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Palmer Burn Snowboard

Palmer Burn Snowboard
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Description: Palmer Burn Snowboard

The Burn for men is a premium board that doesn''t carry a premium price. Palmer''s original Burn placed in Transworld''s "Good Wood" top 10 boards, and since then it''s improved even more. The engineered beech and poplar wood core delivers a traditional and comfortable ride, while honeycomb Nomex fore and aft absorbs hits and provides the spring and response you want for stunts. Stone ground HMW Isospeed 4400 makes a base that''s both fast and durable. When you''ve graduated and you''re ready to ride with the best, go for the Burn.

Key Features of the Palmer Burn Snowboard:
  • Klothoid Sidecut
  • Nomex Honeycomb in Tip and Tail
  • NCF Prepreg
  • White Full Sidewall with Lime Green Print
  • Beech/Poplar Woodcore
  • Subliminated Stone Ground 4400 Isospeed Base
  • 6 x 2 Inserts and Centered Stance
Length (cm) 154 158 160 162
Waist Width (mm) 251 252 253 254


4.7 / 5.0
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Palmer Burn
I own the 2009 Palmer Burn at the recommendation from the Team. I am an all mountain rider that is still learning the park. This board is an amazing board for the price (got it for $150). This board has great pop for the park, but is also stiff so you can carve up the mountain.
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October 13, 2010
This board is just as good as my custom. Great all mtn board Maybe a bittoo stiff for some but still great. I love all mtn boards and this is in my top 2. Great for highspeeds and linking turns. Pretty good park board also. Great buy
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January 19, 2011
Burn Baby Burn
I really like the Palmer brand. This is my 3rd board from them and once again, no disappointments. The board really holds an edge in sketchy conditions, is stable and predictable at high speeds, and jumps very well. Great single quiver board. Get one while you still can
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April 8, 2010
Burn baby Burn
I have a Ride Havoc 158 (2009, I believe?). I had that board for a year before I bought this off a steal (70% off!).

What a difference this board makes on my riding experience!
I've taken it up twice so far this season. Been through rocks and trees, pow, groomer, you name it.

This board took more hits than Rocky, and has not phased. Just minor dings here and there, but noticeably more durable than the Havoc in terms of damage incurred in a given environment.

I don't do much park. I'm more of a groomer/trees/pow guy.

Groomer: I decided to push it and haul ass on this board. On Havoc, I'd get wobbles here and there. This board is stable as a rock. No wobbles. Even if it catches an edge, it's easy to come right back and adjust yourself.

Trees/Pow: Tree runs were mostly closed due to early-season conditions, but in powder this thing glides. Let me tell you, I haven't had this much fun riding in powder... the way it lets you change direction with barely any effort is amazing. It just floats and lets you do the work. It's like the thing has a mind of its own
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December 5, 2010
Incredible deal
I purchased this board at the deep discount last year and it's worth every penny. Riding-wise it reminded me a lot of Burton Custom.
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December 5, 2010
Awesome board
This board is great for how I ride but chipped really easily at the tail. I can easily fix it by filing the nose and tail but I thought I would put that out their. If this didn't happen I wouldn't have anything to complain about.
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April 4, 2010
snowboard i want
This board right here was my dream board i searched for a board for almost six months and when i demo'd this board i had to buy it and ever since i have rode this thing down the mountains of snowshoe like crazy and have enjoyed every dang min of it i would recommend buying this board!!
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February 3, 2011
Awesome board
The sharpness could also be a con. I have only used it on harder packed terrain with a small base (8-10). I am debating detuning it a little, I am finding that I over shoot when making more precise angle adjustments navigating to a feature, but it's great for cutting out at the last minute. Easily the best board I have been on in non-powder settings. If you are more on the novice side I wouldn't recommend this board. I am 185# and riding the 162, would be interested to try the 164.
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November 15, 2010
Nice Palmer Burn
Rode it for the first time in last month in spring/slushy conditions. I'm 6'1 150 and overall I had a good day on the board. Treated me well on the boxes, which is something I normally don't even do. Had some trouble getting it to pop 'right' off of lips and stuff. I think I need to find a new stance that fits the directional twin nature of the board though
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April 6, 2010
Burn baby Burn
as far as my riding style i love the ungroomed runs, meaning i wanted a board that could handle incredibly well. however when i went on site at the very beginning of the year i had my heart set on this palmer after hearing only great things about it. but the only size left was a 160, after much hought i risked it and bought this and a reverse crew, and boy did it pay off. the board handled like a dream and i was calving between the trees like no other. i would go as far as to say this is one of the best boards i have ever ridden
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May 15, 2011
Quiver KILLER!
This board is awesome. From the first day I set it up, I've had a great time riding it. It feels completely natural under my feet. I have no problem popping up into natural wall rides, sucking my feet into my body off kickers, or carving hard down a groomer. I would put it in the category of a Custom X or Concept/Society, but those boards can't really keep up with this. An absolutely awesome board.

The only thing that sux is the edges. I know rust doesn't really matter. But come on. Put stainless steel edges on it so it doesn't rust. It's a $600 board!

Also, this board is really an all-mountain freestyle board. Meaning, it'll be fun in the park off big jumps, yet manageable at speeds on the groomers. It's not going to fish around on you at speeds and it's still soft enough to help you land off bigger jumps
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February 21, 2011
Palmer Burn!
This board rocks! I got this board because of reviews I read right here..let me tell you, this board doesn't disappoint and as a matter of fact this board will incite you to take you skills to the next level. The board feels like an extension of your think and it does
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April 9, 2010
Burn baby Burn
Tabla muy versatil y responde rapidamente a los cambios de peso, inicia las curvas facilemnte y sin esfuerzo, su forma twin facilita andar en switch y hacer butters en la nieve, ollies,nollies lo que sea. El problema para algunos puede ser que no es una tabla muy rapida y no es tan flexible como otras tablas de park
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August 26, 2010
I have purchased this board because I simply couldn't stay away from the steal Sierra Snowboard offered: MSRP $559.00, I got it for $179.00!!! The best snowboard purchasing decision I have ever made! This board is amazing! As an all-mountain rider, I am loving it; the direction change feels like it's almost telepathic, you just think which way to go and this board takes you there. I rode groomed and ungroomed trails from frozen snow to slush, this board did not disappoint. It felt very stable, it can turn on a dime, holds an edge very-very-very good, it's light, all in all an exceptional board
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April 18, 2010
Palmer Burn
This is the first snowboard I have purchased and I really like it so far. I have ridden it in some heavy powder as well as icy conditions and it worked great in both. It carves well and once I got used to it and improved my riding it didn't catch an edge like I have read that it does. Overall for me this is a great board. I don't do much park riding so I cannot speak for that but for free ride it is a great board.
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February 14, 2011
Burn down the mountain
This is my first high dollar snowboard, it was well worth the money. The burn has really good edge hold at high speeds or going down the steeps. Super stable at high speeds bombing down black diamonds at N* and other steep trails. On powder days it did good but it will leave your back leg burning. Cuts thru ice like its nothing. Has good pop to make your ollies higher. After a couple days od riding I noticed that around the binding mounts the topsheet was getting scratched off by the bindings. But since its under the bindings when riding you wont notice it. Other than that its a really good board that will enhance your skills or take them further
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May 3, 2010
Brilliant Board
I love how it looks and rides. Was great for the price, 70% off. It is very to contro
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May 1, 2010
Burn - Awesome!
After sitting on this board for about 8 months(bought it at the end of last season), I finally got to ride this weekend at Blue Mtn, Pa. Snowpack was a mix between man made pow, and hardpack/ice. Since it was my first time out for 8 months, I'm gunna chalk some of my first falls up to regaining my balance on a board, especially a new one.

My last board was a P-line. Great board for a beginner, flexible and forgiving.

As I said I took a tumble first couple turns with this new one because I think I was trying to initiate my turns real fast, and with my Pline's forgiving flex, I was able to do that. But this boards stiffness and edge didn't allow me to, at least at first.

Once I got going at speed, this thing had an iron grip on the mountain. I was very impressed with it's ability to not sketch out on turns at speed. And was able to hit some bumps that I woulda skidded on fallen on with my Pline.

I bought this board with the intent to progress my all mountain skills, and start picking up speed, and learn better edge control. I'm sure as this season rolls on, this board is going to allow me to really progress! Love it
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December 12, 2010
A Great all around board
I bought this board last year in the summer and got a great price! It rides so well in all conditions. I would recommend this board to any one that is looking to improve their riding. This board performs well in all conditions, from hard pack ice to powder. I ride in the the mid west(Indiana, Perfect North Slopes, to be exact)hard pack is common. this board handled it all .I rode out west this spring and was lucky to get two powder days, the board as great. I rode park and pipe and the board performed well. I would recommend this board to any one.
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July 4, 2010
Palmer - Burn
First off I got this board as a warranty return from last years model. Warranty service was a little hard to track down as HEAD handle the warranty issues for Palmer, but once i figured it out they were Awesome. Now on to the board. I am more of a All Mountain or Free Rider so i really dont spend much time in the park. When HEAD first told me what i was getting because my old board was now discontinued thought did cross my mind to sell the deck when i got it. Fortunately enough it looked so sweet I just had to take it out for a little taste. Thus far I have ridden it a couple of times in Utah and i have to say i like it very much. The board can storm the groomers and carves nice in the POW even though it is not a powder board. This board like all Palmers has great stiffness and is fast but can nose dive quick if the POW is over a foot and you lean too far forward (End of the Day Mistake). I really like the POP on the board and the edge hold is close to godliness. I would highly recommend this board to anyone who likes to go fast, hit nice drops, and wants a solid deck that rides harder than them. I wish i could give a better review on the park for this board but its just not my thing. However i am keeping the board and can hardly wait to ride it again
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January 13, 2010
This is the first board that I have ever owned, and it crushed all the rentals I've used by miles. It has great control and stability when I'm flying down the hill, and is light enough and flexible enough that I've started landing a few jumps here and there.
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December 29, 2010
Takes your riding to the next level
I had been riding a 5150 since I started boarding in 2002 and felt it was time to upgrade. I was looking for an all-mountain board as I prefer to bomb the hills, with some occasional park time. After shopping around for a while I decided on the Palmer Burn and I have not been disappointed. The board practically wants to turn, with very little rider effort. Even at high speeds the edges will hold, something that my old board definitely lacked. Overall, this board is gonna give you the ability to really up your skills all over the mountain!
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February 8, 2010
Feel the Burn
I'd have to agree with review of this board. All around freestyle board if by all around freestyle you mean enjoying the park as well as making the mountain your park. Medium/mild stiffness but still has excellent pop. Switch riding never felt so natural. Amazing control at high and slow speeds. Jib'ing machine. Light weight. Awesome edges. Extremely forgiving on under/over rotations and sketchy landings. Groomed/ungroomed with ease. Ice killer. Noticed ollie's are a bit higher. After two days of riding I'm not sure if its just over excitement but I feel like anything is possible with this board. Not that it matters, but the 2010 logo graphic is sick. I'm 6' 2 190 lbs and this is probably the most natural board I've ever ridden (though I haven't ridden a Custom X). Great all mountain and all around freestyle (slope style) board. Only thing I haven't tried is the pipe
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March 9, 2010
First run with the Palmer Burn
Just got back from Mammoth over the weekend and rode the Burn for the first time. This is a great board that handled well in the morning (icy) and in the afternoon (slushy). Before this trip, I never attempted park riding, but I tried some small jumps and table tops with this board, and those felt pretty easy to learn. So if you're a beginner trying to learn park, the Palmer Burn worked for me
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May 16, 2010
Gotta Love it!!
This was a huge upgrade from the Option Motive I was using two seasons ago. I bought this board and the Burton Cartels were on sale too so I said what the heck and bought em both. So the first day I got out I felt completely different than what I was used to. The board was nice and aggressive while I was bombing the hills and going through the trees. Love It!!
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November 3, 2010
Freestyle anyone?
I have used this board in all conditions, from deep powder and backcountry trails to well groomed pisted and cleanly cut kickers.

The board was origionally bought as a replacement for my previous board, a burton custom, although this met a sticky end after a badly rotated frontflip ended in a cracked tail.

I needed a board for all mountain however i use it alot in the snowdome practising rails and kickers for the occasional comp.

The board having the klothoid (multiple radius) sidecut and stiff centre allowed the board to cut well into gromed and icy pistes greatly helping it all mountain ability.

Once in the park the twin tip shape furthers the opportunities for switch riding and the flexible tips help with presses and general buttering.

In the powder is the only time when i felt i had to work hard with this board, however this was mainly due to the wide stance i had setup and the length (154. Even with this poor setup with just a bit more weight on the back foot the board floated well and took me off some drop offs comfortably
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October 1, 2010
Light freestyle board with good control
One day of riding on this board. My point of this - 4. Good control on a highspeed - it is comfortable to ride fast. But board is not soft for a freestyle - butters is not as deep as I want. Maybe need a smaller size (I ride on a 157).
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February 27, 2011
Refreshingly fun board
So I finally hooked up a new board after riding the same Salomon for a bunch of years. I'm more of a powder snob but wanted an all mountain freestyle for spring park fun and cruising with my 9 year old son. I typically ride a 164 but went with the Burn in a 160. First impression on a 12 pow day is fun. I like the feel of a softer board. Switch riding is so much easier than my old board and I can finally do butters. Ollies are big and landings seem forgiving. The only down side is its not quite fast enough for some of the flats on Mt. Hood. That is more of a Meadows problem though. Bombing runs leaves me a little bit meh. Not as stable at high speeds but edges hold well enough. Maybe I should have got the 162......but then again I dig the maneuverability. It does float surprisingly well in the powder. I like it. Great all arounder.......and a steal of a deal!
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April 12, 2010
good board for carving
I'm a beginner boarder who's never had his own proper gear before this season, so this review should be noted as such.
I'm also about 5'8'' and 145 pounds, pretty lean. Did buy the Palmer Burn for myself, but ended up riding it less than a 152 Nitro Runaway Gullwing (yeah, girl's board). The Burn is a 158 hence a little on the big side for me. It was used on the groomed slopes @ Mt. Buller, Australia on very slushy/wet conditions. It was paired with Unihere bindings. I used it less than the other board but still can compare the two.
Compared to the Nitro, the Burn is extremely fast! It floats so well and it can carve like crazy! I think it also holds an edge better.
The downside is that it's hard to control at high speeds (by me, at least) and it is quite stiff. To make a comparison, the burn is very latino - fast, easy to control (when you respect your level with it) and lots of fun, whereas the Nitro is quite soft and compliant, and you can do anything you want without getting your head bitten off.
When going too fast or being disrespected, the Burn definitely grows teeth and throws you around like nobody's business.
Overall, I would recommend this board (maybe a couple of sizes smaller?) to someone that knows what they're doing or wants to learn the dangerous way. I wouldn't take it in the park, but on the slopes it's a lot of fun (and possibly predicament). It's a great board for the purpose!
Probably as a downside it should be mentioned that it doesn't have a wrap-around edge hence it may be prone to splitting at the ends if hit hard or used in the park.
Oh, and I got it on 70% discount. How cool was that
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August 22, 2010
Great All Round Board
Borrowed this board off a mate for a few days cause i broke mine was a good allround board. Thought it was a little bit too stiff when i went to play in the park. The board is easy to ride and i enjoyed riding it. The price for the board is cheap for the quality.
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June 21, 2011
"Great board, difficult warranty"
First off, I loved my Palmer snowboard. Probably my favorite all around snowboard that I've ever ridden. However mine did end up breaking on me, and when it came time to redeem the warranty, it seemed next to impossible. They've stopped all warranty dealings in the United States and I had to call around and eventually got the email for some lady in Germany who was unwilling to replace the board. So I do recommend the board, but it is risky to have such a difficult warranty process, so just be aware
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June 13, 2011
Great Board!
i rode this board for all of the 09/10 season. DO NOT TAKE THIS BOARD IN THE PARK!!!!! i worked at a small local mountain by me (not even 250 vertical feet) and i dont ride very hard and 3 weeks into december my edge split off the board and peeled the base off (btw palmers customer service is excellent and sent me a brand new one for free within the week). After that i didnt hit the park with it again and i never had ANY problems. That being said THIS BOARD EFFIN RIPS!!!! i have never felt so comfortable or stable on a board going fast, even though i dropped down a size. This board is great and i highly recommend it for those who just like ripping the trails at high speed
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May 10, 2010

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