Womens 2012 White Sierra Snowboard Jackets

2012 Womens White Sierra Snowboard Jackets ship fast from The-House.com. Womens White Sierra Snowboard Jackets for 2012 feature durable materials that will keep you looking in style and separated from the elements of winters wrath. Sierra Snowboard Jackets are warm, comfortable and offer functional performance for skiing, snowboarding, hiking or just hitting the town on a night out. The House Boardshop ships out your new gear within 24 hours Monday-Friday.

2012 White Sierra Snowboard Jackets

Size: Small, Medium, Large
Reg: $65.00 On Sale: $35.95
About White Sierra Outerwear:
White Sierra is a company with a 27 year heritage of successfully serving the outdoor and snow sports customer.

Our customer looks for apparel that is durable, accessible and perfectly suited to their adventures in the outdoors.

Our inspiration comes from the the San Francisco Bay area where we work, & the sunny beaches, shaded redwoods & snowy peaks of the Sierras, where we play.

(Taken from www.whitesierra.com)

The-House.com is your shop for White Sierra snowboard outerwear. We carry a wide range of White Sierra products including White Sierra Snowboard Pants.

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