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Burton Retro Disc

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  • Binding Discs
Material: Plastic
Recommended Use:
  • Snowboarding
Manufacturer Warranty: 1 Year

Description: Burton Retro Disc

Use the Burton retro disc to enable any Burton binding to work with the Burton ICS binding interface

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  • "For Burton Boards"

    , Eureka, MO
    Pros: Help Integrate non-EST bindings to Burton boards, Cons:

    The Burton Retro Disc will integrate any non-EST binding to fit Burton boards with the Channel System. When I used mine this past season the discs held up very well, sustaining impacts and freezing cold temps. These can be adjusted quickly while on the hill if needed.

  • "So thoughtful of burton"

    , Los Angeles, CA
    Pros: Strong and solid in attaching on different binding, Allow you to us ICS board without EST binding, You can get them for free by calling up Burton Cons: no color for selection, bit heavy,

    I would say Burton did a great job when they market their new ICS board with these. I email burton to get a free pair of disc along with the extra screws when buying my ICS board. And you also make it easy for all of us to get them here with a cheap price. I used to use them with my old cartel and CO2 binding on the my ICS board. The disc fit both bindings very well and the responsiveness of the ICS board is better than the my old custom. I rode them until I really spend money on the EST which is lighter and even feels better. Again you can get these for free when you got the board. But not the EST bindings. They had the hardware with the board only. 2 cons, a bit heavy and no color for selection but over all thanks to Burton for making them free.

  • "Saved me grief "

    , EL PASO, TX
    Pros: Converted to NEW Channel system, Cons:

    When I bought my new bindings and found out I ordered the non EST bindings, I just ordered a pair of these retro disks and it solved the problem. I feel that they do just as good at converting as a normal EST would bind to the board. Would buy again if I find a good price on non-EST and need to convert up again.

  • "Nicee"

    Pros: Can use on burton boards, Nice material, Cons: No Color Option,

    I used this for my bindings which are not from Burton and these are amazing. I have the Burton Hero and I use these disks for my other bindings. I wish there were color options, then that would be sweet.

  • "Genius"

    , QUINCY, MA
    Pros: Using non EST bindings on ICS boards, Cons: No padding,

    These discs are pure genius and will allow you to use any Burton binding on your ICS board. If you bought a new Burton ICS board but still want to rock out with non EST bindings, these plates are the way to go.

  • "Thank you Burton!!"

    , MD
    Pros: Easy to install, Works on Burton Boards, Cheap price Cons:

    So glad Burton made these. I was nervous that I couldn't get the board that I wanted until I saw these. Easy to put on and they are affordable! 5/5

  • "multiple binding options!"

    Pros: all burton bindings fit, Cons:

    Finally! I can borrow a friend's ICS board with my current Burton Cartel (traditional) bindings! Having these made the sting of picking up a new Custom X ICS that much less, too, since I won't need another pair of bindings that will only fit one of my boards.

  • "Thank you Burton!"

    , Walnut, CA
    Pros: Converts my Republics to fit my Custom!, Cons:

    Finally! This was a great move for burton to make! I slapped these on my Republics so I can ride on my Burton Custom and it fits great! I think a little bit of the responsiveness went down, but still works great!

  • "Disks!"

    , Coquitlam, BC
    Pros: Innovative, Cheap!, Cons: Not as good performance, Bit heavier,

    I temporarily borrowed my friend's Forces (awesome!) when my Mission's toe strap malfunctioned. Got a pair of these disks from a local shop, and well, I could put it on without any hassle. Good stuff. Makes the board a tiny bit heavier but not to the point that it's noticeable. Like it claims, it pretty much provides good performance, though I could feel a tiny change. (maybe it's just me) For around 10 bucks, this was very worth it.

  • "Work as they should"

    Pros: Fit regular bindings to your EST board, Strong and stiff, Cons: none so far,

    I got the Burton X8 but standard Burton bindings, so I needed these to strap 'em together. They're a little heavy, but seem very stiff and strong. I've done 15 days on them, and haven't had any problems. They're a necessity if you have an EST board but regular bindings. And nice and cheap here too. What more can I say? They're fine.

  • "Retro discs"

    , Bellevue, WA
    Pros: fit old bindings, cheap, Cons:

    It works fine. The retro discs save you from having to buy newer bindings to fit on channel type boards. Even with two screw areas, it feels as tight as the conventional 4 hole screw plate.

  • "Burton Channel Discs"

    Pros: Converts for channel boards!!, Cons: Expensive,

    If you got a channel board and your current discs don't fit, this is what your looking for. I use a Burton CustomX and Burton Bindings P1.1 and they work perfectly, no looseness from my experience.

  • "Seems to work fine."

    , AUBURN, CA
    Pros: Don't have to throw out old bindings, Cons: None that I notice,

    I'm glad burton released these. I only wish they would fit other brands.

  • "Great to Customize your bindings"

    , SALEM, OR
    Pros: many adjustments, different bolt patterns, Cons:

    These work great to fit in the bottom of your bindings to adjust the angle of them on your bindings so if anything happens or you like to mix it up then you can change them up very easily. These also have many different bolt patterns so they fit a lot of different boards. I use these in the bottom of my bindings and I love using them and would suggest them to anyone.

  • "Retro Non-Padded Disc"

    , Champaign, IL
    Pros: Super Durable, Cost Effective, Cons: Full MSRP Price,

    I used these before my padded discs, and these worked just as well, but I do slightly prefer those padded ones. These lock tight with the base, and there are no compatibility issues what-so ever! They even work on Forum Bindings and if you do a little modification, they can work with your Union bindings as well, which I have done, and they work pretty well. If you can find the padded ones, definitely get those, but these are just fine. A great thing to have if you don't have EST bindings, or don't want to use them.

  • "Burton Retro Padded"

    , Champaign, IL
    Pros: Universal, Durable - Well Made, Cons: Pretty Pricey,

    These Burton Discs will allow you to fit any Burton binding you want on the Burton ICS binding interface. You can also figgle with the discs to make them work with Union Bindings to make them sit in there, as well as forum bindings as well. These are great with the padding on there, I love the ICS system on the boards, and be able to use Union bindings makes it the perfect setup!

  • "Burton Retro Channel Disc 2010"

    Pros: Allows you to use non-est bindings, Fits Technine and Union bindings, Cons: Seems heavier than most plates, Only available for 2010 and newer boards, No color choice

    I got these so I could use my non-Burton binders on my Burton Fix. They fit my Technine Team 1's and my Union Contact Pro's (snuggly, just barely makes it in) BUT I guess your board has to be a 2010 or newer as the screws stick up. Not sure what changes in the newer boards. If you have an older ICS board, you either have to: A. Live with the feeling of two screws at the bottom of your feet or B. Take off some excess material where the screws go. But that probably weakens the plate. They do seem extra beefy though C. or in my case, take off the extra material in the footbed of my Contact Pro's to minimize the feel of the screws. Pretty nice of Burton to make these. But if they hadn't there would be a lot more haters out there. And I would be one of them.

  • "For ICS boards"

    Pros: traditional bindings---> ICS ready, Cons: n/a,

    Yes, these fit any size Burton Binding. EST Burton Escapades have a response rating of 6 while the traditional Burton Escapades have a response of 7. Traditional Escapades are slightly stiffer due to the solid base plate. So if you want to rock your slightly stiffer binding, slap these on! Yes, you can get these free from Burton, but it will take a lot longer than here. So if you're going to board in the next week or 2, cop these here!

  • "Notice the picture..."

    Pros: Turns Oldies into Newsies, Saves a ton of money, Cons: No color options, Not quality made, Slips pretty easily

    So I got these bad boys and yes they work... Yes they save you money and you get to keep your old binders. But there is some minor setbacks. 1. You don't get any color choice, not a big deal. 2. The top looks like crap, doesn't look like they spent much time on finishing them and making them look good, looks like they just popped out of a mold and threw em in the truck. 3. They are not as secure as the est binding ones. They don't tighten as much and I had to tighten them 3 times during one night of riding, but they work. You could just call burton and they will mail you some for free though.. :)

  • "A Must Have For Most"

    , OSWEGO, IL
    Pros: Cheap, Durable, Cons:

    These are a must have if you don't want to be limited to the ICS system. I use this with my regular Cartels and they work flawlessly in the channel. Try and get the padded ones if possible, but if not, these are definitely a great purchase and will last a very long time ( super durable and built well! )

  • "Retro disc - all good"

    , CHICO, CA
    Pros: Great for non est bindings. , Cons: None,

    Simple, cheap and effective - these work.

  • "No EST required"

    , Jacksonville, FL
    Pros: Saves you some money, quality, works with burton bindings Cons:

    My friend got a new Burton board, but didn't realize he wouldn't be able to use his older Mission bindings. We used a pair of these so he wouldn't have to buy new EST bindings. Worked great and they were simple to use.

  • "burton gives em free"

    , AL
    Pros: fit well on burton missions, Cons:

    Burton gives em away for free just call and they will send them. The only difference is Burton takes 2 to 3 weeks to ship - sends them in a couple of days.

  • "Fits Salomon Bindings Too"

    Pros: Tall enough to keep other brand bindings snug, sturdy (mine haven't shown too much wear yet), Inexpensive Cons:

    I am a big fan of burton boards and how they are keeping the industry in a state of constant progression. However, not all of us like their bindings so this is the answer. One of the best products a burton rider can buy.

  • "Great idea."

    , Lawrenceburg, IN
    Pros: Super easy Conversion, Free if you call Burton, Cons: 7 dollars?,

    In my opinion, using these discs feels just like riding EST bindings. Yes, they are a little heavy, but it WILL NOT AFFECT YOUR RIDE! Call burton and get a free pair, or add them to a ICS board here's site if you want to get it all together, hassle free.

  • "Very useful"

    , Montreal, QC
    Pros: No need to buy ESt bindings, Cons: can get a free pair from burton after buying chann,

    These disc are a must if you own a channel burton board and have no est bindings however you should call burton to get those for free instead.

  • "well, it works!"

    Pros: they work, allow you to use bindings you want, Cons: dont pay for these!, no other colors?,

    ICS is technically the best available mounting system, but Burton will give this to you for free if you call them up.

  • "burton disks"

    , Christchurch, CAN
    Pros: easy to use, padded, nice and light Cons: no colour options,

    Great disks, can use them with old burton bindings, easy to use really light and great placement for bindings :)

  • "Great"

    , Hamilton, WKO
    Pros: Can use old bindings on new channel boards, Cons: Couldn't get them for free in NZ,

    Great, now using my P1.1 bindings on Hero board.

  • "Cheap!"

    , Hillside, Vic
    Pros: Cheap, Genuine, Cons: Black only,

    Seeing as these aren't free overseas I had to initially fork out $30 to buy these here in Australia. So now that these are available here for such a good price you'd be crazy not to buy it. So unless you want to buy a new set of bindings this is the cheapest I've seen the discs that'll let you use your old bindings on the new Burton boards.

  • "nice one"

    , Seaford, SA
    Pros: chep, Cons:

    Sick thanks, I got a channel board (Burton custom) from you but at the time you had no discs and I made 10 calls to get some in Aus. It was mad so next time I can just get the lot from I shop!

  • "Thank god they make these!"

    Pros: Fits well, Padded, good quality Cons: no color options,

    I love Burton channel boards but I hate the EST bindings and they're too expensive. So this comes in handy, it works with non EST Burton bindings, Forum bindings, and I hear it might also work with Unions. I just wish they had different color options but other than that these things work great.


    , westminster, CO
    Pros: You can use any burton bindings on your ICS board, gear flexibility, Cons: NONE,

    These are the discs you have been dreaming about for years!! Not everyone likes dishing out a couple hundo for new bindings when they just dropped some major coin on their new ICS board. These discs allow you to use any of your Burton bindings on the Burton ICS boards. These discs make you, your bindings and your board legit!!! So stop what you are doing and buy these discs ASAP!!!

  • "No Need for EST!"

    , Missoula, MT
    Pros: Use your regular non-est Burton bindings, Save your money for apre and lift tickets!, Int'l Members don't have to deal with Burton CS! Cons: Notta darn thing!,

    Alrite team, here's the deal. No need to buy EST bindings when you can order these bad boys up and use your regular, non-EST Burton bindings that you've been using all along. Fight back against the man, save some cheese, and toss these on your ICS boards for optimum shreddage. International members no longer need to deal with angry Burton customer service in their respective countries, but can instead order these direct! Really what more could you ask for?!

  • "I Needed These!"

    , sacramento, CA
    Pros: Cheap, Allows me to Ride my Favorite Bindings, Ready to Go Cons:

    Burton really made a mess with this ICS/EST Junk. I could not find any Burton EST Bindings and I had no way to ride my new custom V rocker. Luckily, I found the Retro Disk, which allows me use any Burton Binding from 2010 or older. I am using 2008 cartels on my custom V rocker with the channel system and love it!

  • "Wahoo!"

    , Auburn, AL
    Pros: lets me use my old bindings, stays tight, Cons: only works with burton bindings,

    This disc is super easy to use. All you have to do is replace it with the old discs and whala! You can get the news ICS board without having to break the bank on new ESTs.

  • "No EST, No Problem!"

    , Centerbrook, CT
    Pros: easy to use, convenient, you don't need new bindings Cons: they're Burton, you still need Buton bindings, they only work with Burton boards

    So you bought a brand new Burton Board then realized that ICS means Infinite Channel System and your old bindings won't work, sadness ensues :'( BUT WAIT!!!! Just pick up a pair of these easy to use adapter discs and your old Burton bindings fit on your new disc. Just align these puppies to the angles you want, 18 and -18 if you're extra gangsta, UHHHHHHHHHH, tighten them down and go butter that muffin.

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Why did you choose this? Store
needed them to mount my flow bindings to my new burton board
Emily C on Jan 19, 2014
I needed it for my anoos
Gregory C on Jan 9, 2014
I have older bindings that don't work with Burtons new boards.
Donna h on Jan 13, 2014
ERIC D on Dec 20, 2013
Do you get two disc's and the hardware with the purchase of the Burton Retro disc? or do you just get ne disc per purchchase
A shopper on Feb 12, 2014
Best Answer: You get two disks and hardware
Reply · Report · David R on Feb 12, 2014
· Add Answer · I Have This Question Too (1)
for $9,95 i get 2 discs or one?
thank you!
Adrian D on Aug 3, 2013
Best Answer: I got two discs and used them to mount flow bindings to a new burton vapor. They worked great.
Reply · Report · Scott Z on Aug 6, 2013
· Add Answer · I Have This Question Too (0)
Just picked up a new Burton board and I was wondering if my old GNU bindings would work with one of these?
Tyler on Nov 12, 2013
Best Answer: Yep you can get the retro disks and make any binding work with a newer burton channel board. You don't get all the advantages of having a true EST binding but unless you want to spend another couple hundred on burton bindings this is a good solution. Happy riding
Reply · Report · David R on Nov 12, 2013
· Add Answer · I Have This Question Too (0)
Would the discs work in any brand of binding?
Keaton H on Sep 18, 2014
Best Answer: It should
Reply · Report · Gisella D on Sep 18, 2014
· Add Answer · I Have This Question Too (0)
Just ordered a GNU metal guru 2013, i have older burton bindings at home on my old burton board. I don't think i am going to buy new bindings just yet if i can find a plate that will work. Will this one work? if not any suggestions as to what will?
A shopper on Jan 27, 2014
Best Answer: This binding will only work with Burton channel system boards. You will need a disc with a 2x2 hole pattern. You bindings likely came with this disc as well a the three hole disc so if you still have the box check there.
Reply · Report · sam p on Feb 13, 2014
· Add Answer · I Have This Question Too (0)
Three questions, suggested retail is $14.95 and with a 47% discount your price is $21.95? Maybe that math is reversed? I just ordered a new ICS board and just realized I'll need to retro fit my current Burton bindings. Does the board come with the retro disc channel disc or separate purchase? If purchase is it too late to add to the board order?
Jeffrey J on Dec 15, 2013
Best Answer: Hello Jeff,

I'm so glad that you used correct terminology when writing about your board: referring to it as an ICS board instead of the often mistaken EST board.

1. You're right about the Burton Retro Disc pricing. The suggested retail is $21.95 and we are selling them for $14.95. We will be updating the page momentarily.

2. ICS Boards do not come with ICS compatible discs. You will have to purchase the Burton Retro Disc taht is found on this page. The Burton Retro Disc is also known as the Burton M6 Transition Kit, it comes with 2 discs and mounting hardware.

3. Yes if you already purchased your board it is too late to add the Burton Retro Disc to your order.

I hope that helps, let me know if you need anything else. Enjoy the season!
Reply · Report · Matt GStaff on Dec 16, 2013
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Are these compatible with K2 National large bindings?
Tyrone S on Dec 12, 2013
Best Answer: The Burton Retro Disc is only compatible with Burton Bindings. They are not compatible with K2 National Bindings.
Reply · Report · Matt GStaff on Dec 13, 2013
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I have a K2 parkstar that I just got and I still have my old burton bindings that uses a 3D mounting pattern plate. It doesn't line up obviously. Can I use these discs to replace the 3D mounting pattern discs on my bindings to make them work? If not is there any way to make these bindings work with the 2x4 mounting pattern that my board has?
Travis S. on Nov 16, 2013
Best Answer: I can't really know if they will work in your case as I had a 2003 burton board that used a 3 hole pattern and went to a new burton board with the est channel. For that, these work fine although now using 2 bolts instead of 3.
Reply · Report · David I on Nov 19, 2013
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