty bulky. I like to do alot of jumps and i tend to fall and i dont want to fall the wrong way and land on a bulky tool. It fits in any pocket, a thin Zippo lighter sized. Remember that side squegee is for ur goggles, not ur board lol. It

  • "Burton Tool"

    , Champaign, IL
    Pros: super easy to use, if on sale, great price, Useful everyday! Cons: Not machined perfectly,

    I found this to be a pretty good tool, great size. The screw bits, in mine at least, don't fit in very good, and are almost useless for some jobs. The wrench isn't made perfect either, in the sense that it has troubles fitting back into its place after use. Those are pretty much my only complaints that everything isn't machined perfectly, but for this price that's okay. Definitely worth looking at, this or the est tool.

  • "Great, Handy in Emergencies"

    Pros: Compact, Lightweight, Cons:

    This tool has saved me many times. It's very lightweight, i keep it in my jacket all the time and usually forget it's there. While it won't take the place of a good screwdriver, it saves me time on the hill because i can keep it on me at all times. Just be careful to take out the bits after you use it in the snow, or they will get rusted stuck (pull them out with pliers if this happens)

  • "Burton Binding tool"

    Pros: Pocket Size, Multiple Bits, Cons: No way to get good grip, Very Cheap,

    This tool is a great tool to have in your pocket on the mountain. But its size and design don't allow you to get good torque on frozen or overally tighten binding bolts. It came in a Burton tuning kit I got and I carry it in the pocket of my jacket all the time but I would certainly suggest a Dakine Torque driver over it anyday.

  • "SOSO..."

    Pros: has all you need toolwise, Cons: hard to get a good grip, clumsy to swap bits, will not work with ICS,

    I keep it in my pocket or in my backpack, and truth be told, ive use it on other peoples boards more than on mine. But when I've had to use it on mine ('08 UnInc), I found that it BARELY fits along the side of EST binders.... and to be able to be able to tighten them worth a damn, requires multiple partial or 1/4 turns, as you cant make a full rotation when tightening a ICS/EST setup. Other than that I cant really fault it, the bits have held up pretty decent the last 2 seasons. Other than that, its kinda clumsy to get open, especially with gloves on. Its great if you've got nothing, but I think I'll be looking for something else in the future to keep in my pack.

  • "Great tool"

    , AL
    Pros: Light weight, Handy, Flat Cons:

    I've had a Burton Zip for about the last 10 years... only replacing the first one last season. Sometimes hard to get leverage to turn, but isn't really designed as your one snowboard fixing tool. It is what it is. A small tool to keep in your pocket for emergencies. It's small, light weight, has the basics which you'll need, and flat to avoid 'falling on tool' injuries :) Has got me and others out of some sticky situations.

  • "Para llevar siempre en el bolsillo"

    , Miami, FL
    Pros: chico y liviano, Cons: pocas herramientas,

    Es como para llevarlo siempre en el bolsillo. No tiene muchas herramientas, pero suficientes para ajustar las fijaciones. Trae una goma para limpiar las antiparras que puede ser util.

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