Womens 2012 Foursquare Snowboard Jackets

Womens 2012 Foursquare Snowboard Jackets On Sale at huge discounts from The-House.com. Womens 2012 Foursquare Snowboard Jackets have got all the clean cut lines and dope details you want and the bomb proof weatherproofing you need to stay warm, dry and comfortable all snow season long. No matter the conditions you may encounter on you winter expeditions Foursquare Snowboard Jackets have got you covered. We are always updating our massive inventory of Snowboard Gear so make sure you follow us on Facebook for all the latest gear, sales and giveaways. The House Boardshop keeping the stoke alive since 1982.

2012 Foursquare Snowboard Jackets

Size: X-Small
Reg: $169.95 On Sale: $92.95
Size: X-Small
Reg: $159.95 On Sale: $87.95
Size: X-Small, Small, Medium, Large
Reg: $219.95 On Sale: $120.95
Size: X-Small, Small, Medium, Large
Reg: $209.95 On Sale: $114.95
About Foursquare Outerwear:
Foursquare was launched in 1996 with the purpose of providing snowboarders with functional and durable snowboarding gear. At the time, there was a gap in the market for outerwear that looked cool but also functioned well for snowboarding. Realizing this potential, Foursquare has since been committed to creating gear that looks good, is completely functional and features affordable pricing. Backed and developed by the best riders including Peter Line, Pat Moore and Andreas Wiig, Foursquare simply makes clothes for snowboarding.

Everything has a purpose. Ever feature and design element is focused on the dimple purpose of making snowboarding more enjoyable. Drawing inspiration from classic work-wear for its durability, functionality and style, the 2012 line is focused on material selections and absolute attention to detail. New for all 2012 Foursquare Outerwear fabrics is the introduction of MicroShield - an engineered, waterproof and breathable shield against snow, rain and wind.

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