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Lib Tech Skate Banana BTX Snowboard

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Description: Lib Tech Skate Banana BTX Snowboard

The Lib Tech Skate Banana BTX Snowboard - The Original All Terrain All Conditions Quiver Killing Freestyle Banana / Magne-Traction Series. Remember 2006, the year every other board became an antique!

Key Features of the Lib Tech Skate Banana BTX Snowboard:
  • Twin geometries
  • H-Pop core with banana specific core profile
  • Power transfer internal sidewalls
  • Banana Magne-Traction
  • Too many awards to list
  • Flex 3-6 (depending on size)
Dimenstions of the Lib Tech Skate Banana BTX Snowboard 149 Gray:
  • Effective Edge(cm): 111
  • Tip/Tail Width(cm): 28
  • Waist Width(cm): 24.2
  • Sidecut(m): 8.1 BTX

Dimenstions of the Lib Tech Skate Banana BTX Snowboard 149 Yellow:
  • Effective Edge(cm): 111
  • Tip/Tail Width(cm): 28.4
  • Waist Width(cm): 24.7
  • Sidecut(m): 8.1 BTX

Dimenstions of the Lib Tech Skate Banana BTX Snowboard 152 Gray:
  • Effective Edge(cm): 114
  • Tip/Tail Width(cm): 28.9
  • Waist Width(cm): 25.2
  • Sidecut(m): 8.2 BTX

Dimenstions of the Lib Tech Skate Banana BTX Snowboard 154 Gray:
  • Effective Edge(cm): 115
  • Tip/Tail Width(cm): 29
  • Waist Width(cm): 25.3
  • Sidecut(m): 8.2 BTX

Dimenstions of the Lib Tech Skate Banana BTX Snowboard 156 Gray:
  • Effective Edge(cm): 117
  • Tip/Tail Width(cm): 29.5
  • Waist Width(cm): 25.5
  • Sidecut(m): 8.3 BTX

Dimenstions of the Lib Tech Skate Banana BTX Snowboard 159 Gray:
  • Effective Edge(cm): 120
  • Tip/Tail Width(cm): 29.7
  • Waist Width(cm): 25.5
  • Sidecut(m): 8.4 BTX

Dimenstions of the Lib Tech Skate Banana BTX Snowboard 152 Yellow:
  • Effective Edge(cm): 114
  • Tip/Tail Width(cm): 28.9
  • Waist Width(cm): 25.2
  • Sidecut(m): 8.2 BTX

Dimenstions of the Lib Tech Skate Banana BTX Snowboard 154 Yellow:
  • Effective Edge(cm): 115
  • Tip/Tail Width(cm): 29
  • Waist Width(cm): 25.3
  • Sidecut(m): 8.2 BTX

Dimenstions of the Lib Tech Skate Banana BTX Snowboard 156 Yellow:
  • Effective Edge(cm): 117
  • Tip/Tail Width(cm): 29.5
  • Waist Width(cm): 25.5
  • Sidecut(m): 8.3 BTX

Dimenstions of the Lib Tech Skate Banana BTX Snowboard 159 Yellow:
  • Effective Edge(cm): 120
  • Tip/Tail Width(cm): 29.7
  • Waist Width(cm): 25.5
  • Sidecut(m): 8.4 BTX

Skate Banana BTX

Customer Reviews | Add Your Review!

  • "The banana"

    , NEW YORK, NY
    Pros: flexible, forgiving edge, lots of pop Cons: everyone has one,

    half my friends have this board which deters me from getting it. they all love it so far. it's a fun board with flex and pop that just make you want to mess around with new things.

  • "killer board"

    Pros: magne traction, v rocker, Cons: i guess redundant if your non ice coast,

    This deck is fire. I've been demoing this board for the past few days and have a chance to ride it in almost every condition. Digs in on hard pack and floats through the powder. I haven't found one spot where this board doesn't feel great.

  • "Amazing!"

    , AL
    Pros: Control, Flex, Edges Cons:

    This board is amazing that is all i can say the price is cheep for the quality you get out of it. They found a way to give you decent pop with perfect felx.

  • "Steezy"

    , AL
    Pros: super steezy, rides smooth, Cons: nothing,

    the curvy edges hook onto the the east coast icy slopes very well

  • "banana"

    , AL
    Pros: light weight, extremely flexable, Cons:

    i like this board a lot in the park. you can whip spins around like nothing on this board and have your way with it on all types of jibs.. with my experience this board doesn't handle too well at high speeds

  • "perfect snowboard"

    , Vancouver, WA
    Pros: flexible, light, fun to ride with! Cons:

    i used my friends and it felt amazing i loved it. i wanna buy my own one day.

  • "Banarama!!!"

    , adelaide, SA
    Pros: easy to ride, love that banana feel, what edge? Cons: not a bomber, maybe to much steeze?,

    anywhere you want to ride, remember to bring a banana, not only are they a great source of potassium (big muscles) but also vitamin B6, lack of this can cause serious lack of energy!!! the Banana is 'the new man's best friend'

  • "Sick stick"

    , AL
    Pros: Edge Hold, Quick Turns, Stability Cons: BTX holds too good of an edge sometimes,

    Got to ride this board once a week ago. First lib tech board I ever rode and WOW is all I can say. I absolutely love the BTX techology. This thing is a beautiful ride. Groomers, pow, kickers, it'll do it all.

  • "An awesome noodle board!"

    , Ada, MI
    Pros: super snappy, good control, Cons: None!,

    This board is awesome for the rider who an all exclusive park board. Its super flexy with its rocker shape( Lib Tech was the creater of the rocker!).

  • "Pretty Good"

    , Spokane, WA
    Pros: Magnetraction, Banana , Cons: Slow speed on flatter ground,

    Have a 152 2010 which is exactly the same as 2011. Good board, but a little stiffer than I thought it would be. Edge hold is all it's hyped to be. I think the board does bog a little in the flats in my opinion.

  • "2 thumbs up!"

    , AL
    Pros: bananna technology, all mountain, looks sweet Cons:

    1st season with this board and loving it! Haven't experience any terrain I'm uncomfortable with it in and would suggest this board to any intermediate skilled rider.

  • "Awesome Board!!!"

    , Fond du Lac, WI
    Pros: Great Flex, Love the Magna Traction!!!, Reverse Camber=Catch Free Edge!!! Cons: None,

    I rode this board just 2 times and I loved it. Very lightweight and great flex while keeping great stability. Made rails much easier to press on with this board!!! Would recommend it to anyone!!!!

  • "Banana"

    , Boca Raton, FL
    Pros: easy to use, loose, ride it anywhere Cons: easy to wash out tail,

    I'v ridden this board now for 2 seasons, in both icy conditions and powder. I found it probably rides best in icier conditions or just fluffy snow rather than full on powder (could be my inexperience with the pow). A great board if you're into surfing - can turn on a dime and great to throw some snow around with. Only downside is it's sometimes overly loose, if throwing big turns at speed it easily spins out - meaning you're going to end up on your arse. Also it doesn't seem to have as much pop as other boards (could be me though).

  • "This board can do everything"

    , New York, NY
    Pros: Buttery Fresh, Magne Traction, Cons:

    I took this board out as a demo and fell in love with it, I tried a 156 (I'm 6'7''/240lbs) and felt at home on it, buttering like crazy and even taking it to high speeds on icy blacks. The edge hold on this board is really great thanks to the magne traction and the stability is very surprising given the noodly flex of this board. This board also works wonders in the park on all features from rails to jumps, and saved my sketchy landings a couple of times. I would definitely look to adding this to my quiver in the future.

  • "Shiggity Shwat?!?! "

    Pros: reverse camber, Magna Tracktion, Cons: Sucks pop, not too flexy, heavyish

    I loved this board. It was the bees knees. I have a 156 wide, weigh 200lbs, and run it in pow n park, or both at Sierra, but when it came down to street style jams it lacked hard in the pop. its definitely a fun board but the better you get the more you'll need out of it, and it wont give it to you. A great board to step our game up if your a beginner/intermediate rider.

  • "Sweetness"

    , Seattle, WA
    Pros: flexy!, banana tech!, magne-traction Cons:

    one of the first true BTX boards that really excelled. i test rode it in the park and it is very controllable as well as flexible. it's banana tech makes it so much more easier to control your ride on jibs and such. plus the magne traction helps you ride on ice and so you don't catch aedges as easily. i love it and i'm sure you will as well!

  • "BELEAVE THE HYPE!@@!@!!@"

    , Stevenson, MD
    Pros: Cant catch an edge, You can size down, Does everything you throw at it Cons: Giant Booters, Bomb High speeds ,

    I got this board for christmas last year (09/10) searched for ever to get the blue/green from a company that didn't sell assorted colors and had a better price. Was SO STOAKED! this board saw east coast riding twice a week all winter. i took it to Vancouver to whistler during the Olympics, amazing powder days, pro trails and Olympic terrain parks. This board literally does do everything. can even save you in situations where you land sketchy. once you go reverse camber you never go back. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED FOR ALL EXPERIENCES.

  • "Skate Banana 2010"

    , New York, NY
    Pros: Flexible, Magne-Traction, Reverse Camber Cons: Flexible,

    The flex makes it great for tricks, however since it is softer, it may be a bit harsh on the legs if going too fast. It's not so much that it's unstable at high speeds, it's more your legs don't take the vibrations as well due to a softer board. I've tried the LibTech Skate Banana and tried the LibTech McKink as well as several other boards, and Magne-Traction & Reverse Camber definitely helps beginners so they don't catch edge as easily.

  • "2011 Skate Banana"

    , EUGENE, OR
    Pros: Buttering, Hard Ice pack, Pow, , Cons: Flex not soft enough,

    The skate naner is one of the best snowboards I have ever riden. It makes everything about Snowboarding that much easier. The magnatraction is one of the best inventions ever and ive never lost an edge. The raised egdes make sure that you never catch edge. Just overall a perfect board for anyone looking to improve there fundementals and confidence.To hard to flex this board tho feel like im going to pull a muscle lol

  • "sick ride"

    , Orangevale, CA
    Pros: Good flex, sturdy base, great carving, Cons:

    My friend just got this board and I've borrowed it a few times and so far I love it. It has something called a banana rocker which, I think, helps you carve and get speed. I have used it off trails in powder, and also it the terrain park and it has done me good. It is a great borad for jumping the big kickers of even trail jumps.

  • "Fun Deck"

    , Chicago, IL
    Pros: Great Flex (obviously), Fun to ride, Cons: feels unstable at higher speeds,

    I got this board at the end of last season, and it was the first reverse camber board that i had ever ridden. I was blown away but the ease at which you can ride this thing switch. When riding, you never feel like you are going to catch and edge--it feels almost impossible. The amount of confidence that gives you to ride switch is amazing. With 8 days on this board, i would say my switch riding improved 10 fold. It is also fun to butter, and pop off of little things as it is very playful. I would definitely recommend joining the RC revolution, if you have not done so already. I'll probably check out one of lib's c2 boards this year for combarison between this and the original BTX. if you are looking for something fun, playful, and easy to ride, right now, it doesnt feel like this could get much better.

  • "Most fun you will ever have"

    , mahanoy city, PA
    Pros: Extreme flex, Magnatraction, Sweet design, , Reverse camber allows so much forgiveness, Cons: easy washouts with landings,, squirrly at speed,

    The most fun you will ever have in the park. I usually take two boards to the mountain the custom x for some kickers and this for everything else. This board will butter and jib everything in sight. It is so forgiving i actually set my wife (squid..extreme beginner)up on this board to help her progress her riding.Get this board, Experience the BANANA

  • "This board has really good strong points"

    , KUNA, ID
    Pros: good pop, magna-traction, Cons:

    I rode this 159 in some fresh powder the first time that I used it, and it took a little getting used to because my old board, a 154 burton custom, is lighter and easier to maneuver. So i tried spinning 180s in the air, and it took some time to get used to the weight but eventually it worked out and I got used to it. Then I used it a few days later on some ice/slush. WOW. this board stays flat never slips, and is awesome for these conditions. Magnetraction is awesome for this but can be harder to maneuver if youre going for a bigger all mountain board. Overall, this is a great stick.

  • "Best board"

    , AL
    Pros: easy controll, great carving, good flexability, Cons:

    I have had this board since the season started and I love it. It works reall good for me on backcountry and trails. I've also been hitting the parks a little and it works very good. It has goos flex so you can butter on the boxes. This board is easy to control and goes fast. Ill never go back to burton I love these lib techs.

  • "Love it"

    , AL
    Pros: Fun/Great in park, Good grip on icy days, Ride anywhere Cons: If at very high speed, a tiny bit unstable,

    This is the best board i have ever owned. First day i rode it, i didnt realize how the magna worked till i turned on an icy patch and still caught pretty well. I love the reverse camber on this board, it is great for boxes and rails and has a great feel. Nice having lift from the snow. I also liked the flex. It is flexy, but its not a noodle which i liked. My friend owns a nitro which is much flexier, i tried it and i much rather this in park even tho its less flexy. It definetly gives enough flex to have fun, but is stiff enough to be able to ride anywhere. Although it is a bit unstable at very high speeds, if u spend the day in the park like me u wont have any trouble. And its not like every time you go fast it does it. Its just pretty much when ur tucking down a double black is the only times ive felt a bit unstable. Was sketchy cuz i wobbled a bit, and imediately thought, hey i could easily die if i fall right now at this speed. But it was kinda fun to be honest feeling a bit wobbly going so fast as nuts as i sound. But maybe i get a bit more speed with mine cuz im smaller(only about 135 pounds) or just thats the only bad thing people have to say about this board, so it comes out alot worse. But overall i can still go fast enough to have fun and race buds down hills for jokes, and ofc its great in the park. Fun Board!

  • "Magne-awesome"

    , AL
    Pros: 'nuff said, Cons:

    i borrowed my friend's banana [haha] to ride one day on an icy mountain and the magne-traction works sooooo well usually on my normal board, i might slip or not get enough edge, but with the skate banana, it's like a whole new world! and the powder riding is awesome too, since it's already banana, i just float right through the pow.

  • "Simply Fantastic"

    , AL
    Pros: Powder, Flats, Cons: Loose at high speed,

    Great all around. It handles well all over the mountain from jibbing to park and even hauling down the mountain. It handles great and is very easy to ride. It does sometimes feel a little loose at high speeds but it just takes some getting used to. This board will definitely work for anything on the mountain.I love it.

  • "What can I say, It's a Banana!"

    , CLOVIS, CA
    Pros: Easy Ride, Good Flex, Cons: Tendency to Wash Out,

    This board is a great all around board. This has been one of the best boards I've ever ridden. I currently own this board and the Park Pickle. They are very similar except I do find it easier to turn on the Pickle but this could be do to the size I'm riding (156 on the Pickle and 159 on the Banana). I've shredded this board on all conditions and it works great with the exception of the chunky stuff. I could use a little stiffer board when it's chunky but overall it has been great. Pressing boxes, to jibbing to just straight hauling down the mountain, it's been a wonderful ride. Sometimes I do wash out when coming to a stop but I believe the new C2 corrects this (I've ridden the new Altered Genetics and I don't have this problem)

  • "Great board!"

    , Walton, KY
    Pros: magne, butterability, complete control Cons: noodly off big jumps,

    I've owned the skate banana now for 2 seasons, 09/10 model. I loved every moment riding my sb.. it's very durable and great for jibing and buttering around. If you want a great all around ride,(not looking to get too serious in the park) then this board is for you. Magnetraction should be default on every snow board in imo.

  • "Banana Hamma!"

    , Walnut, CA
    Pros: Flex, Control, Weight Cons: Price, High Speed Stability, Washouts

    This is one of those take anywhere boards. You can ride it in powder, ride it in the park, then hit sum jibs. It is definitely a very versatile board and you will have a lot of fun with it! However, if you're looking for a board to meet your specific needs, i.e. park, jibs, kickers, or powder, this is not the board to go with. This board is great in butters and you just lock in when you want to do those heavy carves. Buy it!

  • "Sweeeetttt"

    , Blacksburg, VA
    Pros: Easy to ride, Magne Edges, Twin Rocker Cons: Are there any?,

    Can this board be any better? unless it served as a girlfriend, no. Easy to ride with its magne edges, makes turning too easy. Easy, smooth ride with its banana technology, I'm gonna have to get one for myself very soon. It may be expensive but its worth every penny so go ahead and add to cart my friend. this board handles anywhere in any snow so go ahead and take it on the ice and powder, park and slopes. If you want to learn more about this board, visit lib tech's website and read all about it. i wouldn't buy off their site though, its def cheaper here!

  • "Not quite a park pickle but still fun"

    , SAN JOSE, CA
    Pros: fun, buttery, stable at speed Cons:

    I've demoed a few Gnu boards, and the Skate Banana is more of an all mountain/freestyle board. Still nice and flexy with a bit of hard charging in it. The banana shape really helped in 6 of pow and on the groomers it was a super fun board for side hits and more. Magnetraction is still the real deal and I super dig it.

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