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Burton Custom Snowboard

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Type: All Mountain
  • Directional

Description: Burton Custom Snowboard

Burton''s tried and true shape that has stood the test of time for decades. The shape that everyone knows with all the goodies we expect from Burton like their Grip and Rip tune, Carbon I-Beam and Infinite Ride. A directional board that is just as comfortable in the park as it is in the waist deep powder of the back country with an exceptionally fast base you will always be ready for whatever the mountain has to offer.

Key Features of the Burton Custom Snowboard:
  • Gondola Package
  • The Channel
  • Camber
  • SHAPE: Directional
  • FLEX: Twin
  • CORE: Super Fly II Core with Dualzone EGD and Negative Profile
  • FIBERGLASS: Triax Fiberglass, Lightning Bolts, and Carbon I-Beam
  • BASE: Sintered WFO
  • EDGES: NEW Frostbite Edges with Grip and Rip Tune
  • SIDEWALLS: 10:45
  • EXTRAS: NEW Progressively Wider Waist Widths, Pro-Tip, and Infinite Ride
Length (cm) 151 154 156 158 163
Effective Edge (cm) 115.25 118.25 120.25 122.25 126.75
Tip Width (cm) 28.9 29.41 29.58 29.75 30.22
Tail Width (cm) 28.9 29.41 29.58 29.75 30.22
Waist Width (cm) 24.8 25.2 25.3 25.4 25.7
Sidecut (m) 7.52 7.73 7.87 8.01 8.31

Discontinued Colors

Burton ICS channel boards will only work with Burton EST, Burton 3-hole or other ICS compatible bindings.
Burton 3-hole boards will only work with non-EST Burton bindings or other 3-hole compatible bindings.


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  • "Great Board!!"

    , AL
    Pros: Looks Sick, reliable, Fast and holds good Cons: Scratches easily, expensive,

    I bought the board in 2010 on sale and I didnt have much experience, this didnt stop me from telling that it was a great board. Expensive? Yes, but for sure worth the money. Good edges, has squeezebox, and looks sick.

  • "SWAG Stick "

    , AL
    Pros: Pop, Control, Stable Cons: Hard to butter , Hard to press, catching an edge

    I got this board when I was 13 or 14. I liked it a lot and its lasted me for 3 seasons. Feels the same as it did on day 1. Not the best for jibbing, but great on jumps, halfpipe, and powder.

  • "Great free ride board"

    , Rochester, NY
    Pros: Stiff, Cons: not flexible,

    this is a good board if you arent a park kid. its alright if your in the park a litte but sucks all day in the park. great for fresh groomers and buttering!

  • "Awesome board"

    Pros: Stable, Holds edge well, Cons:

    I've gone out twice with this board and it's been great. It holds edges really well and feels real nice and stable at higher speeds.

  • "Great board"

    , AL
    Pros: light , Fast, cool graphics Cons:

    I own this board and i like it. it is a great board for any rider.

  • "Custon Flying V"

    , New Britain, CT
    Pros: Burton, Cons: non,

    I had a Costum-V that broke, I got this as a replacement. Graphic is awsome and I am sure riding it will be an out of this world experience.

  • "its just amazing"

    Pros: it has alot of control, its good for all riders using it, its has alot of speed Cons: it turns badly at high speeds, its really heavy, it is bad for powder

    its just amazing all around good board i demo.d this board its really meant for all rider its has alot of flex which i loved about it. i would recommend this board to anyone

  • "custom"

    , Bloomingtion, IN
    Pros: solid ride, Cons:

    i got to ride this in 158 and im 5'10 160. i think it was a little too big for me but it was still a smooth ride. it killed it on the whole mountain but felt kinda stiff but thats probably cuz it was too big for me.

  • "2011 Burton Custom Snowboard - Men's"

    , Laurel, MD
    Pros: fast, fast, fast Cons:

    Get it. It would never disappoint you. You will realize why so many people want to have Burton's Custom.

  • "Spectacular Board!"

    Pros: Lightweight, Extremely Stable, Awesome Design, ICS, Cons: None!,

    I have had the Custom 148 for the past 2 years and it has failed to disappoint me on the slopes. Definitely worth the price investment over basic boards. Looking back, however, I should have bought the next size up, 151. Any wants to trade?

  • "Excellent"

    Pros: Easy to ride, Cons: None,

    Love this board. Great for noobs like me 2010 model

  • "Get it"

    , Santa Cruz, CA
    Pros: Super stable, Fast, Cons:

    My brother has one of these, he let me ride it for three months while he was at school. First off, this board is extremely stable. Even at full speed there was hardly any to no chatter and it actually felt more stable as I would pick up speed. It also seems to dominate in even in less than perfect conditions, slush, ice, etc. If I had the money, I would definitely buy one.

  • "Burton Custom"

    Pros: Forgiving edges, Stable at speed, Cons:

    I demo'd this board at Killington in Vermont. So many reviews have said that it has awful traction on ice but Killington is very icy and i didnt find this same problem. Just have to ease up on your edge as you hit a patch of ice. Only real problem i had was getting used to the edge hold, it was a little bit of an odd feeling at first but by the end of the day it felt normal. Great board overall in my opinion, would definitely recommend for anyone who wants a more advanced board

  • "awesome board for the price"

    Pros: i love the color scheme, no high-speed chatter, the channel system is great Cons: not the fastest, not the most responsive, not so good holding an edge on ice

    Me: 6'2, 240lbs. The board: 165cm Wide. Boot size: 13. Binding size: Large I bought this board back when so it was 50% off last year so my review is for a 2010 model. I have demo'd the 2011 model and it feels exactly the same to me so this review applies to the 2011 as well. The easy part is the bad stuff, it isn't the fastest nor the most responsive. I would say it's about 2 steps below the speed of a T6 and noticeably less responsive and softer. Another gripe is I wish it held a better edge on ice, but it doesn't. I know there isn't much I can do about it because my edges are very sharp and it doesn't seem to improve that situation much. The good stuff: say what you will about the color scheme but mine came with black, yellow, red, green, white, blue, and orange stripes on it with C-U-S-T-O-M on the bottom in contrasting colors. I think it's awesome and it's my favorite color scheme of all the boards I've owned thus far. It has just the right amount of stiffness to hold an edge on groomers and enough pop to hit jumps and boxes and get some good air. I never experienced any high-speed chatter like I have with other boards and it flows nicely on groomers. It also does surprisingly well on chopped up snow where I used to catch an edge. The Channel System is the best I've ever tried and I'm never looking back. The adjustability is seemingly infinite and so far the channel system seems very durable and able to take all the force I put into it. Even at only a 20% discount right now I'd definitely buy this board again if I were in the market and I'd recommend it to anyone from a newbie just starting out to an intermediate snowboarder. I'd recommend it to park boarders too but you should probably size down as normal when selecting a board. I wouldn't recommend it to advanced riders because it may feel too soft and ride too slow for their tastes.

  • "Still the One"

    , New York, NY
    Pros: Fast, Camber, Edge Hold Cons:

    The Custom has always killed all over the mountain and the 2011 version is no different. This deck can truly go anywhere, from first tracks in the deep stuff to icy groomers straight into the park and pipe. Mach speeds are no problem on this camber board and it holds an edge superbly. This deck is so much fun, if I really had to choose one board, it would be this one.

  • "Really great board"

    , Miami, FL
    Pros: Flex is great, Stability, EST ( The channel ) Cons:

    this is a great almost clasical board from Burton. it feel good on powder, Stable on real speed with all terrain. perfecto to intermediat to Pro skills. I try it once just for pleasure and I love it, like all Burton boards it's good for Switching rinding and performance at park it's awesome. the channel it's a good option to adjust the bindings on the road.I recommend this board!

  • "Custom 156"

    , Modesto, CA
    Pros: Great board for riding freestyle/all mountain, Stable at high speeds, Cons: Flex/camber makes it more difficult to butter,

    I purchased the custom 156 at the beginning of last season and used it often (I ride 20-30 days/year). Excellent board for covering the entire mountain. Great for hitting jumps and throwing tricks, but its more of a freestyle board than a park board. The flex is middle of the road. Its a directional board but still very easy to ride switch. If youre looking for a camber board to do it all, the custom is for you. Id also recommend using burton bindings w/ the custom to take full advantage of the EST system.

  • "Custom 160"

    Pros: super stable at high speeds, easy to trust its stability in difficult terrain, nice look and overall feel Cons: a little hard to push this board around at the , top of Mammoth but it may just take some getting , used to the length at 160.

    I demo'd this board at Mammoth last week with Cartel bindings and brand new Jeremy Johnson boots. The conditions were hard packed, chunky and icy but it loosened up more at the top of the mountain. The Custom was very stable and super fast. This board seems to slam through the crust effortlessly and had minimal if no wobble whatsoever at high speeds in some pretty bumpy terrain. I am going to buy this board and ride the crap out of it for the rest of the season.

  • "CUSTOM"

    Pros: Solid, Good edge hold, WOW!!!!! Cons: can feel unstable,

    Tried this board at the weekend. Loved it. I am currently riding a Burton Aura, which in all fairness is a bit too fast for me at the moment, so riding the Custom made for a much nicer experience. I found the stability a bit of a problem on rough terrain and clipped my edges a few times which sent me flying, but all in all I had probably test best weekends riding that I ever had. The way it holds in icy carving is incredible, and it certainly increased my confidence levels on the icy terrain. I am hitting the slopes on a Custom X next weekend, looking forward to trying that out (my friends say its an awesome bit of equipment to have strapped to your feet)!!

  • "Custom"

    , Dartmouth, MA
    Pros: Great at high speeds, Easy to carve with, All Mtn killer Cons: Stiff,

    I have had the 2010 board for almost a year now and I love it. It really is the best all Mtn board out there especially with ics. The board is very stiff but this board wasn't made for the park so who cares. Great for carving and linking turns this board is so much fun. Best all Mtn board out there in my opinion.

  • "Pretty Nice"

    , Janesville, WI
    Pros: Flex, Pop, Cons: Carving,

    Me and my buddy swapped out boards and I got to ride his custom. I had switched from my Skunk Ape and the custom seemed to have some pretty close flex and pop, but i wasn't able to carve as easily, I had much more trouble going down an icy groomed run, and almost felt as if I was slipping the whole way. Other than that, the board was very stable under high speeds and I felt very comfortable with it.

  • "Burton Custom 2010"

    , AL
    Pros: Good all round board, Cons: Does not really excell in one single thing, Burton bindings ,

    The custom is a pretty good board. It does almost everything and you can ride it anywhere. It's pretty good at everything, but does not really excell in one single thing. I ride in the east coast icy condition and was disappointed with it's edge hold. Burton's frost bite edge is overhype. If you want a great all round board try the Lib Tech's TRS C2 BTX 2010.

  • "Consistent Quality"

    , AL
    Pros: good flex, light, Cons: a little narrow,

    This is an overall great board. I own a custom that is about 6 years old, so I thought I would demo this board. Still feels really similar, light, easy to maneuver. My only beef with customs is that they are a little narrow in the middle, so if you are in icier conditions (east coast), its a bit easy to lose an edge.

  • "All-mountain wonder"

    , AL
    Pros: very responsive, great pop off jumps, clean look Cons:

    What more is there to say, that hasn't been said already? If you're looking to step up your game on the mountain, then look no further than the Custom. M6 channels for unlimited stance settings and great feedback when paired with EST bindings. The frostbite edges chew through icy hardpack, and the board has ridiculously fast edge to edge transitions. Awesome board, can't say enough about it.

  • "Custom 156"

    , AL
    Pros: solid all mountain, excellent ride feel, Cons: cant ride with large feet (11+), not a park board,

    i've had my customs for about 4 years now and love how it feels on groomed/ungroomed/powder/icy. although i've been told the lack of flex on this board, it gave enough flex for my needs while just riding down or a bit of park. cant say how it handles on rails since i dont do too many rails. the complaint was from a guy who loved to press on boxes so.... anyways, i can definitely say there is a good amount of pop off jumps. i've tried other boards, burton king, nitro, forums (all within reasonable price ranges as mine), and no board had that pop i was looking for. definitely handles speed well and light on its feet. quick turns and responsive. i would definitely buy this again (although my model's design left a little to be desired...)

  • "very fast"

    , NY
    Pros: good pow, very fast, Cons: bad on ice,

    Took me a short while to get comfortable with this board but once I did I fell in love. This board is so quick and responsive in all types of terrain. Rides well in powder also. The flexibility of the rockered center gives you great feel and when you sit back on the tail it's like hitting the gas pedal! Extremely stable & fast. Not great on ice but what board is.

  • "From Freestyle to Freeride"

    , Los Angeles, CA
    Pros: Stable in high speed, great traction on ice, fast and smooth edge to edge transition, EST, Solid pop, Good quality material, fast base,Design Cons: Pricy, stiffer than 2010,

    Starting from 2007 burton custom has been making its transition from freeride to freestyle. In 2010 the v-rocker came out and make its way to the reverse camber catagories. What's next? This year they have the flying-V and the camber custom to cater both freestyle and freeride. I borrowed this from my friend for a day to test it out after riding on my 2010 ltd V-rocker. This stick is much stiffer than the v-rocker. And had to fight to make the nose/tail presses. However, it's way more stable at high speed carving. The edge to edge transition is really good. It's an icy condition but the grip of the edge is awesome. I didn't try buttering with it. The pop is solid and it's quite forgiving in landing. I would say this is a very good freeriding board with lots of freestyling options. But definitely the best jibbing board, guess you can get the flying-V instead if you are custom fan for 2011. Only 1 cons, it's quite pricy consider you can get a lot of boards out there with its price.

  • "The best !"

    Pros: Very stable board, Flex where it needs it, Awesome in any condition Cons: little heavy,

    This is one of the best boards I have ever ridden, Its great in any condition even on some iced trails. Coming into 2011, I got this board vs alot of other boards due to alot of recommendations. I rode this at high speeds, through powder, and through ice conditions and it has been very very good to me. The only complaint that I have is that the board is a little heavy to whip around on jumps but other than that, I am in love.

  • "Custom 2009 ICS 162"

    , Irvine, CA
    Pros: ICS/EST setup, Good board to progress with, Cons: Price,

    A great board to progress with. Bought it after my first season in 2009 and have greatly improved since then. Friends recommended this to me over the beginner Burton Clash and Bullet so that I wouldn't get over it once I improved. They were right and I feel like this board can handle anything I throw at it.

  • "Just simply amazing!"

    Pros: Right stiffness, Design, Cons:

    What can I say? This board is just amazing! There's a reason why this is Burton's signature and most popular board. If you're ever in doubt with what high-end snowboard you want to buy, here's the perfect answer. I packaged the Custom with the Cartels and Driver X and I shred it hard. There's nothing this board can't handle. I never have to worry about this board giving out on me at high speed. A definite must buy!

  • "A fun Demo"

    Pros: Good amount of flex, Responsive, Stable at high speeds Cons: Weight,

    I got the chance to demo this last weekend, and I must say it was a fun ride. The conditions were pretty icy, so I opted for the positive camber version. I must say I wasn't disappointed. It held edge nicely even with a ton of ice. It had a good amount of flex to it, I had fun doing butters with this thing. I'll admit it was harder to ride than my board, but bear in mind I've only ridden demos and my reverse camber postermania, so this was a switch for me. All in all I recommend this board, it's a good all around board.

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