Exocet Windsurfing Boards

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Exocet Windsurfing Boards

Size: 250cm/90cm/175L
Our Price: $1100.95
Size: 287cm/60cm/125L
Reg: $1698.95 On Sale: $1344.95
Size: 260cm/65cm/120L
Reg: $1698.95 On Sale: $1344.95
Size: 255cm/77cm/155L
Reg: $1150.00 On Sale: $1007.95
About Exocet Windsurfing:
Exocet as a brand actually materialized in several stages. It all started out of a small workshop in the late 80's with Patrice Belbeoch and Thierry Pen producing a few custom boards named Magic's. The boards were then shaped by Alain Riouallec and laminated by Olivier Chretien, Olivier also had excellent shaping skills, and replaced Alain shortly after. Olivier suggested the name Exocet for the boards as he had done a few in his garage under that name.

The Exocet label then became what it is now. However, the boards were only dedicated world cup racers and specific customers for the first three years, but then tragedy struck with the death of Olivier on 9th of September 1993. He drowned on the beach of Goulien during a violent storm. Olivier was an outstanding world-class wave sailor back then.

Exocet then almost disappeared, but thanks to Michel Quistinic (Neil Pryde brand manager), Olivier's father Jean-lou Chretien (Astronaut), Patrice Belbeoch (world cup racer) and Jean-Marie Guiriec (ex laminator) the company was officially established in 1993. Jean-Marie became our shaper, as his previous experience on America cup boats was very useful. He spent a few years with the "Defi France" team in San Diego, and was specialised on all the technical composite parts. The first board he ever shaped was the master for the famous AHD 267 convertible that he completed in little less than 7 hours !!!

The involvement with the Swiss company lasted almost 4 years, and they went from being a tiny company to a major high end board manufacturer. Due to the success and excellent market recognition of these boards, Patrice and Jean-Marie finally decided to create and promote their own production line of boards under the Exocet label in 2000.

Several inventive and successful shapes have been launched every year, and the R&D and marketing facilities in Thailand was established in 2005. Simultaneously the company moved into a complete new storage and office building in Brest, France.

Thailand offers the obvious advantage of being close to the manufacturer, but it is also a centre point in Asia, in addition to being an excellent test venue.

Exocet is offering a versatile range of 42 boards for the 06 season, and the head office is now re-directing the boards all over the world with a very competent team. The aim is to serve the market at all levels with only the best and most reliable products, and today Exocet has a network of 50 retailers in France, and more than 30 distributors worldwide.
(Taken from www.exocet-original.com)

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