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Rome Artifact Rocker Snowboard 150

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Description: Rome Artifact Rocker Snowboard 150

A flat zone between your feet and rockered tip and tail make this Rome Artifact Rocker Snowboard lock in on presses and slides. First designed six years ago, the Artifact is the OG of jib-specific snowboards, now it's got technology to. The Glass Reverse V-Stringers add ollie power without compromising the mellow torsional flex while the Three-degree Jib Edge Bevel offers catch-free sliding and the QuickGrip sidecut uses three sidecuts and two extra contact points for better grip and smoother turns at any speed. Still a buttery-ass board, it's LNP's choice if he knows he'll be spinning onto rails.

Key Features of the Rome Artifact Rocker Snowboard:
  • Impact Core Matrix
  • StraightBiax Laminate
  • Impact Base
  • Glass Reverse-V Stringer Technology
  • QuickGrip Sidecut
  • Glass Impact Plates
  • Jib Edge Bevel
  • Length(cm): 150
  • Effective Edge(cm): 117
  • Tip/Tail Width(cm): 28.9
  • Waist Width(cm): 24.8
  • Sidecut Depth: 20.5

Artifact Rocker

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  • "spreading that butter"

    , American Canyon, CA
    Pros: responsive, aggressive, soft, flexy, floaty, , light, poppy, edge hold, playfull, Cons: chatters at high speed,

    this is one of the funnest boards for me for all-mtn. yea, it can feel not too stable at very high speeds, but it's just fun messing around all over the mtn. it have great edge hold, so high speeds is not too much of a problem. is very responsive and can feel aggressive too even though is a RC. butters and presses are super easy. great jibber. it's also poppy for its RC. i'll like something stiffer for big kickers though. it's very light as well. floats fine on pow and cuts through tree runs with ease. its an over all playful soft all-mtn. board.


    , AL
    Pros: Presses are easy as pie, Soft, Super Buttery Cons: none,

    Great board for park but when it comes to the park not so good. I got this board basically for it's reviews and all of them were right! This board is amazing.

  • "Awesome park board!"

    , Tanja, NSW
    Pros: Flexiness, , Super buttery, Rocker! Cons:

    Have been riding this board for about 2 weeks now, and surprised at its ability to improve your rail and box riding. super buttery, easy as to press and not to bad for kickers too, - tho i wouldn't take this off anything bigger than 30 ft, as its super noodley. Also, less chattery at high speeds than i wouldve thought!

  • "Rome Artifact Rocker 150"

    , Sydney, NSW
    Pros: light,soft,fun,poppy, Cons: doesnt handle high speeds,bad graphic,

    great fun board for butters and playing around in the park,Didnt handle high speeds very well,Had a fair bit of pop.its the softest board i have ever ridden and along with the rocker design it makes it perfect for park riding.I wouldnt recomend charging big jumps on it though.

  • "crazy park board!"

    Pros: pressy, soft, jibtastic Cons: none,

    my friend just bought this board and he let me try it out and i immediately fell in love with it. I thought my tail presses were good before until i tryed to press with this board and realized it was like cheating haha, i definitely recommend this board

  • "Great Board"

    , Hartford, SD
    Pros: Flexible, Sweetest Graphics, Cons:

    Ok, I would have to disagree with the guy who last wrote the review that said this board is the most flexible on the market. I have the signal park rocker and after knowing several people who have this board and having tried it through them, I would say the signal park rocker knocks this board out of the park. But with that said, this board also has its advantages over the other most flexible boards on the market. This board is actually surprising stable for jumps and yet can work perfect on rails and boxes. You can pull long manuals and crazy butters with this board without a doubt. Also, this graphics on this board are definately not your everyday graphics, making this board a real contender for one the best park boards out there.

  • "Super Flexy"

    , Malua Bay, NSW
    Pros: good flex, mmmmm butter, Cons:

    Fun board to ride on those non-pow days, not a fan of just riding groommers so when theres no pow ill be at the park, this board can't do everything, and its not supposed too, it keeps u from going insane when theres no fresh.

  • "Great Ride!"

    , Stonington, CT
    Pros: Smooth Ride, Great Controll, Durable Cons: None the i Found,

    This is a great board I demo'd it one time and I had a great day. It was a great ride and was easy to carve and handled the jumps and jibs very well and i had great overall control. Even in the pow i had good control and it was a good ride. This is a great board and a great ride. It is a little pricey but it is worth it if you are looking to ride a great board.

  • "Rome Artifact Rocker 156"

    Pros: Lightweight, Flexible, Easy to ride Cons: Aesthetically discomforting,

    Last weekend I rode the Rome Artifact Rocker 156 board with Contact Union bindings in Big Bear, CA. This board is flexible and feels great on jibs. It has a good pop for the small and medium sized jumps on Lift 5. This board feels very loose when riding, so it's super easy to spin and butter. When performing backside 180’s I found that I really needed to focus on landing blind in order to prevent reverting. This is an extremly playful and forgiving board. I don’t care for the graphics too much, but I bought this board for the way it rides, not for how it looks.

  • "Flexyy"

    , Dartmouth, MA
    Pros: Amazing Flex, Sick Graphics, Cons: Not All mtn,

    If you are looking for all mtn dont get this board. This is a park board. This thing can bend in half with its flex(not really but close). Amazing for rails and boxes or pretty much anything in the park. This is the best only park board in my opinion.

  • "Jib Legend"

    , Dartmouth, MA
    Pros: Soft, So much fun, Easy to jib Cons: not all mountain,

    this is an amazing board for the park and buttering. Softest board i have rode this year.

  • "Seriously fun"

    , Newenden, AL
    Pros: super flexy and fun, buttering king and mega presses, very light weight Cons: cant do high speed carves too well, sketchy over messy bumpy snow,

    It is such a fun board, the most fun board I have ever used/owned. As you would expect it is super easy to press and its really light so you can bounce around all over the place. The pop is awesome, I can ollie higher on this than on my Burton Custom. Amazing on rails, you can press it so easily and bevelled edge and bronze rails stop you catching your edge. These are also wicked when jibbing as you rarely catch your edge and you can slide round so easily. I was worried that it may be too flexi for big kickers (15m+ gap) but its actually pretty good and stable enough, if you dont quite land correct it just slides round, not mega suppotive if you land a bit to tail heavy and it can wash out if you are too far on your edge. If you over rotate or are not totally locked in on a landing you sometimes slide around another 180 on landing. Really good for flips and rodeos as its so light you can get inverted really easily. It also pretty good in the pow, its just a 153 but as its rockerd and so flexi you put the pressure on the back leg and the nose bends up. Obviously not the best but its still good enough, I have a larger rull rocker board for pow days but still use the artifact for sneaky pow runs On piste you can go super fast but it will be a bit stetchy, only really good riders will be able to hold this board at very high speeds. It doesnt do big hard carves at very high speed as it cant hold its rail, you just have to straight line it! Most of time is can be carved fine and gripy pretty well. I was suprised that is wasnt bad in the pipe for such a flexi board, but holds it rail well and its so light that you can just throw it around. Overall this board is seriously fun, as a jib, rail and park board it is totally SICK!!!!

  • "Good Board"

    Pros: Good All-around park, Cons: TERRIBLE design,

    This board was great. It had a great feel and rode all the park well, but the only thing keeping me from wanting it is the, in my opinion, TERRIBLE design.

  • "wowzers"

    , Yonkers, NY
    Pros: flex, buttery, Cons:

    Demo'd this board last winter annd this board has the most flex ive ever ridden. pure park board no if and or buts. if your into rails and buttering, this board is for you

  • "flexability"

    Pros: super flexible, soft, durable Cons:

    ok i call this board the ruber band board because out of my seven decks this one is just the most flexible little jibbing board of its kind. and for the price you will not be dissapointed.

  • "Fun board"

    , ARVADA, CO
    Pros: great for jibs, great for butters, Cons: not very stable while bombing ,

    Fun board to screw around on.Freestyle around the mountain. Had good time in pow with this board too.If you want a board to hit the park it's a good choice

  • "Great Park board"

    , Lafayette, CO
    Pros: Soft , Cons: Chatters at speed,

    Use this board for park days and it is solid. Not the best for going fast as the board tends to chatter.

  • "Buttered!"

    , Ruse, NSW
    Pros: Even flex, pop, virtually catch-free Cons:

    I used this board about 5-6 times this season, and all in all it was the best board i've ever ridden. I had the 2010 artifact and this one is by far a better product, there is just more pop and an even amount of flex, as i found the 2010 model too flexy. I used this for mainly jumps and buttering. Pop is outstanding for a rocker and buttering is effortless, and also catch-free when butter pressing.

  • "Jib is still best"

    , AL
    Pros: light, flexible, tons of pop Cons:

    This was a board by rome, first of its kind with the whole jib thing. It was made to take lots of abuse while going a lot of days and not having to spend money over and over again. This Artifact Rocker stays pretty similar with its tradition but with added benefits and features like the QuickRip Sidecut, Glass Impact Plates and Jib Rocker. The Artifact Rocker is one of the most fun boards that Rome has. Even when the snow is hard as a rock, this board allows you to have tons of fun. Not the best for an all mountain board, but when taking this to the park you will not regret.

  • "Best jib board"

    , Prince george, BC
    Pros: soft and playful, price, new Quickrip Cons:

    I rode my friends and loved it now im looking to buy one in my opinion best street jib board ever mmade


    Pros: super soft, decent pop, Cons:

    I had the opportunity to DEMO this board last season and i fell in love with it, the board was not hard to get used to. it felt natural. great flex, love the graphics, and definitely getting this board this season.

  • "dont know about this one"

    , hanover, NH
    Pros: super soft, sick graphic , rocker Cons: same reasons as pros,

    the artifact is one of my favorite decks, its the best for rails and medium jummps in my opnion. the only thin it misses is the pop. adding the rocker to the board makes it even more smoother, but kills the pop, dont get this board if you want an all around board or even a big boy park board. rails and small jumps for sure though.

  • "Rocker rocks"

    Pros: Soft but controllable., Forgiving., Cons: Not so great on groomers.,

    I demo'd this board at Mt Hood and loved it. Tried several other rockers and kept coming back to this one. The flat base between the bindings helps keep it controllable so you can still carve with speed, and not just wash out around the turns. Loved it.

  • "Hyphy"

    , Brooklyn, NY
    Pros: Soft, Fun, Cons: not for all mountain,

    This is the undeniably the softest board on the market, none rival it's playful flex perfect for urban riding. I demoed this thing at Windells, session 1, so I was the first person to ride it at the camp. I was 120 pounds and 5 foot 7 at the time and it was significantly softer than my 151 Salomon Salvatore Sanchez (salomon's softest board). My Salomon had been ridden for over 40 days at the time and was pretty flexed out. The brand new Rome Artifact was softer right out of the box, granted I did demo the 147 but it was perfect for learning 5-0s and blunts on down rails. I would recommend this board to anyone who rides a lot of Urban or loves to hike the rail line. As for the cons, I was pretty sketched out hauling into the jump line in chunked up slush. But anyways this thing is great for rails and Hyphy as hell.

  • "Rome Rips It"

    , fort collins, CO
    Pros: Soft yet capable of all mountain, Cons:

    I would recommend this board to someone who treats the whole mountain as a park. Not looking to bomb runs everywhere but looking to just have fun. It will carve great but doesn't have the pop in and out of the turns like some of the other boards in their lineup. I would gladly take this as my everyday board. I like the tip and tail pop and the torsional flex makes the board buttery fun. I had never ridden an Artifact before and now I am sad that I haven't. This board ranks in my top 5 for park boards that I have tried out'a couple more days on it and it might start pushing for number 1.

  • "Butteryness Yo!"

    , Saint Louis, MO
    Pros: Reverse Camber, Soft , easy pop Cons: little unstable at high speeds,

    I demo'ed this board in Keystone, super buttery. A little unstable at high speeds, and not so great in the slush. But its an awesome jib board, can't wait to get one of these.

  • "Rome scores big with this!"

    , west deptford, NJ
    Pros: POP!, BUTTER!, EDGEHOLD! Cons:

    This past winter, i had a chance to demo this deck. i fell in love about an eighth of the way through my first run. the edgehold was sick for a park board, and it even cruised through some leftover powder well. the amount of pop surprised me as well. even though this years artifact rocker holds up to all mountain riding much better than years prior, the press-ability and butterability of this board are still the same. Best Rome board i have ever ridden, hands down.

  • "Jibtastic!!"

    Pros: Buttery, Cons: Too soft for larger features,

    Really great jib board. Dont even think about riding this thing in an icy halfpipe you will be disapointed. Great urban board and it's perfect for small-medium features. Great board for a beginner since its soft+rocker!

  • "Rome Artifact Rocker"

    , Auckland, AUK
    Pros: Buttery, Presses Easily, Sturdy Cons: Doesn't go well when boosting, Washy on jumps,

    This board is all around fun fun when do jibs and butters and can be extended to jumps. However if do not expect great performance from it if you are to take it to larger sized jumps. But then you probably already know that your looking for a jib board if you're considering this board.

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