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Size: 90L
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Size: 41L
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Size: 41L
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Size: 41L
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Size: 77L
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Size: 40L (Small)
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Size: 70L (Medium)
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Size: 90L (Large)
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Size: 90L (Large)
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Size: 35L (Medium)
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Size: 90L
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Size: 45L
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Size: 90L
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Size: 41L
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Enter the world of Burton luggage. With features like lightning fast skate wheels that absorb every bump, stone and curb at the terminal and a smooth telescoping handle for heavy loads, it’s a no wonder Burton luggage is at the top of it’s class. It’s burly, lightweight and exceptionally practical. Burton team riders like Shaun White, Kelly Clark and Terje Haakonsen travel the globe in one year more than most people hop on a plane their entire life. It’s essential that their luggage is durable, functional and hassle free. One of the coolest features on Burton luggage is the Cram Zones Tech. It’s a neoprene stretch panel that surrounds the interior zippers so that zipping up your bag is a breeze. Seriously, you can jam pack your luggage and not break a sweat when you’re trying to zip it up. That feature alone,will make anyone smile about life on the road. The Wheelie Double Deck is one of Burton’s top selling luggage pieces. It’s an ideal size for trips longer than 3 days, but it’s not so big that you look like a girl going off to college. Other popular styles include Wheelie Cargo Bag, Wheelie Flight DeckWheelie Overnight, Tech Light Duffel Travel Bag and Tech Light Carry On

Burton cram zones are like an elastic waistband for your luggage. Stretch zone around the zippers lets you overpack and still get it shut.

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