Chinook Windsurfing Bases & Extensions

Check out our selection of Chinook Windsurfing Bases & Extensions! Maximize the potential of your windsurfing experience. Purchase today and we'll ship out your Chinook Windsurfing Bases & Extensions order within 24 hours! Our staff of experts knows the value of buying great gear and making your budget go further. We have been hooking up the active sports community with the best prices, selection and service since 1982.
About Chinook Sailing:
Chinook has been designing and manufacturing innovative parts for windsurfing for 20 years. The Chinook one-piece fin/mast box and the clamp-on boom head are just a few of the original designs that have advanced windsurfing to where it is today. Chinook takes pride in USA design and manufacturing. This enables us to offer the best designed, best built products available.

Chinook has diversified into other exciting water sports including wakeboarding, water-skiing, surfing, sailing, and kiteboarding. Our enthusiasm for these sports inspires us to design and produce products that add to the fun experienced by all.
(Taken from is your shop for Chinook windsurfing gear. We carry a wide range of Chinook products including Chinook Windsurfing Booms, Chinook Bases & Extensions, Chinook Harnesses & Lines, and Chinook Windsurfing Accessories.

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