Fiberspar Windsurfing Bases & Extensions has a great selection of Fiberspar Windsurfing Bases & Extensions available at the most affordable prices. Fiberspar features quality products designed with patent-pending technology. This means your next time windsurfing is going to be at its best! Order today and we'll ship out your new Fiberspar Windsurfing Bases & Extensions within 24 hours, Monday-Friday.

Fiberspar Windsurfing Bases & Extensions

The Fiberspar Story:
Fiberspar turned windsurfing upside down twenty years ago with the first carbon masts, booms, and extensions. Our unique patented manufacturing technology still sets the standard in performance, innovation, and reliability. Superior Reflex Response and perfect bend curve make our new Reflex 7000 QT and Radius RDM the standard of Champions. The new Super Wave packs all-around performance, and the Tidal Wave RDM is the best RDM on a budget. Our All-Carbon booms with optimum stiffness-to-weight and easy to use Posi-Lock mast extensions complete the ultimate rig. From Formula racing to soul surfing, Fiberspar has the right rigging for your sail.
(Taken from is your shop for Fiberspar windsurfing gear. We carry a wide range of Fiberspar products including Fiberspar Windsurfing Booms, Fiberspar Windsurfing Masts, Fiberspar Footstraps & Pads, and Fiberspar Windsurfing Accessories.

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