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  • Dave Says

    Here at The House, talking about the Nitro Brawler Snowboard. Of the brands we carry here I've probably ridden more Nitros than anything else. The reason for that is they turn out a really really good product. It's made in central Europe which is renowned for their ski and snowboard manufacturing. They do support their stuff with a two-year warranty, but they hardly ever come in, so it's a really good brand to check out.
    The Brawler here is going to be basically your entry level to intermediate all-mountain board. It's got a cap construction, which is going to let the edge move a little bit independently from the board, versus the sidewall which has more meat over the edge. Other than that you're looking at a wood and foam core. They run stringers of wood through the board as well as foam right next to it. The foam's going to reduce the weight. The wood's going to maintain the flex and give it the pop it needs to go in the park, or do whatever.
    From there, extruded base, it’s very easy to maintain, doesn't require much waxing. It's real easy to fix it; if you happen to get a gouge, or something, from a rock or whatever you hit, you can easily repair it with a P-Tex candle. Other than that, like I said, an entry-level to intermediate all-mountain board at a very good price. You should check it out.

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